10 Best culinary schools in France | Fees & Details

Culinary schools in France go a long way to teach you a lot of Cuisines that are not taught elsewhere. And, when you’re done, you are in a higher chance of being employed, or you can start your own restaurant or bakery.

The beauty of these schools is, that most of them now offer English cooking classes for their students, in fact, some of them only use English to lecture their students. Culinary schools in France come with a lot of disciplines, that is one of the reasons professional chefs from all around the world come to France to improve their cooking style, restaurant management, or their entrepreneurial skill.

Also, if you don’t feel like coming down to France, or you prefer learning from the comfort of your home, there are free online cooking classes you can enroll in.

It’s in France culinary classes you would see students standing for hours during the class, and you would see an instructor follow their students to the market to get some ingredients to make different course meals. This kind of teaching helps their students to learn properly and quickly.

There are also wine tasting classes where you learn to taste the best wine for chess, there are many things you will learn from culinary schools in France.

If you’re an international student or you would love to try another culinary school outside the French country, you can try culinary schools in the UK, culinary schools in Italy, or even Culinary Schools in Canada.

Culinary schools don’t just teach you about cuisine, you learn a lot about leadership skills when you are privileged to lead in a cooking competition.

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Before we go ahead to list the best culinary schools in France, let’s know if France is even a good country to learn how to cook.

Is France good for culinary studies?

If you want a place where you’ll be disciplined, where you have to be dedicated, and resilient in your class, then France is a good place for you. It doesn’t accommodate laziness in their classes. 

France has produced top professional chefs for centuries including Alain Ducasse, founder of Ecole Ducasse Paris Campus, and Paul Bocuse, founder of Paul Bocuse Institute. Even though these culinary schools in France are rigorous, they are still fun to participate in, especially when you see the glamorous Cuisine you’ve produced.

How Many Years is Culinary school in France

A culinary arts bachelor’s degree can take 2 to 3 years to complete. But other schools offer hourly and weekly programs.

culinary schools in France 

Culinary Schools in France

1. Ecole Ducasse Paris Campus

4.6 stars (57 Google Reviews)

With their 5,000 sq. m space in the Parisian suburb of Meudon, they are ready to be a world standard place to train culinary and pastry students. Ecole Ducasse founder, Alain Ducasse, was the first chef to have 3 restaurants awarded with 3 Michelin stars at the same time, and currently, he’s gotten more than 30 establishments.

Alain Ducasse brings his principles to the kitchen, Ecole Ducasse brings together tradition and modernity. This is one of the few culinary schools in France that offers a culinary bachelor’s degree.

Their bachelor’s degree doesn’t just teach cuisine, they go all the way to guide your managerial and entrepreneurial skills. There bachelor’s degree is 3 years, you have to do 3 academic semesters, then additional 3 professional internships.

They offer both bachelor’s degrees in Culinary Arts and bachelor’s degrees in French Pastry Arts. They teach in English or French, so you don’t have to worry about the language.

Admission Requirements

  • European 4-level diploma (Baccalaureat equivalent)
  • 18 years of age minimum at the end of the first semester
  • English session: mother tongue or B2 level (IELTS: 5.5)
  • French session: mother tongue or level Delf B2

Tuition & Fees

  • ANNÉE 1: €17,034 / 20,367
  • ANNÉE 2: €14,993 / 18,327
  • ANNÉE 3: €15,423 / 18,756

Visit the School Website

2. Paul Bocuse Institute

4.8 stars (116 Google Reviews)

This is one of the best culinary schools in France that welcomes students from all over the world. Currently, 1,400 students from 72 countries come to Paul Bocuse Institute to become better cooks.

They have 6 application restaurants open to the public, and more than 2000 professionals come to their training centers to improve more.

Most importantly, they offer international 3 years bachelor’s degree in culinary arts, 3 years in pastry management, 4 years in international restaurant management, and 4 years of bachelor’s degrees in hospitality management. And during these bachelor’s degrees, you adopt a managerial skill that makes you competent and effective once you leave the school to face work life.

