Top 8 Free Online Spanish Courses

Hola! Gracias! Are these the only Spanish words you understand? Join the free online Spanish courses compiled in this post to learn more Spanish and even construct sentences fully in Spanish in less than 3 months.

Spanish is often considered among the most romantic or sexiest languages in the world. I mean saying “Mi Amor” hits different compared to “My Love” it’s an English translation so also does “Te Amo” which translates to “I Love You” in English. The Spanish language is sweet on the tongue, unique to the ears, and interesting to learn just by listening to it.

More than 15 countries including Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico, and Cuba speak Spanish as an official language. These countries pull a large number of tourists annually from different parts of the world. Some students also chose these countries as study destinations to pursue an academic degree.

Whether you will be going to one of these Spanish-speaking countries as a student or tourist, for business purposes, or relocating entirely you must learn how to speak Spanish. Learning how to speak the official language of a country makes you not feel completely like an alien when you get there. This, at least, will give you a feeling of warmth and acceptance and will also reduce that feeling of paranoia because you can understand and speak the language even if it is just the basics.

Thanks to the internet, learning a new language doesn’t seem so hard anymore. With the proper online learning tools and utmost commitment, you can learn a new language in 6 months or less depending on your learning capabilities. And learning a new language online can be fun and exciting and won’t leave a hole in your pocket just like the online Spanish courses that are compiled here which are free to join.

Talking about new languages you can learn online that won’t leave a hole in your pocket, we have a compiled list of online Italian language courses that are also free of charge. And if you’re already good at speaking Italian, you may consider learning German online or just perusing foreign language courses and pick one or two languages from there to learn at no cost.

When you learn various official languages, especially the most-spoken ones, traveling abroad won’t scare you that much. Learning to speak the language of others is often the easiest way to win their hearts and you can start today!

The free online Spanish courses curated in this post are offered by some of the top online learning platforms and taught by language experts most of whom are native Spanish speakers. If you still don’t see any reason why you need to learn Spanish, let me quickly run you through some of the benefits of free online Spanish courses.

Benefits of Free Online Spanish Courses

Here, you will find reasons to enroll in one of the free online Spanish courses curated here and also see the advantages that come with learning Spanish.

  1. Taking a Spanish class online is flexible, self-paced, and convenient.
  2. It eliminates the hassle of going to a designated learning site, you could learn Spanish laying on your bed and sipping something warm or chilled.
  3. Spanish is one of the best languages to learn for travel
  4. You get more employable when you learn Spanish
  5. You will see things like art, literature, and beauty from a new perspective
  6. Learning this language of love can help you land your dream job and the woman of your dreams
  7. You will begin to enjoy books, films, and the culture behind them.

Requirements to Take Free Online Spanish Courses

Once you’ve made up your mind to enroll in some free online Spanish courses, you will need a PC, smartphone, iPad, or tablet that can access the internet so that you can gain access to the platforms offering these courses, as well as, the learning materials and start learning.

Free Online Spanish Courses

Yay! Now, this is where you get to kickstart your journey in learning a new language – Spanish. You will be taught the language from basic through the advanced levels to develop you into a Spanish-speaking professional. At the end of the Spanish courses, you can be able to read Spanish books, watch Spanish movies without subtitles, and write in Spanish as well.

All the classes are 100% online and free of charge there may be a certificate that can be free or come with a price depending on the platform offering the course. Without any further ado, the free online Spanish courses are:

1.     Basic Spanish 1: Getting Started

If you only know Gracias and Hola in Spanish, kindly gather here. You should start with this course if you have zero knowledge of the Spanish language. This is one of the free online Spanish courses offered on edX and it takes beginners through the journey of learning Spanish from scratch. It is designed for English speakers and explores Spanish culture.

This 7-week Spanish language course introduces students to everyday languages and includes activities to practice four language skills which are reading comprehension, writing, listening comprehension, and speaking. You will learn basic conversational skills, the alphabet and numbers, and how to describe personal things.

The course is free to enroll in and offers an optional certification which costs $40.

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2.     Basic Spanish 2: One Step Further

After completing the course discussed above, then you are ready to move to the next level. This course is the next one you should start learning immediately you complete the one above. With basic knowledge of Spanish, the journey here becomes easier and you also take a step further to become a professional Spanish speaker.

