10 Best Free Online French Courses with Certificates

Do you wish to learn and own a certificate in the French language? Then this article on free online French courses with certificates is for you.

There are over a thousand languages in the world and over two thousand dialects in Africa alone. In all these languages, the French language is known as one of the top ten most spoken languages in the world. Amazing right?

The French language is one of the sought-after languages to be learned. The French language is the official language that is spoken by up to 29 countries around the world, because of it being an official language, it is learned by most non-french-speaking countries to enhance fluent communication with other French-speaking countries.

To this effect, online french courses with certificates are the easiest and most accessible way to learn the french language in the comfort of our homes in this era of globalization. And it isn’t just french that you can learn online from the convenience of your home, you can also enroll in a host of other free online foreign language courses and get a certification when completed.

Online French courses provide the individual with the basics of the French language, its improvement, and advancement. Online French courses also issue certificates on completion of the program to individuals who show interest in the online French courses.

The French language can easily be learned online with the french courses available which can accurately teach the french language starting from the basics.

Why You Should Learn New Languages

In this 21st Century knowing a second language is not only beneficial but necessary for success in life. The continual globalization of the world’s economy is bringing diverse cultures and communities into more frequent contact with each other.

The ease of global travel and the internet have collapsed the barrier of distance that once kept the world’s communities separate.

Learning another language also provides many other benefits including greater academic achievement, greater cognitive development, and more positive attitudes towards other languages and cultures. Simply put, language learning is necessary for students to effectively function in the modern global marketplace.

Benefits of Learning French

Learning the French language has many benefits both for individuals and the world at large. The benefits of learning the French language are as follows

  • It enhances effective communication.
  • Learning French language opens doors to international job opportunities.
  • It helps individuals to Qualify for promotions, new jobs, or opportunities where knowing French is important.
  • Ability to Speak with colleagues, clients, and partners in the language
  • Learning the French language enables individuals to Work in a position like translation where French is an essential skill.
  • Apply for a position at an international company overseas.
  • Communicate with locals in the French-speaking countries you visit
  • Learning French language makes traveling easier, safer, and more enjoyable
  • Ability to read great works of literature in their original language fluently.
  • Learning the French language allows us to experience the culinary history of French-speaking countries
  • Study abroad in a French-speaking country.
  • Pursue a degree in the French language
  • Improve top education prospects
  • Travel to a French-speaking country with confidence
  • Date a French girl or guy
  • Open yourself up to the world
  • A language that is fun to learn
  • A language for learning other languages
  • Appreciate the finest French movies and books
  • Order with confidence at restaurants

How Free French Language Courses Can Help You Learn French

Free French language courses can help in a variety of ways. The French language course being an online course makes it very accessible for interested candidates who wish to learn the French language even from scratch.

Through the French language course, one can get various certificates that when presented, can provide one with an opportunity to study in French-speaking countries.

Requirements to Take Free French Language Courses Online

Academically, students interested in pursuing French learning should have some basic English skills. That’s it.

Anyone, at any level, can start taking French courses online right away with no age, geographic, or educational requirements.

What are The Best Free Website to Learn French?

Whether you’re a beginner just setting out on your voyage to understanding French grammar or you’re a French pro looking to brush up on a few less familiar topics like that ever-elusive simple past, a website can be a great place to start.

Below is the list of websites where you can learn the French language fluently and effectively.

  • Bonjour de France
  • FluentU French
  • Learn French Lab
  • Le Point du FLE
  • Brainscape
  • Duolingo
  • FrenchPod101
  • Lingoda
  • Lingodeer
  • Memrise
  • MindSnacks French
  • MosaLingua

Free Online French Courses with Certificates

  • Diploma in French language courses
  • Improving your French Language Skills – Revised
  • Basic French Language Skills For Everyday Life
  • French language Studies – Dining out, Describing people and places
  • On-Ramp to AP® French Language and Culture
  • Talk French
  • Three Minute French Free Taster Course for Beginners
  • You Learn French
  • Improve Your French Now
  • The French Experience

1.       Diploma in French language courses

This free online French language course with certificates is published by the University of Texas at Austin, with this free online course with a certificate in French, you get to learn to speak and write basic French with confidence.

It will teach you the most important aspects of French, from French numbers and grammar to French phonetics, accents, vowels and social conversations with friends.

At the end of this course, get ready to start your first perfect French conversation.

Enroll here

2.       Improving your French Language Skills – Revised

In this Free  French course, students will gain an overview of the French language and how to make basic conversation. Ideal for beginners, travelers, and those who simply want to brush up on their conversational skills, the class is completely free and can be taken at your own pace. Upon completion, you should be able to:

  • Say hello and goodbye
  • Introduce yourself and ask someone else their name
  • Say where you are from and what you will do on vacation
  • Talk about family and friends
  • Talk about your hobbies, seasons, and the weather
  • Recognize different types of transportation
  • Pronounce the letters of the French alphabet
  • Pronounce the French accents correctly
  • Read the time
  • List numbers
  • Recognize days and months

The free online French course even features an assessment and a certificate of completion. This is one of our top choices when it comes to online French courses due to the excellent user interface and extra perks. It is one of the free online French courses with certificates.

