8 Art Schools in Germany | Fees & Details

Studying in one of the art schools in Germany comes with lots of packages, one of them is that you can study without paying a dime in tuition fees. And this also applies to foreigners, to international students that want to study in Germany.

And this no-tuition doesn’t push away the part of quality education, some of the 50 best universities in the world come from Germany. And these same Universities offer either very affordable tuition fees or no tuition fees.

In fact, all of these art schools in Germany we have listed have no tuition or tuition fees lower than €1,000 per year. There are other universities in Germany that come cheap and they welcome international students like never before.

Even if you don’t understand German, or you’re not fluent in it, most of these schools also have programs officially dedicated to English speakers.

Or, you can just focus on English universities in Germany, where you will see a lot of programs taught in English, or you can choose to learn German for free. Also, you can decide to take a student part-time job in Germany which can help you to pay for some other things like accommodation, and student service fees, and you still have some cash to use for yourself even as you study.

Colleges in Germany are not just affordable, but it is one of the best countries to live and study abroad. When it comes to a high quality of life, they have it in excess, and they compete with top universities in the UK.

They also have some of the best medical schools, where you get to study different medical programs.

If you don’t feel like studying in any of these art schools in Germany (that’s fine, it happens), you can check out Art Schools in Australia, they are very disciplined and take quality education very seriously. The UK also provides you with lots of Art colleges, if you have still not gotten what you need, go and explore the best art schools in the world.

Are there art schools in Germany?

This might sound a little bit controversial to what we are discussing on this topic, but here is the reason for the question. Art schools in Germany are few, and we only listed 8 here. It wasn’t easy to get to these best art schools.

That said, a quick answer is that there are art schools in Germany.

What is the cost of art schools in Germany

As I mentioned earlier, studying in Germany, whether you’re studying art or any other discipline, you don’t need to break the bank to pay for your tuition. Even though some of these art schools in Germany offer low tuition fees, they also give you the privilege to apply for scholarships.

Some schools don’t demand any tuition, whereas some demand an average tuition of €315.

Requirements for art schools in Germany

The entry requirement to study bachelor’s degree in these schools include;

  • Entrance qualification from higher education
  • Transcript from graduated high school
  • An aptitude test might be required

Entry requirements for master’s degree;

  • A baccalaureate degree in art education (or related degree).
  • Might require an aptitude test

art schools in Germany

Art Schools in Germany

1. University of Munich

The University of Munich is known for many things, whether it’s being ranked the 10th Best Global University in Europe or the No.1 Best Global University in Germany by U.S. News and World Report. They are also known as the 37th best Arts and Humanities school in the world.

The University of Munich is one of the art schools in Germany that offers Bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degree programs in their department of Art. They offer 5 bachelor’s programs in arts, which include;

  • Art History B.A.
  • Art Education B.A.
  • Art and Multimedia B.A.
  • Musicology B.A.
  • Theater Studies B.A.

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2. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

This is one of the art schools in Germany that is also known for its academic excellence, and research prowess, that’s why the U.S. News and World Report ranked them the 4th Best Global University in Germany. And, the 23rd Best Global University in Europe.

They are also known as the 53rd best School to Study Arts and Humanities in the World. They offer a broad range of art programs such as for bachelor’s and graduate degrees, such as;

  • American Studies
  • German Literature
  • Historical Studies
  • Cultural Studies
  • Art and Visual History

To study at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin you have to pay an average fee of €315.64.

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 3. University of the Arts Bremen

This is one of the art schools in Germany that offers diverse fine arts programs, and integrated art and digital media programs. Their programs go deep into aesthetic expression, where students have the opportunity to reveal their creativity in class with their fellow students.

Students enrolled in the Fine Arts program have the privilege to work hand in hand with amazing professors, and they will go deep into exploring different fine arts courses. They will be broadly learning about Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Concept, Photography, and Media.

Also, their integrated programs enable their students to create amazing designs that are needed for our world’s challenges. You’ll be getting a lot of project work that can help you to master your area of discipline.

Their bachelor’s degree takes 6 semesters to complete whereas their master’s degree takes 4 semesters.

Most importantly, this is one of the art schools in Germany that their parliament and state government have made in a way that students in Bremen won’t pay Tuition fees during their first 14 semesters. Before these 14 semesters are done, you’ve already completed your bachelor’s and master’s degrees and still have some free semesters to spare.

