7 Top English Universities in Spain

If you have been searching for top English universities in Spain to further your education, then you are fortunate today. I have done good research about the universities, so follow me carefully as I unveil every piece of information I gathered.

Since the blog post “English universities in France” was published on our site –Study abroad nations, we have received more than a hundred questions from students asking; are there English universities in Spain? are there English universities in Canada? Are there Cheap English universities in Europe? and many more.

So, today, I have decided to answer one of the above questions which asked if there are English Universities in Spain. Yes, there are, and I have done good research and collected very important information about these schools. Just follow me carefully as I unveil them.

Spain is the largest country in Europe with Spanish as its official language. Recent studies have shown that almost 60% of Spain speaks no English at all, While about 30% of them speak English, but not very fluently.

When it comes to studying abroad, Spain remains a popular study destination among international students, especially in the business field. It is ranked the 10th most popular country for international students in 2021.

In the academic year 2019/2020, there were 208,366 international students who were admitted into private, and public universities in Spain. The tuition fees of Spanish universities are low when compared to the USA and Canadian Universities. In fact, Spain is the next country in Europe after Norway, where you can find the cheapest universities for international students.

Before you can apply to any of the English universities in Spain, you are required to pass one of the following widely accepted English language tests:

  • PTE Academic
  • IELTS Academic

To pass any of these English tests, I recommend that you reach out to an online English teaching website, or even get some downloadable English tests with answers, as they will go a long way in helping you scale through.

Benefits of Studying in Spain

Like I said earlier, I have some crucial information about English universities in Spain. So right now, I will be telling you about the benefits you get from studying in Spain.

Spanish universities are known for their excellent academic performances, so being a Spanish student means studying at a university that provides world-class education.

Again, by studying abroad in Spain, you will expand your educational boundaries to embrace Spain’s culture and history, the arts, literature, architecture, and religion. Read about and experience Spain as you enjoy beautiful coastlines, mountains, rivers, and islands.

While in Spain, you have the opportunity to study Spanish or take online Spanish courses from the comfort of your home, the second most spoken and influential language in the world. Whether a newbie or want to enhance your present level, Spain is the place to immerse yourself in the language, culture, and courses offered.

In addition to the benefits, When you study in any law school in Spain, you are not just studying only the legal systems of Spain itself, but also the legal systems in the US and the European Union, and obtaining a law degree in Spain will have you receiving the best approach to legal education.

Application Requirements for English Universities in Spain

  • Previous diplomas: high school, Bachelor’s, or Master’s
  • Academic transcript of records or grades
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Copy of ID or passport
  • Up to 4 passport-size photos
  • Proof of financial support (if required)
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Personal essay or statement
  • CV and online interview (only at some universities)

English Universities in Spain

There are many English universities in Spain where you can study comfortably as an international student or a local student. But I will be writing about only the top 7 of them.

1. University of Barcelona

The first on the list of English universities in Spain is the University of Barcelona. Since its foundation in 1450, the University has been a leading center of education, science, and critical thought.

The Universitat de Barcelona is acknowledged as one of the best English universities in Spain and offers a variety of undergraduate and master’s level programs in English.

The fully English-taught bachelor’s programs are bioinformatics, business administration and management, English studies, international business, physiotherapy, and tourism.

The quality of its teaching and research, which have won recognition both inside and outside Spain, complements the UB’s commitment to serving the interests of local society and the country as a whole.

Students at the University of Barcelona have access to the best services and support materials for every aspect of their academic lives: a network of libraries boasting the largest catalog of all the Catalan universities, the chance to learn a wide selection of languages, comprehensive sports facilities, plus the advantages offered by new teaching and learning technologies and institutional subscriptions to leading publications.

  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Degrees offered: Undergraduate, Master’s, Ph.D.

2. Autonomous University of Madrid

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (English: Autonomous University of Madrid) which is the second on the list of English universities in Spain, is commonly known by its Spanish initials UAM or as “la Autónoma”.
The public university was established in 1968 and is widely respected as one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. According to the highly regarded QS World University Rankings 2022, UAM is ranked as the top university in Spain.
The preliminary language of teaching is Spanish, though some English-taught undergraduate programs such as business administration & management, economics, tourism, and primary education are available.
Masters programs taught in English in the autonomous university of Madrid include programs in biotechnology and theoretical physics, as well as a program in microfinance for entrepreneurship.
The Autonomous University of Madrid also offers more than 65 Ph.D. programs, organized into arts & humanities, sciences, social & juridical sciences, health sciences & engineering.
  • location: Madrid, Spain
  • Degrees offered: Undergraduate, Master’s, Ph.D.