Enroll here

3.       Basic French Language Skills For Everyday Life

In this basic French course, students will learn the fundamental French language skills used in everyday life. It is intended to help students increase their vocabulary, learn the verb tenses, and be able to use conversational French in a wide range of situations.

It is one of the free online French courses with certificates.

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4.       French language Studies – Dining out, Describing people and places

This online free course in French will give you the knowledge of the description of things, places ordering food in restaurants, and the likes.

This free online French language course will teach you about Dining Out and Describing People and Places.

It will teach you important phrases and vocabulary needed so you can carry on conversations when dining in restaurants and talk about people you meet and places you visit.

This course is ideal for anybody who needs to learn conversational French fast! It is one of the free online French courses with certificates.

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5.       On-Ramp to AP® French Language and Culture

This course is for those who already have a firm foundation in the French Language. From the beginning to the end of the course, you’ll engage in both written and oral communication.

The idea behind this course is to solidify the French basis to allow students to start school in Francophone countries easily.

The online class will cover:

  • Review of grammar points (possessives, demonstratives, object pronouns)
  • Review of verb conjugations and their uses (different tenses and modes)
  • Writing a composition for the AP® exam

One of the reasons this course is recommended is because the free online course in French is very practical. There is a practice drill for every lesson. It is one of the free online French courses with certificates.

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6.       Talk French

Talk French is a video-based course designed for complete beginners but can also help those who need to brush up on their skills. There are 12 topics covered, each featuring a video, word game, and printable worksheets.

You can start from the beginning of this free online French course and follow them sequentially or jump in anywhere you like. It is one of the free online French courses with certificates.

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7.       Three Minute French Free Taster Course for Beginners

This course will teach students how to be more than just tourists when traveling to a French-speaking country. , It is meant to touch the basics of the language so you will have a general overview of everyday conversation including:

  • How to master basic phrases
  • Understand what is being said to you
  • Build a robust vocabulary of words you can use right away
  • Understand the grammatical and linguistic features of the language
  • Understanding the pronunciation and structure of the language

The online French course is free to take in audit mode. Students who choose to upgrade are eligible for a completion certificate and the ability to direct message the instructor with questions. It is one of the free online French courses with certificates.

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8.       You Learn French

This offering is less of a course and more of a massive repository of online video courses. While the user experience leaves much to be desired, the quality and quantity of the content are superb, offering hundreds of video lessons and tutorials as well as free PDFs.

It is one of the free online French courses with certificates.

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9.       Improve Your French Now

This top-rated free course has taught over 30,000 students and is a short and easy-to-follow offering given entirely in French. Intermediate users will find this to be a helpful resource that covers listening and comprehension skills, French culture, and increasing your vocabulary.

Students enrolled in the free version can access the entire online French course but will not earn a certificate. An upgrade will allow students to obtain certification and also direct message the instructor with questions.

It is one of the free online French courses with certificates.

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10.   The French Experience

In this course, students will take a practical approach to learn by following along with video lessons covering various day-to-day activities. Suitable for beginners as well as those who want to brush up on their skills, the course is meant to help individuals navigate through common words and phrases and is ideal for travelers. Some of the basics of this free online French course include how to:

  • Find a campsite
  • Locate a museum
  • Talk to a doctor
  • Order at a restaurant
  • Shop for clothing
  • Purchase a train ticket

The course is entirely free, and there are no signups necessary. Students can take it at their own pace using only the information they need or go through each lesson in sequence. It is one of the free online French courses with certificates.

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Free Online French Courses with Certificates – FAQs

Can I learn French online and get a certificate?

Yes, you can learn the French language online and get a certificate. Numerous websites give out certificates to students on completion of French language courses

What can I do with a certificate in French?

Below is a sample list of some future choices to explore following obtaining a certificate in the French language. This list is not exhaustive but it provides a solid idea of what fellow graduates have gone on to do and what potential careers a French Studies degree can offer. Some options are more directly associated with specific areas of French Studies than others.

  • Archivist
  • Author
  • Community Worker
  • Cultural Interpreter
  • Curator
  • Diplomatic Service Worker
  • Editor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Event Coordinator
  • Foreign Language Correspondent
  • Foreign Service Worker
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Freelance Writer
  • Government Administrator
  • Historical Site Guide
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Immigration Officer
  • International Business Advisor
  • International Aid Director
  • International Development Worker
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer
  • Lobbyist
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Mediator
  • Non-Profit Administrator
  • Paralegal
  • Politician
  • Professor
  • Public Policy Analyst/Strategist
  • Researcher
  • Social Program Director
  • Speech Writer
  • Translator
  • Travel Agent
  • UN Representative
  • Banking and Finance
  • Book Publishing Professional
  • Curator
  • Diplomat/ Attaché/ Foreign Service Officer
  • Editor/ Proofreader
  • English Instructor Abroad
  • Film Director
  • Foreign Exchange Trader
  • High School French Teacher
  • Hotel Manager
  • International Business/Organizations
  • Law
  • Military Translator/Interpreter
  • Professor
  • Public Relations
  • Sommelier (aka. a cellar master or wine steward)
  • Speech Therapist
  • Teacher
  • Translator/ Interpreter
  • Travel/ Hospitality
  • Writer/ Journalist

Some of these career choices may require additional education or preparation in the form of graduate studies, experiential education, or professional formative courses and exams.