15 Free Online Cooking Courses With Certificates

In this article, you will find a number of online cooking courses with certificates alongside their explainer videos all up for free or at a nominal fee especially for those looking to obtain professional certificates at the end.

One’s ability to muzzle up something edible and appealing to the taste buds when there’s a need for it is very vital. Even if you don’t know how to, there are free classes for cooking where you can learn how to make different types of meals and up your games. Interestingly, there are certificates for them too.

NOTE: These causes are free online culinary courses with certificate. Culinary art is the art of preparing and presenting food.

Again, by eating a home-made meal, you get a sense of satisfaction eating in an eatery can never give.

Do you know that setting up a pleasant surprise for your loved one where an amazing culinary art has been exhibited has the potential to make you bond the more?

If you’d like to learn how to access the free courses where you can cook, this article is for you.

Meanwhile, here’s the table of content below for an overview of what to expect from this article.


Free Online Cooking Courses with Certificates

Below are all courses on our list of top free online culinary courses with certificates you can obtain after successful completion of the program either completely free of charge or at a nominal fee.

  • Grilling Fundamentals
  • Think like a Chef
  • Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking
  • Inspired Cooking
  • Essential cooking skills
  • Meatball making
  • Healthy cooking fundamentals
  • Easy techniques for mastering classic Indian cooking
  • New York Times cooking
  • Kitchen Chemistry
  • Cooking techniques by Thomas Keller
  • Easy healthy Crockpot cooking
  • Master the art of Indian cooking
  • The science of gastronomy

Grilled Fundamentals online cooking courses with certificate

This is one of the best free online cooking courses available on Skillshare with a certificate of completion. It is a preparatory class for every chef by Zakary Pelacciochef who is a professional chef.

It gives an in-depth explanation of how to grill from start to finish. Also in this course, you have the opportunity to learn how to separate your chicken, season it, and set up a super vegetable salad to complement it.

Below is the link to enroll in this free online class.

Enroll here

Think Like a Chef

Also on Skillshare is this 38-minute free online culinary course where you become a better cook by participating in it and obtaining a certificate at the end.

As a beginner, there’s every need to boost your confidence in the kitchen by learning how to put your local ingredients together to form an exquisite dish.

The tutor for this class Kenny Monroe will also take you on the essential cookware you need for a standard kitchen, knife safety, and some vital skills you need while handling a knife.

This online cooking class is available for all levels of home cooks and has a less time commitment. Interestingly, there is certification at the end of this course.

Enroll Here

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking

You have a kitchen genius by the name, Gordon Ramsay to take you on this free online cooking class.

An outline of this course includes learning about his cooking journey, gaining technical skills, and sharpening knives.

Here, you’ll also learn some varieties ranging from poached eggs, elevated scrambled eggs with sea urchin, lobster ravioli, mushroom on brioche, etc.

With this online cooking course, you can never go wrong with becoming an expert!

Enroll Here

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INSPIRED COOKING: Creating Dishes from Art (Skillshare)

Do you aspire to awe people with your creativity? Do not scroll past this particular online cooking course with a certificate as it will give you another insight into what cooking entails.

You can access this free course on Skillshare and acquire new skillsets on cooking with a touch of creativity.

Interestingly, you can view it offline and also have access to learning materials.

Enroll Here

Essential Cooking Skills

Without this Udemy course, I bet you don’t know there was a right way to slice your onion. Participating in this online cooking course empowers you with a great feeling to be more comfortable in the kitchen.

This is done by teaching you how to play around with great recipes ranging from blanching green vegetables, brown beef stock to classic recipes like vegetable cream soup, béchamel, etc.

Over 3,759 students have access to this online course and are available for beginner and intermediate cooks.

Enroll Here


If you want to have what it takes to invent your sauce recipe, here is one of the best online cooking courses with certificates that is definitely for you.

Owing to the fact that a lot of students have access to this course, this can be a very good opportunity you can utilize to become a better cook. An added advantage to this course is that it has a focus and stands as one of the best online cooking courses you can lay your hands on.

Click on the link below to join the free class

Enroll Here

Healthy Cooking Fundamentals

It is a basic thing to learn how to cook and another to remain health-conscious while you’re in the kitchen. For about an hour and 17 minutes, this free online cooking course will equip you with the necessary skills to conquer that recipe that seem to be an uphill task and offer you a certificate at the end.

This course has three major concentrations while you also learn how to measure ingredients, wash raw ingredients, build a flavor base, basic kitchen equipment, and food plating.

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Easy Techniques for Mastering Classic Indian Cooking

Because of the flavor in Indian dishes, you may wish to learn how to make some of their delicacies of which Shefaly Ravula is always there to put you through as your tutor.

This online free course is especially for students of all levels who display an interest in the Indian style cooking.

Upon completing this 46-minute course, you will be required to replicate any given cooking techniques that were taught.

Enroll Here

New York Times Cooking

In this time when new dishes are prevalent, you could spare some time to visit the New York Times website to learn how to work common ingredients into great meals.

This online course is a great fit for all levels of cooks and has a good number of recipes for newbies and pro chefs to try out.

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Kitchen Chemistry

This online course as put up by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology familiarises you with the science behind cooking. With experienced instructors, you’ll understand the mystery of how the art of cooking can be exceptional.

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Cooking Techniques

Everything you need to know about kitchen layout, vegetables, pasta, and eggs is here in this free online class.

With in-depth video lessons, this course will leave you with a reliable arrangement of culinary abilities. It is effectively one of the champion internet cooking courses!

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Easy Healthy Crockpot Cooking

This free online course on Udemy is for the Dads out there who are prepared to step it up in the kitchen. As a matter of fact, it’s for any individual who needs to find the effortlessness of cooking with a simmering pot and make heavenly suppers that don’t occupy a ton of time. It’s a mutual benefit!

In 27 talks that will take 2 hours and 43 minutes to work through, you will learn the rudiments of a simmering pot and how it gives an extraordinary choice of sound plans.

Recipes incorporate yam burritos, Moroccan celebration chicken, Parmesan potato wedges, salmon with Asian style vegetables, and some more!

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Master the Art of Indian Cooking 

This Udemy course will assist you in extending your insight into Indian cooking. You will figure out how to catch the astounding kinds of Indian food in a real and mouth-watering way. It’s appropriate for all levels and it doesn’t need you to have any earlier cooking experience.

This online course is furnished with 78 useful lessons and an entire 4 hours of material. A portion of the points you will cover is the top spices that flavor Indian food and how to modify your ingredients when making a meal.

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The Science of Gastronomy

This is one of the top free online cooking courses with certificates that is made available on Coursera by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

It presents you with the various fundamental logical standards supporting the strategy of cooking, food readiness, and the delight in food.

Topics covered have a solid premise in science and material science application. Among others, they incorporate the utilization of cooked meals, the physiological and developmental ramifications of the faculties, geographic, and social impacts on food, and the reasoning behind food arrangement.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Develop your unique recipes
  • Appreciate the art of joining science into cooking and dining.

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The Meat We Eat

This free online cooking course seeks to enlighten you about the quality and sustainability of muscle foods. It also tackles issues relating to animal agriculture.

It is a class where you learn at your own pace and takes about 14 hours to complete.

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Free Online Cooking Courses With Certificate


While these free online culinary courses with certificates have been outlined for you, it is expedient that you join any of the classes to improve your culinary skills. Many thanks to the videos that you can always fall back to when replicating what you’ve learned.

While some of the certificates are free, you may need to pay a token for others. However, the fact still remains that these online courses are of great value.


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