9 Cheap Universities in Germany for International Students and their Tuition Fees

Are you interested in studying at a European university without breaking the bank? Join me as I discuss the cheap universities in Germany for international students in this post and select a school that suits your demand.

If you are looking to study abroad and haven’t considered which country it should be, you may want to add Germany to your list.

Germany is very accommodating to foreigners and the public universities are equally set up to serve students from other nations. They are prestigious in their academic offering and will set you up to become the best version of yourself academically and professionally.

The universities in Germany offer world-class teaching and experiential learning. Their schools are also advanced with cutting-edge labs to equip students with the skills they need to succeed in life after school. Whether you want to pursue degrees in bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, or professional levels, you will find a German school that will meet your demand.

German universities also offer a wide range of programs covering various disciplines including medicine, literature, law, biotechnology, and many more. There is no way you won’t find your preferred program to study. If medicine is your calling, see the list of best medical schools in Germany and begin your application fast.

Even with all of these quality academic offerings, Germany is still not among the top education hub in the world. They sure offer prestigious degrees, and education, and have made major advancements in the sciences but they still aren’t among the top choice for international students.

The main reason is due to the language, German is a tough language, and there aren’t many schools in the country that teach in English. But, this shouldn’t discourage you from studying there. You can always learn the language, after all, tough but not impossible. In the process of applying to study in Germany, you can also start learning the German language online.

In no time, you will learn the basics of the German language and study in one of the best countries in the world for international students. The schools here are mostly free to cheap and not just for the locals but also for foreign students. Therefore, while schooling in Germany or considering school there you won’t be breaking the bank.

Another advantage for students who want to study in Germany is that you can work in the country as an international student and earn some money on the side for other expenses such as school materials and living costs.

Are There Tuition Free Universities in Germany for International Students

Not certain whether there are universities in Germany for international students where you don’t need to pay tuition? I’m here to tell you that there are such universities. International students can study for free at these select universities but you will pay for accommodation, school materials, flight fare, and handle your living expense. The only fee you won’t be paying is tuition.

The tuition free universities in Germany for international students are:

  1. Free University in Berlin
  2. The University of Mannheim
  3. The University of Hamburg
  4. Technical University of Munich
  5. RWTH Aachen University
  6. The University of Cologne

These universities in Germany do not charge international students any tuition.

This whole “tuition free” thing for international students isn’t available only in Germany. You also can find tuition free universities in Canada for international students. Ireland also has its share of tuition free universities for international students. Australia is also not left out in offering tuition free education to international students. And if you want to pursue a master’s degree in the US, there are some tuition free universities for that.

Requirements for International Students to Study in Germany

Since you are looking to study in Germany, here are documents and other requirements you should have before applying for admission, in order to be considered for acceptance:

  1. Official high school transcript or a copy of a previously completed degree
  2. Proof of English or German language proficiency
  3. Student visa
  4. Translated overview of your modules and grades
  5. A completed application form.
  6. Recommendation letters
  7. Personal statement
  8. Essays
  9. Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5

These are the general requirements and they vary from school to school and program to program. You will need to contact your preferred school to learn more about specific degree program requirements.

How Many Public Universities are In Germany

There are 240 public universities in Germany.

What is the Cheapest University in Germany for International Students

The cheapest university in Germany for international students is the Technical University of Munich. There are also others, all of which are discussed below.

Cheap Universities in Germany for International Students

International students looking for a cheap university abroad to attend can do so in Germany, the country has a host of universities that are cheap and suitable for students coming from any part of the world.

These German universities will equip you with world-class knowledge that will set you up for a polished career.

Pick from any of the cheap universities in Germany for international students discussed below and start sending out your applications.

Listed in no particular order are the cheap universities in Germany for international students and their tuition fees:

1.     Technical University of Munich (TUM)

TUM or TU Munich as it is commonly referred to is one of the cheap universities in Germany for international students. It is one of the largest universities in Germany and has campuses scattered across other parts of the country and one in Singapore.

The university houses 11 schools and departments and numerous research centers. The specialty here are engineering, medicine, and the applied and natural sciences.

If you are also looking to pursue a degree in an innovative field, this is your go-to university. Since its establishment in 1868 as a public university, it has not failed in delivering top-notch academic excellence not just to its citizens but also to students from other parts of the world.

Worried you won’t find an English course? Don’t worry, TUM has many degree programs in English in a bid to accommodate foreign students.

Tuition at TUM is really cheap and varies by campus. Fees for students in the Munich, Garching, and Weihenstephan campuses are EUR 147, for students in Straubing fee is EUR 62, while fee for students in Heilbronn is EUR 92. The technical school further provides other financial aid options such as student loans, part-time jobs, and scholarships.

Visit TUM website

2.     The University of Hamburg (UHH)

Looking for where to get a quality education without breaking the bank? The University of Hamburg is where you should look. This higher citadel of learning is one of the leading research universities, not just in Germany, but in Europe as a whole.

Located in Hamburg and founded in 1919, this institution still upholds its tradition of being a world-class learning institute where students from all over the world come and get qualifications that will shape their career paths.

Whether it is for bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral studies, the University of Hamburg offers these degrees in a wide range of programs including medicine, education, psychology, humanities, computer science, business, economics, and biochemistry.

The majority of the programs at the University of Hamburg are tuition-free and even the ones that require you to pay for tuition still provide financial aid options such as scholarships and grants to make education for everyone as affordable as possible.

Although added to my list of cheap universities in Germany for international students, the University of Hamburg can also pass as one of the free universities in Germany for international students.

Visit school website

3.     Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU)

With roots tracing as far back as 500 years, Ludwig Maximilian University has kept to its tradition of being a leading research university in Europe and in Germany attracting some of the best scholars and students from the four corners of the earth.

