22 Art and Craft Courses for Adults and Students

If you are interested in art and craft, you can check out the 22 art and craft courses for adults and students that you can learn and hone your skills through this blog post!

Art can be expressed in the form of painting, sculpture, drawings, writing, photography, film, dance, and other forms of art.

Any form of activity such as weaving, carving, or pottery that involves making things skilfully with your hands is called a craft.

Art and craft is a very interesting skill to learn and it is also very creative. To become a professional in this field, you need to have hands-on experience through consistent learning.

Having a passion for art and craft also speeds up the learning process. When you learn well, you can decide to venture into any art career that pays well and earn high.

There are good art schools around the globe that one can enroll in if a lover of art and creativity. You can enroll in the art schools in Japan if you are a resident there or choose to go to any of the art schools in Ohio if you are currently staying there.

If you have kids that are interested in art and painting, you can enroll them in free online art classes for beginners that will allow them to learn at their own comfort and pace as well as painting courses and drawing classes. They can learn any form of art online be it painting or drawing as a beginner.

Some of these online art courses are available not only for kids but also for students as there are performing arts high schools for students as well as other art courses for adults as we will talk about in this article. Without wasting much time, let’s delve into the art and craft courses.

Art and Craft Courses

 Art and Craft Courses

I will be talking about the art and craft courses that are available for students and adults in this section. It is worth of note that some of these art and craft courses are offered by different online platforms such as Alison, Coursera, Udemy, edX, and other well-known educational platforms. The art and craft courses are as follows;

  • Painting and Drawing: An Introduction
  • Calligraphy Workshop
  • Introduction to Mehndi: Henna Tattoos
  • Knitting for Beginners
  • Kitchen Herbs Embroidery Workshop
  • Crochet for Beginners
  • Knitted Socks Workshop
  • Still Life Drawing Workshop
  • Floristry – Introduction
  • Confident Brushstrokes and Expressive Lines
  • Pearl and Bead Threading and Restringing
  • Upcycling – Textile Collage
  • Tribal Women Sculpture
  • Chainmail Jewellery for Beginners
  • Chainmail Jewellery for Continuing Students
  • Kumihimo for Beginners
  • Kumihimo for Continuing Students
  • Cyanotype Dying Workshop
  • Freeform PMC Silver Workshop
  • Polymer Clay Workshop – Beads or Vessel
  • Polymer Clay Fish Wall Hanging
  • Woodland Weaves

1.       Painting and Drawing: An Introduction

This is the first on our list of art and craft courses, the course will guide you through exercises exploring the basic principles of painting and drawing, Line – Shape – Tone – Colour – Design. Practices include tonal painting (black, white & grey), color mixing (paint), color painting, tonal drawing (charcoal), line drawing (pencil), perspective (line, pencil), and oil painting (paint supplied – tone, color, shape).

2.       Calligraphy Workshop

Through this calligraphy workshop, you will learn basic calligraphy strokes for upper and lower case lettering, together with some ornamental flourishes. By the end of the course, you should be able to use your newfound skills to create beautiful hand-lettered cards and artwork.

3.       Introduction to Mehndi: Henna Tattoos

This course will provide insight into the history of Mehndi which is part of your teacher’s cultural heritage. The course covers every bit of detail for a beginner, from the history and cultural significance, learning how to make your own henna cones, learning shapes and patterns used, then practicing on laminated sheets, and then applying on the skin.

4.       Knitting for Beginners

Knitting is a fashionable, fun, and relaxing skill to learn. The course will teach you basic knitting techniques, working through a series of fun exercises, giving you the confidence to take on your own projects in wool, cotton, or linen.

5.       Kitchen Herbs Embroidery Workshop

If you want to learn how to embroider your kitchen towels and other materials used in the kitchen, then this course is a good one to take. You will earn how to translate a simple botanical sketch of your favorite herbs into a lovely hand-embroidered design using a range of stitches to create textural effects.

6.       Crochet for Beginners

Lots of things are made with crochet these days, ranging from shoes to bags and clothes and they look very beautiful and esthetically pleasing after they are made. Through this course, you will learn how to complete a chain; double crochet; treble crochet, and how to master basic shaping through a number of simple projects

7.       Knitted Socks Workshop

Most of the socks we put on are knitted and handmade, to keep us warm and cozy during cold seasons. So, this skill will come in handy if you learn and apply it. This workshop will teach you the basics of two up-knitted socks, you will learn to do seamless toes, short-row heels, and knitting socks two at a time on one circular needle. You need basic knitting skills to learn this course.

