9 Best Universities in Norway for International Students

This post provides a wealth of information on the universities in Norway for international students. Prospective students who are looking to pursue a degree overseas can add these Norwegian schools to their list to give them a wide array of options and increase their chances of studying abroad.

Norway is a country in Europe with Oslo as its capital. It is a beautiful country with beautiful mountains, glaciers, and rich history and culture which are still preserved to date.

Watching the TV show, Vikings, made me fall in love with the country and the people. Although set up in an ancient world and this is what makes it even more entertaining. From the way they speak to their fashion and beautiful tattoos, you’d fall in love right away.

Personally, this has always been my dream place to study, don’t know if it is the same for you. Besides, Norway recently started making waves among the best places for international students. It has been hidden away from the rest of the world all this while and not many students consider going there to study.

Unlike Canada, the US, Australia, and the UK, Norway is not a popular study hub among prospective international students. However, during the time that some YouTubers and other content creators started to talk so much about the education there, I decided to dig in, do a bit of research and see what the interest is all about.

And I found out that Norway has some of the cheapest universities for international students, besides offering quality education with international recognition. There are some universities in Norway that are free for international students, and for the paid ones, there are scholarships and other financial aid options to make education in Norway affordable for you.

During my research, I also found out that Europe has some of the cheapest universities for international students. Italy has its share of cheapest universities for international students and Germany is also home to several cheap universities for international students.

Europe isn’t the only place with cheap universities for international students though. In Canada, you can find cheap diploma courses if you aren’t into spending many years getting a degree. And if a degree is your thing, there are some cheap colleges in Toronto, Canada for international students to earn a degree in any area of study. I also found some of the cheapest universities in the US for international students, and trust me, this is real.

Not to divert from the subject matter, but these are recommendations that will give you a whole new perspective on international study and help you cut down on the huge costs of studying abroad. Applying to Norwegian universities is also one of the ways to reduce the expenses of studying abroad.

Another reason why you may want to consider applying to a university in Norway is that it isn’t a popular education hub among international students, therefore, entry requirements aren’t tough, the number of yearly applicants is less, and the schools aren’t jampacked or overpopulated which makes resources adequate and enough to go round for every student.

Professors will be able to spend quality time with you and libraries and labs won’t be filled up all the time.

These are some of the perks of studying in Norway. You will also get to explore the city and dabble in its culture-rich environs and see historical monuments. Some of the old Viking ships dating as far back as the 9th century are still intact and preserved at the national museum.

Is Norway Good for International Students

International students who have studied in Norway commented on their experience of studying in Norway and the country took seventh place in terms of student satisfaction scoring 9 out of 10.

This is enough data for prospective students to know whether Norway is good for them or not.

Admission Requirements to Study in Norway as an International Student

As a prospective international student, you need to meet up with the admission requirements set by Norwegian universities to be eligible and be considered for admission. The following are the general entry requirements for international students who want to study in Norway:

  1. A complete application form
  2. English language proficiency test score for non-native English speakers
  3. High school diploma or degree qualification from previously attended institutions
  4. Student visa
  5. Letters of recommendation
  6. Statement of purpose or essay
  7. Resume or CV
  8. Copy of passport of photo ID
  9. Proof of sufficient funding which is a minimum of $12,561

Are There Tuition Free Universities in Norway

All public universities in Norway are free and this free education is provided to both the citizens and foreign students. This is an opportunity for you to study any degree of your choice in a prestigious institution of higher learning at no cost.

Which Norway University is Best for International Students

The University of Oslo is the best Norwegian university for international students.

List of Best Universities in Norway for International Students

Discussed below are the universities in Norway for international students. Prospective students who are looking to pursue a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate outside their country can consider these Norwegian universities as well. Add them to your list of favorite universities to study abroad – I’m sure you already have a list – so that you can have a wider array of options to choose from and also choose the one that suits your demand.

Without any further ado, let’s get into the universities in Norway for international students:

1.     The University of Oslo

On my first list of best universities in Norway for international students is the University of Oslo.

Although these universities are listed in no particular order, I simply made the University of Oslo number one due to its international recognition, quality academic offerings both in teaching and research, and its wide range of academic programs spanning different disciplines including social sciences, humanities, medicine, law, natural sciences, and education.

The university is organized into 8 departments, two museums, a library, and other support units which includes research centers. International students are welcome to choose a program of their choosing but you have to ensure the program is taught in English or the native language, that is if you are proficient at it.

From the moment you indicate an interest in studying here, the admission officers will guide you through the process.

