8 Best English Universities in Germany

You must not learn how to speak German before you can study at a university in Germany. Here, I have curated a list of English universities in Germany whose language of instruction is in English language allowing you to study without any language barrier or restriction.

If you are looking to study abroad in Germany and want to learn the German language first before going, then that is cool. Learning how to speak the native language of a country you are about to enter either for studies, work, or vacation has many benefits. It gives you an insight into the culture of the country, you can easily understand the people, hold basic discussions with the locals, and above all, you get less paranoid about your surroundings.

This is no different from when you learn German before going there to study. If you know how to speak German there will be a wide variety of academic programs for you to choose from and you can easily make friends and be closer to your professors.

However, who says you need to speak the German language before going there to study? That’s right. No one. If you don’t understand German and don’t want to learn – I won’t blame you, it is, after all, one of the hardest languages – but still choose to study in Germany, you absolutely can. This post on the best English universities in Germany will give you a wide array of options on where to study an English-taught program in Germany.

These English universities in Germany teach some of their programs in English languages allowing students from other countries the opportunity for world-class education.

However, these English-taught programs at German universities are usually few and are mainly made up of master’s and Ph.D. Very few or none are offered at the undergraduate level. Not only Germany but many universities in Europe have started teaching in English and have also made their tuition affordable to attract international students and spread their academic excellence everywhere and sundry.

Normally, there are already cheap universities in Europe for international students, which include German universities, to make education affordable to students from diverse backgrounds. And there are also fully funded scholarships in Europe for international students to help offset their tuition load. After Norway, Germany is home to some of the cheapest universities for international students in Europe.

The universities in Germany are known for excellence in research, teaching, and promotion of talent. The medical schools in Germany are among the best in Europe and offer English-taught programs.

Why Do German Universities Teach in English?

German universities teach in English to attract international students and put Germany on the map among study abroad destinations.

Requirements for German Universities

Just like any other typical university you need to satisfy the entry requirements of respective German universities to be considered for admission. While there are various universities in Germany and different degree programs carrying different requirements, I can still provide you with the basic general requirements of German universities.

The following are the requirements for English universities in Germany:

  • Must have completed high school if you are applying for an undergraduate program or completed a bachelor’s if you are applying for a graduate program.
  • Original academic transcripts from previously attended schools or colleges.
  • Standardized test scores like the GMAT or GRE if required
  • TOEFL, IELTS, or a recognized English language proficiency test score.
  • Motivation letter/statement of purpose/essay
  • Application fee
  • Passport photos
  • Health insurance
  • Proof of financial means

English universities in Germany

Best English Universities in Germany

Germany is one of the best places to study in Europe, it is accommodating, safe, and not expensive to live in. It is also one of the cheapest European countries for international and domestic students to study. The universities offer world-class education whose quality holds international recognition, especially in the areas of medicine, engineering and technology, and business.

Germany is also a flexible country allowing local and foreign students to work while studying for their degrees. The biggest challenge here is the language which is hard to learn. But this won’t restrict you from coming here to study as there are universities in Germany that teach in English and they are curated in this post.

There are over 400 universities in Germany and about 220 of these universities teach in English according to My German University, although not exclusively in English some of the programs are taught in the English language, especially their master’s degree programs.

Out of the 220 universities in Germany that teach in English, which ones are recognized as the best? And what makes them stand out from the others? Keep reading to find out…

The best English universities in Germany are:

1.     Free University of Berlin

Aside from being one of the English universities in Germany, the Free University of Berlin FU Berlin is one of the cheapest universities in Germany for international students. It is free for citizens of Germany and EU students.

It is a public research university in Berlin and one of the eleven elite German research universities. It is also consistently ranked among the best universities in Germany with particular strengths in political science and humanities.

The school is organized into 12 departments including a business school and a medical school. There are 4 central institutes and 6 graduate schools.

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2.     Berlin International University of Applied Sciences

On our second list of best English universities in Germany is Berlin International University of Applied Sciences. This is a private university established in 2014 and is a pioneer of international education therefore offers all of its programs in the English language.

If you are looking to pursue a science program in a science-focused university, this is your best place. 68% of the total student population are international students from four continents making it a diverse environment for international students.

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3.     Munich University of Applied Sciences

If you are looking to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business, economics, communication, or media with instructions in English, the Munich University of Applied Sciences is for you. If you would also like to expand your knowledge as a language professional or work in an international context, this institution is also for you.

To attract as many international students as possible, most of the degree programs here are taught in the English language. This is a private university and the tuition fee will typically be on the high side.

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4.     Hertie School

Looking for an English teaching school for your graduate studies? Hertie School is the place for you. Hertie School is a private school in Berlin, Germany that offers only master’s and doctorate programs mostly taught in English. This school is a diverse environment with 50% of the total student population from more than 95 countries.

Here, international students get to connect with experts in their respective fields which can help them expand their horizons and create a network of friends from different parts of the world.

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5.     Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

This is one of the top universities in Germany that teach in English. LMU, as it is commonly referred to, is a public research university in Munich, Germany. It was established in 1472 and is one of the oldest universities in Europe and offers 31 academic programs that are taught in English.

The university is large consisting of 18 faculties that encompass a diverse portfolio of disciplines. LMU is ranked No.32 among the best universities in the world by Times Higher Education, and Academic Ranking of World Universities ranks it at No.48, and QS World University Rankings placed it at No.64.

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6.     Humboldt University of Berlin

With 29 programs taught in the English language, Humboldt University of Berlin passes for one of the English universities in Germany. The programs that are taught in English here are masters like the master of science in economics, master of arts in American studies, master of science in horticultural science, and others.

The master’s programs take 1 or 2 years to complete and the tuition fee is between 1,800 EUR to 4,500 EUR per semester. The university houses nine faculties through which these programs are offered.

In global rankings, QS World University Rankings placed the university at 128, Times Higher Education placed it at 74, and the US News & World Report placed it at 82nd position.

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7.     Technical University of Munich

TUM, as it is commonly referred to, is one of the English universities in Germany offering a wide range of master’s and bachelor’s degree programs in the English language.

It is a public research university in Munich with campuses in Garching, Freising, Heilbronn, Straubing, and Singapore. The school is organized into 11 schools and departments and multiple research institutes and centers.

If you are looking for a technical school with a focus on engineering, technology, medicine, and applied and natural sciences then TUM is for you. There are also other programs but these are the main focus.

Also, TUM is a University of Excellence under the German Universities Excellence Initiative and is consistently ranked among the leading universities in the EU.

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8.     Technical University of Berlin

TU Berlin is one of the English universities in Germany offering 27 English-taught programs which are mostly masters. Over 43,000 students are enrolled at the university of which 27% are international students from 150 different countries making it a diverse study environment.

It is a public research university focused on engineering, technology, and applied sciences. If you are looking for a German school that is focused on the sciences and teaches in English then TU Berlin is for you.

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These are the English universities in Germany and I hope they have been helpful. Find the requirements for your preferred university and start applying.

English Universities in Germany – FAQs

Are English universities free in Germany?

Public universities in Germany are free for German residents and EU students this also applies to English universities in Germany.

How much does it cost to study in Germany in English?

The cost of studying in Germany varies. If you are an EU student or German citizen, education in Germany is free for you but international students will be charged tuition which depends on the program. The cost is usually between 26,000 EUR and 40,000 EUR per year.

Does the University of Munich teach in English?

Yes, the University of Munich offers some programs in English.


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