But you need to pay an administrative fee of €196,92 per semester, which the cost of public transport is also included in it. 

Even though they offer free tuition, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a quality education. This is a school where enormous concert performances, exhibitions, and workshops are held every year.

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4. Bauhaus University, Weimar

This is one of the art schools in Germany that offers diverse courses in art and design and media. The faculty of Art and Design offers 5 bachelor’s degree programs, which include;

  • Fine Art (Diploma)
  • Media Art/Media Design (Bachelor of Fine Arts)
  • Product Design (Bachelor of Arts) 
  • Visual Communication (Bachelor of Arts) 
  • Teaching at secondary schools: Art Education

And 4 master’s degree programs, which include;

  • Fine Art: Public Art and New Artistic Strategies (Master of Fine Arts)
  • Media Art/Media Design (Master of Fine Arts)
  • Product Design (Master of Arts) 
  • Visual Communication (Master of Arts)

They also offer a doctorate degree in Art and Design, which takes three years to complete. The faculty is housing more than 1,000 students who are creative and produce lots of artwork for the school and the world.

This art and design faculty also have nice workshops, where your ideas, designs, and concepts are brought to life. The school will give you the opportunity to work on your own, but with the support of experienced professionals.

This is also one of the art schools in Germany that doesn’t request any tuition fees, but you need to pay a semester contribution of approximately €160 per semester. The same thing applies to Master’s programs, where you don’t need to pay a dime on tuition.

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5. Goethe University Frankfurt

Goethe University Frankfurt is one of the art schools in Germany that offers more master’s degree programs than bachelor’s degree programs. This means, they 8 master’s degree programs in Art faculty, which include;                                                                      

  • Economic Sociology
  • International Studies / Peace and Conflict Research
  • Political Science
  • Political Theory
  • Sociology
  • Comparative Democracy
  • Modern East Asian Studies (MEAS)
  • Environmental Science, M.Sc.

And they offer 3 bachelors of Arts programs, which include;

  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Gender Studies (minor subject)

The average tuition fee of Goethe University Frankfurt is €369.89.

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6. Eberhard Karls University, Tübingen

This is one of the art schools in Germany that is packed with history. To start with, it is one of the oldest universities in Europe, existing for more than 500 years, so you will find huge history and research works in this university.

They have 5 departments in the humanities faculty, which include;

  • Ancient Studies and Art History
  • Asian Studies and Oriental Studies
  • History
  • Modern Languages
  • Philosophy, General Rhetoric, Media Studies.

Their tuition fee costs an average of €3,225 per year.

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7. University of Potsdam

This is one of the art schools in Germany that their faculty of art have lots of departments, which include;

  • Department of Jewish Studies and Religious Studies
  • School of Jewish Theology
  • Department of Philosophy
  • Department of Life Formation – Ethics – Religious Studies
  • Department of Art and Media.

And many more.

They also offer several bachelor’s degree programs and master’s degree programs. The University of Potsdam also offers no tuition fee for all Undergraduate programs, and you won’t need to pay a dime for consecutive master’s degree programs.

But there is a semester fee of €316, which so many things are included such as;

  • Student Service fees
  • Student body fees
  • Enrollment and re-registration fees
  • Semester ticket

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8. Leipzig University

Leipzig University is one of the art schools in Germany that have an amazing faculty of history, art, and regional studies, and they have numerous programs offered in this faculty. In addition, their Museums have positively impacted the lives and knowledge of these art students.

The three wonderful museums: are the Georg Steindorff Egyptian Museum, the Antiquities Museum, and the Museum of Musical Instruments.

This faculty has 13 institutes and is housing 3000 students, with 40 professors, and has 44 courses to choose from. They offer Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Master’s Degree Programs, and Teaching Degree courses.

The average tuition fee at Leipzig University is €350 per semester.

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Germany doesn’t have so many art schools, but the few they have are well-utilized, and they are excellent to produce high-quality students that can create and design artworks needed in our time. Another interesting thing about their schools is they come at a very affordable cost, even some art schools in Germany don’t require you to pay any tuition fee.

Regardless of this affordable tuition, they still produce amazing education for their students.

Art Schools in Germany – FAQs

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