8 Best Art Schools in New Jersey

The art schools in New Jersey have down the years brought forth some of the best artists the world has ever seen. This is because of the due diligence they show when training students.

The art schools in New Jersey have a history of producing some of the finest talents the world has ever seen. This could be attributed to the devotion to perfection that resonates within the majority of the art schools in New Jersey.

This is a model that is shared by London’s finest art schools as it is a known secrete that having a module that brings forth the best out of students in itself is perfection. The finest art schools from Germany are another that shares the same sentiments with the best art schools in New Jersey.

The creative artistic spirit is not only confined to the field of fine arts, it is found in every field of human endeavor as humans that can tap into this spirit tend to display a high level of finesse that is both outstanding and awe-inspiring. This can be said to be true of graduates of the finest culinary schools in France.

Cooking has the tendency of making even the most uninspired person get highly excited at the prospects of making something beautiful and exciting on the pallets, and one of the best ways that creative can tap into their creative artistic spirit is by enrolling in any of the finest culinary schools out of Italy. Italy’s rich tradition of having some of the most creative minds in history is passed on to students and this can be seen as graduates have carved a niche for themselves amongst the greats.

How to Get into an Art School in New Jersey?

There are three possible ways for candidates to demonstrate that they have the minimal entrance criteria, including the English language requirements (if English is not their first language), for admission to the course:

Standard Educational

Applicants who have achieved, or are expected to achieve, the equivalent of 112 UCAS points, for example:

  1. Three GCE ‘A-Level passes with one at grade A; OR
  2. Two GCE ‘A-Level passes, plus a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at pass or above.

International Education

International educational applicants with a mix of various credentials, including, but not limited to, the International Baccalaureate or High School Diploma, who have attained or are anticipated to acquire the equivalent of 112 UCAS points.

Other relevant experience

Applicants who can demonstrate equal past practice and expertise, such as considerable administrative work, or who have a minimum of GCSE education and a number of years working in an artistic setting.

Art School Admissions Tutors examine how varied work-life and (in)formal educational experiences fit the educational level of the entrance criteria using a method known as Recognition /Accreditation of Prior Learning (R/APL).

Art Schools in New Jersey

8 Best Art Schools in New Jersey

1.      The College of New Jersey

First on the list of best art schools in New Jersey is the College of New Jersey, which is welcoming and has the motivation and the talent to succeed in highly straining academic surroundings.

A government institution The College, which was founded in 1855, enrolls around 6,500 full-time undergraduate students, two-thirds of whom live on campus. Today, it is regarded as one of the most competitive schools in the country, both public and private, by U.S. News & World Report and Barron’s. TCNJ educates a diverse student body and prepares graduates to flourish as leaders in their industries.

TCNJ has established the bar for public higher education. Students value the environment at TCNJ, which is large enough to offer a complete variety of academic and extracurricular options while being small enough to be a real residential community of friends and fellow learners. TCNJ represents a remarkable value in higher education, with academics devoted to cooperation in and out of the classroom and facilities of unmatched excellence.


2.      Stevens Institute of Technology

At Stevens, you’ll receive the great support and mentoring you need to scale up for the impact you’ve always known you could make. Stevens has offered students the knowledge, experience, and confidence to be innovative and explore new ground since our inception in 1870 by America’s “first family of inventors.” The amazing view of the Manhattan skyline from our gorgeous waterfront site epitomizes what we provide – a world of potential that awaits you.

Hoboken, New Jersey, a premier college town, which hosts one of the best art schools in New Jersey, is devoted to providing students with a friendly and inclusive atmosphere. Their entrepreneurial and athletic spirits are high. What about ROI? Within six months of graduation, 97 percent of the Class of 2021 had achieved their intended outcomes, with an average beginning pay of $75,400.

When you mix a world-class site with a close-knit school and allow creativity to run wild, you create an exhilarating atmosphere.


3.      Ramapo College New Jersey

Ramapo Institution which is one of the finest public art schools in New Jersey believes that success comes from studying, thinking, and living fearlessly. With an emphasis on collaborative teaching and individual student attention, we want to pique your interest with our dedication to academic achievement via interdisciplinary and experiential learning, as well as international and intercultural understanding.

Their close-knit campus is home to over 6000 students who study collaboratively and hands-on from a community of academics who mentor, challenge, and encourage them. Ramapo College, named one of the 50 most beautiful campuses in the US by CondeNast Traveler, is only 35 miles from New York City!


4.      Rutgers University—Newark

Rutgers-Newark is one of the well-regarded public art schools in New Jersey, having lovely proximity to New York City. It is a medium-sized university with 7,974 undergraduate students. Admissions are relatively tough, with a 74 percent admission rate at Rutgers-Newark. Finance, Psychology, and Logistics and Supply Chain Management are popular majors. Rutgers-Newark graduates get a starting income of $44,300, with 65 percent graduating.


5.      William Paterson University of New Jersey

William Paterson University enables students to channel their drive for success into academic success, professional progress, and community service. They guarantee that students have the skills and community support they need for a transformational college experience via creative programs.

William Paterson University, a leading public university with a diverse student body of nearly 10,000, offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs through its four academic colleges: Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; Cotsakos College of Business; Education; and Science and Health.

Its 407-acre forested campus lies in suburban Wayne, New Jersey, about 20 miles from New York City and near 1,200 acres of marshes and forests. It is also only three miles from the historic Paterson Great Falls.


6.      Stockton University

Stockton University is considered one of the above-average public art schools in New Jersey situated in Galloway Township. It is a medium-sized university with 8,427 undergraduate students. Admissions are relatively tough, with a 77 percent admission rate at Stockton. Health Service Preparatory Studies, Business, and Psychology are popular majors. Stockton graduates receive a starting income of $35,600, with 74 percent graduating.


7.      Montclair State University

As one of the finest art schools in New Jersey, Montclair University knows you’re a dreamer, a goal-setter, and a thinker. And you’re unquestionably a doer. You know huge things are coming, even if you don’t know what they are. At Montclair State University, you’ll discover everything you need to achieve your goals—and then more.

The university encourages students to reach above their own expectations and enter the world as leaders, educators, and change agents through their 300+ creative programs spread throughout 10 institutions and schools.

You’ll have access to tremendous possibilities just 12 miles from New York City, preparing you to reach your most ambitious goals. Montclair State University, a nationally renowned doctoral research university with a student-teacher ratio of 17 to 1, can prepare you for the world as no other institution can.


8.      Rowan University

Rowan University offers 13-degree programs in Art & Design. It’s one of the few huge four-year public art schools in New Jersey that is located in a large suburb. In 2020, 117 Art & Design students graduated, with 100 receiving Bachelor’s degrees, 9 receiving Master’s degrees, and 8 receiving Certificates.



The best art schools in New Jersey ensure that those studying in their care have the best possible education at a pace that suits students.

Art Schools in New Jersey—FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Is New Jersey Good for Arts?” answer-0=”Definitely, they have sceneries that inspire the creative artistic spirit and talents in all most anyone. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What is the Best Art School in New Jersey?” answer-1=”The College of New Jersey is considered by many to be the best art school in New Jersey. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Do Art Schools in New Jersey Accept International Students?” answer-2=”Yes, there are a number of art schools in New Jersey that are more than welcoming to international students.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]