This is one of the few culinary schools in France that offers a Master’s Degree in culinary leadership and innovation and International Hospitality Management.

Bachelor’s Degree Requirements and Fees

  • All high school reports are studied: averages, assessments, and attendance.
  • Candidates who have confirmed a wish on Parcoursup will be interviewed.
  • Level B2 English, you don’t need to present any market test, your English will be assessed by them.

Regarding their tuition, you have to request a brochure to receive specific tuition fees. Most importantly, this is one of the culinary schools in France that offer different scholarships.

Short Classes Requirements and Fees

  • Italian Cuisine: €210 per person
  • Spring Desserts: €210 per person
  • Cheese Cuisine: €95
  • Spring Desserts: €210
  • My birthday cake: €210
  • The round of Macaroons: €160
  • The pasta: €210

And many more. There are different Cuisine on different days, so check their calendar to see which class you would love to learn and/or perfect.

Their classes are normally 7-8 hours long

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3. Atelier Gourmand De Lyon

4.9 stars (281 Google Reviews)

This is one of the top-rated culinary schools in France that will expose you to new flavors during their workshops and it will help you to become perfect by making a complete fish from the menu. You’ll be working with other adults, and you can build relationships with your fellow students.

You can bring your friends along, and there is room for kids to master their cooking skills. You can choose to have a one-on-one section you can choose to join the group workshop, there is something for everyone.

Atelier has workshops in lots of communes in France, which includes;

Alencon, Angers, Bastia Furiani, Chartres, La Rochelle, The rock on yon, Le Mans, Lorient, Lyons, Nantes, Orleans, reindeer, and Valves. They also offer cooking classes in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire.

Their workshops welcome everyone. They will reveal to you lots of things including new ingredients, new tastes, secrets of chocolate, and even a gala menu.

Also, each participant has its own individual kitchen station to be able to cook as they learn from the professional chef, and it will improve their skill rapidly. This is one of the culinary schools in France that their individual cooking classes run on a monthly schedule.

Or you can choose to bring your business seminar or your team building meeting, or your employees, to L’atelier’s kitchen and allow these chefs to teach them how to prepare a fantastic cuisine. They can even decide to have a competition in this great kitchen, which will brighten their team spirit, and love for the company.

Requirement & Fees

Anyone can enroll in their cooking classes, but make sure you come 10 mins before your scheduled time, and the classes last an average of 2 hours. And online registrations are 2 days before the class, and different classes are offered on different days.

So go through their calendar to reserve a seat for that class you would like to learn. And, you can reserve a seat based on a particular program or by date.

Most of their fees are €40 per person, except for “Cooking class followed by a food and wine pairing dinner,” and “Escape Cook: May (Open to All),” which are €59 and €45 respectively.

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4. leFoodist

4.9 Stars (214 Google Reviews)

LeFoodist is one of the best culinary schools in France that is high-rated on Google and Tripadvisor. In fact, they have 5.0 stars from over 2000 reviews on Tripadvisor.

Their school helps you to discover French culture through Food. They also offer wine tasting classes, where you’ll learn to taste the best wine that goes with Cheese, this will sharpen your senses.

To spice it up, they offer a one-week foodie gastronomic holiday in Provence and Loire Valley. Their cooking classes are taught in English, they are hands-on, done in a well-organized kitchen, in a good location, and small groups. 

Paris is a town that is famous for local cuisine in France, and that’s why LeFoodist cooks in Parisian style. You’ll also be learning some French classics in their cooking class, such as Beef Bourguignon, Cheese Soufflé, Coq au Vin, Soupe à l’Oignon.

In addition, LeFoodist is one of the culinary schools in France that offers cooking classes, pastry classes, baking classes, wine tasting, french cooking holidays, and food tours in Paris.