8.       Still Life Drawing Workshop

This one-day workshop explores the fundamentals of drawing through a study of the still-life genre. You’ll learn about composition, proportion, color, and visual effects using a variety of different art materials and techniques.

9.       Floristry – Introduction

If you have a growing interest in floristry, then you should consider taking this course. With a focus on design and sustainability, this comprehensive six-week course covers a broad range of basic floristry skills including hand-tying and wiring for special occasions.

This is an ideal introduction for anyone considering formal studies in commercial floristry or for those wanting to pick up valuable creative skills in floral design.

10.   Confident Brushstrokes and Expressive Lines

Through this course, you will learn to describe an object with a small number of confident brushstrokes or expressive pencil lines. In this course, rather than focusing on one work over a long period of time, you will be exercising your skills in observation and expression through a number of small paintings and drawings. Moving on to the next painting in each lesson will train you to analyze and understand the shapes in front of you and to represent these without getting lost in details.

11.   Pearl and Bead Threading and Restringing

Just as pearls and beads are rare and precious, you can utilize them and produce beautiful accessories. Through this course, you will learn how to restring your precious pearls and beads and give them a new lease on life. You will learn how to re-thread and knot your pearls and beads using new clasps and silk threading material available during the class and discover tips and techniques you can use for further projects at home

12.   Upcycling – Textile Collage

If you have old clothes lying around, you can recreate these clothes and make them fit and beautiful to put on by enrolling in this course. Through this course, you will get to upcycle your old clothes, linens, or your favorite fabrics. Collage is the process of constructing artwork intuitively and mindfully. Textile collage is a great way to transform these fabric scraps into something special. You can get super creative without following the rules.

13.   Tribal Women Sculpture

If you are a lover of sculpture, you can learn how to make sculptures through this course. You can create a beautiful Sculpture by using a 2-part Air dry Clay plus Paverpol hardened fabrics and Paverpol Art Stone, over a polystyrene, wire, and foil armature.

14.   Chainmail Jewellery for Beginners

Chainmail is an ancient art form, but you can bring it back to reality by enrolling in this course to learn. Chainmail has come a long way since the days of knights and medieval armor. In this one-day workshop, you can create your own beautiful beaded chainmail bracelet with matching earrings or pendants. You will learn how to open, close, and weave jump rings, and add beads to create stunning modern jewelry from this ancient art form.

15.   Chainmail Jewellery for Continuing Students

You can develop your existing chainmail skills in this one-day workshop, creating your own beautiful jewelry from this ancient craft. You will need to have prior experience weaving jump rings, as you will be covering new weaves building on from the Beginners course.

16.   Kumihimo for Beginners

Loosely translated, kumihimo is Japanese for “gathered threads”. The Samurai used kumihimo cords as laces for their armor; and the traditional belt of the kimono, the obi, was once decorated by a cord of kumihimo called an obijime. In this one-day workshop, you can explore this ancient form of braiding cords, and discover how to add beads to the process to create a beautiful contemporary bracelet or necklace.

17.   Kumihimo for Continuing Students

This one-day workshop continues exploring the ancient form of braiding cords, to create a beautiful contemporary bracelet or necklace.

18.   Cyanotype Dying Workshop

In ancient times, engineers, architects, and draftsmen used a photographic printing process that produced cyan-blue copies of drawings and plans on blueprints. Printmaking with cyanotype puts a creative edge on the old blueprints concept. During the two-day workshop, you will use light-sensitive solutions and natural materials and objects to dye fabrics with the help of the sun.

19.   Freeform PMC Silver Workshop

Through this course, you will learn how to mold, dry, and polish silver clay to create a pendant or earrings of your own design.

20.   Polymer Clay Workshop – Beads or Vessel

Through this course, you will learn how you can use vibrant and versatile polymer clay to make colorful beads or a unique vessel.

21.   Polymer Clay Fish Wall Hanging

Through this course, you can create a vibrant fish wall hanging, working from a foil armature and using patterned blends and logs in polymer clay to design and sculpt your finished piece.

22.   Woodland Weaves

Through this course, you can build your own loom using a canvas frame and nails, then set up the warp threads. Using whatever yarn you like; you will learn the basic over-under motion of classic weaving and strips and shapes which are enhanced by adding the objects found in your surrounds


All these art and craft courses I have talked about are hands-on skills that you can learn at a fast pace, which will come in handy when the skill is needed in the nearest future. So, seize this opportunity and learn from any one of them.