At this level, you will learn basic vocabulary and be able to talk about yourself and your daily life, in the present and the past, in simple and brief communication situations. You can easily hold a conversation in Spanish about the everyday situation, which is a huge step forward in learning a new language.

The course will also offer you other materials such as videos, small texts and audios, recommendations, and resources that you can make use of to keep learning more Spanish and improve your pronunciation and general oral practice.

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3.     Basic Spanish 3: Getting There

On the third list of free online Spanish courses in the course, Basic Spanish 3: Getting There. These free online Spanish courses are listed in this order so that you can follow them accordingly and learn Spanish effectively starting from the foundation up to this point. Although all three courses are basics, even in basics, there is a place you have to start from so that what you are learning can make sense and become effective that is why I have listed them this way for you.

In this third level, you will learn expressions of time, how to express things that will happen in the future, vocabulary related to the shopping list, how to express an opinion, talking about your health, and about experiences and activities that happened in the past. At this level, you should be able to hold a conversation in Spanish without stuttering or making nonsense sentences.

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4.     A Travel by Spanish America: Spanish for Beginners

This is one of the free online Spanish courses and – although may not seem like a course that will teach you how to speak Spanish – will teach you basic expressions in Spanish and communicative tools to prepare you when traveling to Spanish-speaking countries. When you take all four courses listed so far, there is no way your Spanish-speaking skills won’t be close to intermediate level.

This course offers you skills and knowledge that will be beneficial to you whenever you travel to these countries that speak Spanish. You will learn how to order food in diverse spaces and situations, use expressions to buy products and services, and many more.

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5.     Introduction to Spanish

Introduction to Spanish is one of the free online Spanish courses offered on Alison. If you are a beginner you may consider starting your journey towards fluent Spanish speaking with this course. Once enrolled in the course, you will learn how to count and use dates in the Spanish language and get a simple run-through of important Spanish basics.

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6.     Complete Spanish for Beginners

This course is also one of the free online Spanish courses offered on Alison. It is designed for beginners, as the name implies, and you can enroll to learn how to effectively communicate with other Spanish speakers. The course starts from scratch, just like the others, and you will start with learning greetings and numbers then sentence structure gradually paving your way deeper in learning and speaking Spanish fluently.

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7.     Spanish Made Easy

Spanish Made Easy is one of the free online Spanish courses offered on Alison and helps you learn Spanish in a fun, easy, and exciting way. The course is divided into two sections – the first section will develop your vocabulary while the other will help you understand and speak simple sentences in Spanish.

With your commitment, you will understand basic Spanish in no time.

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8.     Spanish: Useful Everyday Phrases

Do you wish to take your Spanish-speaking skills to the next level and converse like a native? Then this is the course for you. It is one of the free online Spanish courses offered on Alison designed to enhance your Spanish-speaking fluency like that of a native.

This course takes you past the basics and amateur level and teaches you how to use words to help you sound more fluent allowing you to go from novice to pro.

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This wraps up the free online Spanish courses and I hope they have been helpful. Note that all the courses are self-paced, that is, you can start a course at your convenience and complete it when you can.

Free Online Spanish Courses – FAQs

How can I learn Spanish by myself?

Here is a list of things you can do to learn Spanish on your own:

  1. You can spend a few hours on grammar exercises from a textbook
  2. You can use text-to-speech websites, type something in English and have it translated into Spanish.
  3. Listen to the radio in Spanish
  4. Watch Spanish TV shows and movies with subtitles
  5. Travel to Spanish-speaking countries
  6. Enroll in an online Spanish class or take an online Spanish course
  7. Make friends with people that speak Spanish
  8. Read, underline, look up new words, and read again

How can I learn Spanish online for free?

You can learn Spanish online for free by visiting websites that teach Spanish for free. Some of these websites are Duolingo, FluentU, edX, Alison, Live Lingua, Loecsen,, FSI Spanish, Memrise, Language Transfer, and The Spanish Experiment. They all teach Spanish for free.

What is the best way to learn Spanish online?

The best way to learn Spanish online is to be committed and follow up on a course until you complete it, then move on to another one.