3. European University of Madrid

The European University of Madrid was established in 1995 and is a private university with two campuses in Madrid, one in Villaviciosa de Odón and a new one in Alcobendas. The university currently has 12,500 students from over 60 countries.

One of the many advantages this university offers is the option of gaining dual degrees at universities worldwide. The European University is organized into 7 faculties that offer a range of bachelor’s programs, as well as master’s and doctorate degrees.

The teaching is student-focused and constantly modernized to be relevant to a developing global environment. It’s the third university on the list of English universities in Spain that I have made.

Location: Madrid, Spain.

Link to English-taught programs

4. Autonomous University of Barcelona

As the list of English universities in Spain continues, we have the 4tH university as an Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spanish: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, UAB) which was established in 1968

UAB offers over 80 bachelor’s degrees in all fields of knowledge. Our bachelor’s degrees are known for their quality and international character, as well as for the number of practical experiences students acquire.

UAB master’s degrees provide you with advanced interdisciplinary training and are divided into programs offering practical training for employment and others specializing in initiation to research.

  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Degrees offered: Undergraduate, Master’s, Ph.D.

Link to English-taught programs

5. University of Alicante

The University of Alicante which was created in October 1979, is the 5th among the 10 English universities in Spain that I promised to tell you about.

The University of Alicante (Universitat d’Alacant in Valencian) (UA), is a public institution on the Mediterranean coast, in San Vicente del Raspeig, an area in the city of Alicante, Spain.

The University of Alicante is an open, responsible, and transparent university that encourages participation and the reuse of open data with the effective support of Information Technology (IT).

The institution has a long history of delivering teaching, research, and knowledge transfer services. It offers a range of courses with more than 40 undergraduate degrees, and 50 official master’s and doctoral degrees.

The entire university community works in the building, transfer, and diffusion of knowledge, with the goal of making significant contributions to life.

It is regarded among the best English universities in Spain for international students.

  • Location: Alicante, Spain
  • Degrees: Undergraduate, Masters, Doctorates

Link to programs

6. IE (Instituto de Empresa) University

The next on the list is IE University. It is a private business school founded in 1973 in Madrid, Spain. It has campuses that are located in the cities of Segovia and Madrid. The school is among the best English universities in Spain as it is top-ranking in terms of business administration and employability.

IE University has also been ranked among the top ten universities worldwide for innovation in technologies and teaching. They offer practical, specialized courses that prepare you to meet the professional challenges of your future.

Some of the bachelor’s degree English programs available at IE University include business administration, economics, applied mathematics, international relations, behavior & social sciences, design, etc. Some English master’s programs are applied economics, finance, and management.

Its two doctoral programs – Doctor in Business Administration (DBA) and Doctor in Management (Ph.D.) – are both in English.

  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Degrees offered: Undergraduate, Master’s, DBA, Ph.D.

Link to English-taught programs

7. Universitat Pompeu Fabra

The Universitat Pompeu Fabra(UPF) established in 1990 is also counted among the top English universities in Spain.

The prestigious institution has stayed committed to its principles and objectives, training individuals with values and contributing to research. It has grown into seven schools, a polytechnic school, and eight departments.

In 2021, UPF was ranked the best university in Spain and the 10th best young university in the world by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

The undergraduate English taught programs offered at UPF include audiovisual systems engineering, computer engineering, international business economics, law, and telecommunications network engineering.

For master’s level, their programs are categorized into health & life sciences, economic & business sciences, political & social sciences, communication, law, information & communication technologies, and translation & language sciences. Examples of master’s programs are biomedical research, data science, marketing, international relations, global law, strategic communication & public relations, etc.

English-taught Ph.D. programs include biomedicine; political & social sciences; economics, finance & business; and information & communication technologies are

  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Degrees: Undergraduate, Masters, Ph.D

Link to English taught Programs

English Universities in Spain – FAQs

Can You Study in Spain in English?

Yes, you can study in Spain in English. There are over 50 English universities in Spain known for having entire degree programs entirely in English. If you want to complete your Bachelor’s Degree abroad or take a few classes in their programs, you might consider enrolling directly in an English-speaking university.

How Much Does it Cost to Study in Spain in English?

The tuition fees for Bachelor’s programs range from 750 EUR to 2,500 EUR per year, and tuition fees for Master’s programs are around 1,000 to 3,500 EUR per year – making Spain a cheap destination for international students.