Requirements and Fees

  • Market visit & cooking class in Paris
    • €209 per person
    • Approximately 6 hours
    • Tuesday to Sunday
  • Vegetarian French Cooking Class in Paris
    • €179 per person
    • 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
    • Mondays
  • Morning Cooking Class & Lunch
    • €179 per person
    • 10:30 am to 3:00 pm
    • Tuesday to Sunday
  • Evening Cooking Class & Dinner
    • €179 per person
    • 5:45 pm to 10:00 pm
    • Tuesday to Thursday
  • Knife Skills and French Sauces in Paris
    • €239 per person
    • 9:30 am to 3:00 pm

You can visit the website to learn more about their other classes and their fees.

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5. Ferrandi Paris

4.4 Stars (178 Google Reviews)

Ferrandi Paris is one of the oldest and one of the best culinary schools in France, which was established in 1920, and since then, they have been excellent in educating culinary students. Their 25,000 sqm classrooms and labs are dedicated to French Cuisine & Pastry, and pedagogy.

Their courses are in phases, it goes from fundamentals to learning how to be innovative, then you will learn to acquire managerial and entrepreneurial skills, and conclude with practicing in a real-life situation. They don’t just teach you Cuisine, they combine it with management, art, science, technology, and innovation.

Furthermore, Ferrandi Paris is one of the culinary schools in France that attract 300 students from 30 different countries. They have 2,500 students in total, 2,000 professionals, 5 campuses, and 40 teaching labs. 

In addition, they are building another campus at Dijon, which is solely dedicated to gastronomy and wine. Their classes are in English, but guest chefs might speak French with an English translator.

Requirements and Fees

  • Cuisine Class – Introduction to the fundamentals of French Cuisine
    • 3 weeks (105 hours)
    • Monday through Friday
    • €4,500
    • Ferrandi Paris Certificate
  • Intensive Professional Program in French Cuisine
    • 16 weeks (560 hours)  + 3 months internship
    • Monday through Friday
    • €23,000 ( includes uniforms, toolkit, course materials, and excursions)
    • Ferrandi Paris Certificate
  • Advanced Professional Program In French Cuisine
    • 8 weeks (280 hours) + optional 2 months of internship
    • Monday through Friday
    • €13,750 (includes uniforms, course materials, and excursions)
    • Ferrandi Paris Certificate

They also have classes on French pastry, bread baking, and chocolate making, click here to learn more about their other program details and fees. They also have special French Cuisine classes where they speak only French.

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6. Amis & Fines Herbes

5.0 Stars (160 Google Reviews)

This is one of the culinary schools in France where your lead instructor, Nicholas André has been professionally cooking for 26 years, he has made lots of trips around the world which has helped him to learn more about culinary cultures and new products.

Requirements and Fees

There are different programs on different days, so go through their calendar to make your reservation. The fees for their classes are from €44 to €80, and most of their classes are €65.

Furthermore, their duration is between 2hrs 30 mins to 4hrs 30mins. You should book quickly because there is always limited space. You can also book a class for your loved ones.

Visit the School Website

7. La Cuisine Paris

4.6 stars (156 Google Reviews)

La Cuisine Paris is one of the culinary schools in France that specially offers an intensive two-day French Boulangerie masterclass, where you will be learning how to make the best of French pieces of bread and Viennoiseries. It takes you from the starting point of preparing French Boulangerie, from baguettes to the last part of it, croissants.

La Cuisine Paris has 3 amazing kitchens to welcome you, two of these three are designed in a familiar Parisian Cave. Their cooking class ranges from 2 to 4 hours, and there are lots of cooking programs in this school.

If you don’t feel like learning to cook, their baking and pastry classes can also take you to another level. Their baking classes go on to select a lot from classic French recipes, whether croissants, baguettes, or a macaron, there is something for you, there is also a program for bread lovers.

If you can’t come to their physical location, there are also Only-French Online Cooking Classes, where you are taught how to cook in French.