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2.     The University of Bergen

The University of Bergen is one of the top universities in Norway for international students. Studying here will be an exciting experience for students coming from another country.

There are hundreds of courses to choose from across various disciplines but very few are taught in English, so you may want to learn how to speak the local dialect before applying. Also, competition isn’t tough here, there are bout 15,000 students enrolled but 1,600 are international students.

All of these students are pursuing programs at bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate levels and if you meet the academic entry requirements, you can join them in no time. Bergen is a research university and an internationally accredited one at that. Be rest assured that you are getting world-class education here.

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3.     Nord University

Nord University is one of the top state universities in Norway for international students. It was established in 1892 and located in Bodo, Nordland but has other campuses scattered around the country.

You can enroll at any of the campuses of your choosing if the location suits you and meet the eligibility requirements to be considered for admission.

The university focuses on educational and research programs and offers more than 180 programs for academic and professional studies. Programs and courses are available on all levels for international students.

If you’d love to study here but can’t afford to fly around, you can join their online courses and learn from the comfort of your home.

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4.     The University of Agder

The University of Agder is a Norwegian public university with campuses in Kristiansand and Grimstad, Norway. Agder houses 6 faculties which encompass a wide range of courses on law, business, fine arts, and social sciences at all study levels.

International students looking to study here can pursue any degree program of their choice but bear in mind that not all of the programs are taught in English.

The school also houses a teaching lab, library, health clinic lab, music research rooms, multimedia room, and other research institutes and units. Once you make up your mind to study here, the admissions officers will guide you every step of the way. Follow the link below to see specific requirements for your country.

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5.     The University of Stavanger

On my fifth list of universities in Norway for international students is the University of Stavanger. This is a prestigious public university located in Stavanger, Norway, and was established in 2005.

If you are looking for a more recent or younger school, this is an ideal school to consider. There are 6 departments here offering a wide range of academic degree programs including classical music, energy resources, business, social studies, and many more.

Whether it is a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate you seek, Stavanger’s got you covered. Prospective international students are immediately attended to and given a lot of attention once they indicate interest to study here and are guided every step of the way.

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6.     Norwegian School of Economics

Now, this is for those interested in pursuing a degree in economics or a business-related field. If you are looking for a school with a focus on business and economics to pursue an MBA or management program without breaking the bank, you should put the Norwegian School of Economics at the top of your list.

The university has 6 departments including one in law, but it is students who want to pursue a degree in business, economics, or management degrees that will enjoy the school more as that is its main focus.

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7.     Norwegian University of Life Sciences

While the school above is for the business and management guys, this is for the science guys. The Norwegian University of Life Sciences is one of the least populated universities in Norway for international students with approximately 6,000 students.

This is a public university located near Oslo and is the ideal place for you if you want a science-focused institution with cheap tuition fees.

The university has 7 faculties including a school of economics and business but its core focus is on life sciences which makes it best for science students. Here, you can find many English-taught programs but the admission requirements are one of the toughest.

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8.     The University of South-Eastern Norway

USN, as it is commonly referred to, is one of the top universities in Norway for international students. It is a newly established university founded in 2018. The university already offers 88 bachelor’s degree programs, 44 master’s programs, and 8 doctorate programs.

It may be new but it is one of the largest universities in Norway and has other campuses scattered across the country.

About 18,000 students are enrolled here to gain knowledge in the profession and business-focused educational programs and research.

Students from every part of the world interested in pursuing a degree at USN are welcome to apply for any degree program of their choice. They can be considered for admission as long as you meet the entry requirements.

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9.     The University of Tromso – The Arctic University of Norway

On my final list of universities in Norway for international students is the University of Tromso, established in 1968 and has since been offering innovative and world-class teaching and research programs to students from all parts of the world.

The main focus here is space science, fishery, biotechnology, telemedicine, multicultural societies, and a wide spectrum of Arctic research projects.

Prospective international students can find English-taught degree programs at UiT and see the specific program requirements by following the link below.

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These are the universities in Norway for international students and I hope they have been helpful. All of these universities are tuition-free as well but you will pay for your flight and handle other expenses.

Universities in Norway for International Students – FAQs

Do Norway universities teach in English?

Yes, the universities in Norway offer several degree programs and courses in the English language.

Can international students in Norway work?

International students who can work in Norway are EU/EEA students and also students with a work permit can work as well while in Norway.

What is the cost of living in Norway for foreign students?

The average cost of living for foreign students in Norway is NOK 12,352 per month which is estimated to be $1,312.54 per month.