Since its establishment in 1472, Ludwig has been committed to the highest international standards of excellence in research and teaching and has never stopped being a center for innovation.

There are over 50,000 students enrolled at LMU making it the second-largest university in Germany in terms of population. About 20% of the total student population are international students which makes it a diverse learning environment.

LMU is divided into 18 faculties altogether offering more than 100 areas of study with numerous combinations of minors and majors. Many of these programs are also offered in English.

The tuition fee at LMU is between EUR 100 to EUR 300 per semester. A separate fee is charged for a number of special graduate and professional degrees and certificates, the amount varies according to the type of program offered.

Visit LMU website

4.     The University of Stuttgart

The University of Stuttgart is one of the cheap universities in Germany for international students and is recognized among the top research universities in the country. With roots tracing back to 1829, its year of establishment, the technical university is one of the oldest schools in Germany and specializes in civil, mechanical, industrial, and electrical engineering.

Prospective students who are looking to pursue an engineering degree and pay little to no fees should add the University of Stuttgart to their list. Here, you get a quality education in engineering and get an internationally renowned degree all for a little fee. Aside from the engineering faculty, there are nine other faculties that offer world-class education.

Students from EU/EEA regions are not charged tuition while students from non-EU/EEA countries who want to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s program will pay a tuition fee of EUR 1,500 PER semester if you are applying for a second degree, you will pay EUR 650 per semester.

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5.     Heidelberg University

Heidelberg University is one of the cheap universities in Germany for international students and the oldest in the country founded in 1386 and has upheld itself as one of the leading research universities in the country.

Even with its century-old existence, this school has thrived and established itself among modern universities, offering innovative education in all areas of study. There are 12 faculties offering more than 150 programs and a variety of subject combinations leading to bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate study levels.

Heidelberg is a common choice among international students due to its prestigious academic offerings and low cost of studying. About one-fifth of the students here are foreigners making it a vibrant, diverse environment for international students. You certainly won’t feel left out when you come here.

Students from EU and EEA countries are exempted from paying tuition fees while students from non-EU/EEA countries are charged a tuition fee of EUR 1500 per semester. Financial aid options are available to students.

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6.     Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

KIT is one of the cheap universities in Germany for international students founded in 1825 as a public research university. It has been consistently ranked as the German university with the strongest research in engineering and natural sciences.

So, if you are looking to enroll in an international university with a strong focus in medicine, engineering, biotechnology, astronomy, physics, etc. with low tuition fees, then you should consider KIT.

Karlsruhe is organized into 11 faculties offering a wide range of academic degree programs. There are more than 25,000 students enrolled in KIT annually pursuing programs in undergraduate and postgraduate levels of study. There are also thousands of international students here as well.

Students of EU/EEA citizenship are exempted from paying any tuition fee but students from third world countries or non-EU/EEA countries, whether for bachelor’s, teachers, or master’s programs, will have to pay a tuition fee of EUR 1500 per semester.

Visit KIT website

7.     Humboldt University of Germany

The Humboldt University of Germany is one of the cheap universities in Germany for international students founded as a public research university in the central borough of Mitte in Berlin – the capital of Germany.

Prospective international students who want to study at HU Berlin will have the opportunity to pick a degree program of their choice from the 190 available disciplines at undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate levels.

The greatest advantage for international students coming here is that they get to earn a quality education and pay low fees and some students are even exempted from paying these fees at all. The university has a web page dedicated to guiding and providing adequate information for all kinds of international students.

The standard fees and dues for international students are EUR 315.64 while exchange students pay EUR 265.64 per semester.

Visit school website

8.     The University of Gottingen

The University of Gottingen founded in 1737 is also known as the Georg August University of Gottingen. It is one of the leading public research universities in the country and due to its low cost of the study is one of the cheap universities in Germany for international students.

International students aspiring to study here can choose from the numerous degree programs offered in her 13 faculties.

With over 500 professors and more than 4,000 scientific staff, Gottingen is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of quality education in teaching and research. You can also rest assured that you can find a program of your choice that is taught in English. A website is dedicated to answering questions that prospective international students may have and also guiding them towards admission into the university.

The tuition fee at Gottingen is EUR 378 for bachelor’s students while MSc is EUR 372.

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9.     Technical University of Berlin

The Technical University of Berlin is one of the cheap universities in Germany for international students. TU Berlin was established in 1770 as a public research university and was the first German university to use “Technical University”.

This institution has over two centuries of experience in research and teaching and will develop you to the best of your potential.

This place will feel like home to international students, there are about 43,000 students from 150 countries making it a vibrant, diverse study center. The technical university is organized into 7 faculties where you can find a wide range of academic degree programs including medicine, nursing, social sciences, engineering, computer science, business, and economics.

You can also find an English-taught program of your choice.

There are no tuition fees at the Technical University of Berlin except for continuing education and master’s programs.

Visit school website


These are the cheap universities in Germany for international students. Most of these universities also offer free education to students and even if you are charged tuition, there are financial aid options set in place to assist your education.

If any of these schools piques your interest, you may want to start sending in your applications early to increase your chances of getting admitted. And you can always apply to more than one to further increase your chances.

Cheap Universities in Germany for International Students – FAQs

Can I get a full scholarship in Germany?

Yes, you can get a fully-funded scholarship in Germany, however, to get such a scholarship you have to be a high-achieving student.

Is studying in Germany difficult?

Studying in Germany is difficult, there’s a tough language to consider and the teaching style is pretty strict and rigorous.

Which German university is best for international students?

The best university in Germany for international students is the University of Stuttgart.


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