Requirements and Fees

  • Online Classes: €30
  • French Market Tour and Cooking Class
    • €175
    • 9:30 – 13:30
  • Mastering Classic French Sauces
    • €99
    • 3 hours
  • Poultry Cooking Class
    • €109
    • 3 hours
  • French Bistrot Lunches
    • €109
    • 2 hours 30 mins
  • The Best of French Pastry
    • €99
    • 14:00 – 17:00
  • Classic French Tartes
    • €109
    • 3 hours
  • Mini Bûche de Noëls
    • €99
    • 14:00 – 17:00
  • Marais Food Tour
    • €109
    • 14:30 – 17:30
  • Les Halles Food Tour
    • 10:00 – 12:30
    • €109.00
  • Pastry and Chocolate Tour
    • 10:30 – 12:30
    • €75.00

Visit the School Website

8. School Kitchen Alain Ducasse

4.1 stars (127 Google Reviews)

This is one of the culinary schools in France that have classes for beginners and enthusiasts. Their culinary school is 500 m² in size and it’s located at rue du Ranelagh, and it’s equipped with 4 kitchen workshops, a wine cellar, a meeting room, and a free access shop.

Their school shop is a place where their best professional chefs come to shop, and you’re privileged to also have access to it, it opens from Monday through Saturday, from 9 am to 6 pm. They offer cooking classes and pastry classes.

Requirements and Fees

    • Baking kids: €90
    • Parents + children: €140
    • Kitchen immersion for teens: €290
    • Kids in pastry: €90
    • The kids in the kitchen: €90
    • Teens in the kitchen: €90
    • Immersion in the kitchen for kids: €250
  • COOKING “LIKE A CHEF: Ranges from €90 – €490
  • Traditional Cuisine: Ranges from €170 – €290

They have so many other classes, including a special cooking class in English and classes on Wines, click here to learn more.

Visit the School Website

9. Cook’n With Class Paris

5.0 stars (68 Google Reviews)

This school was established by Eric Fraudeau, a professional chef, who has spent over 40 years in the Hospitality and Food industries in France, Alcapulco & Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Montréal, Canada & the USA. He is the first French Professional Chef to offer a cooking school in English, full-time in Paris.

This is one of the culinary schools in France where the class sizes are small, and there is a market visit by students and the instructor, which improves their learning experience. Due to their proficiency and excellence, their school has grown from a one-room cooking school to a 2-floor, 3-studio, culinary atelier.

They now offer French Desserts, Baguettes, Croissant & Cheese & Wine Classes & lots of other programs.

Requirements and Fees

  • French Market Tour & Cooking Class: €189 / person
  • Sauce Making Class: 130€ / person
  • Marie Antoinette Experience – French Pâtisserie Class in Paris: 120€ / person
  • Macaron Class: 109€ / person
  • French Desserts Classes in Paris: 109€ / person
  • Choux Pastry: Éclairs & Co: 109€ / person
  • Gluten-Free Desserts Class: 109€ / person
  • French Bread Baking Class: 109€ / person
  • Croissant Baking Classes: 109€ / person
  • Private Cooking Lessons: From 975€
  • Cuisine en Famille – Parent/Child Cooking: 210€ / duo (parent + child)

You can view more of their classes and fees, and also book for the class here.

Visit the School’s Website

10. School Ritz-Escoffier

5.0 Stars (57 Google Reviews)

Ritz-Escoffier is one of the culinary schools in France that teaches you until you become an excellent chef. Whether you’re a novice, an intermediate, or an advanced cook, there is a place for you at Ritz-Escoffier.

Their classes are in French but translated into English.

Requirements and Fees

They have lots of classes, which their categories include;

  • 3 days in the kitchen
  • Parisian Market Escapade
  • One-day cooking class
  • Invite your guest to the Ritz Paris
  • Cooking class 4hrs
  • Cooking class 3hrs

Click here to learn more about their requirements and Fees.

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Culinary Schools in France – FAQs

Why do chefs train in France?

French Cuisine has been considered one of the most respected cuisines in the world, especially because of their respect for their culture and their discipline while training. French Culinary training comes with a lot of discipline, which will turn you into a world-class professional chef.

How much is culinary school in France

It depends, you’ll find a culinary school/class as low as €44 per class and you can find another as high as €17,034 per session.


Rating: 5 out of 5.