10 Best Free Online Grammar Checker Tool

Do you struggle with spelling and grammar as a writer? Then this blog post on free online grammar checker tools will help you improve and deliver compelling content to clients.

We all write whether it be a text message, a status post, or an email. No matter how perfect we may be with our writing skills, sometimes we notice some grammatical errors present in our writing.

This error affects the quality of our writing and can go as far as altering the actual meaning of the message.

As a writer, these errors affect the quality of your articles and kill the trust of readers leaving them utterly discouraged from visiting your website again.

Grammar is a very important aspect of writing and poor use of grammar can affect not only the quality of your content but also your search engine rankings.

This is the reason why most businesses as well as content creators make use of online grammar checkers to improve the quality of their content. There are available free online content writing courses for content creators to learn and improve their writing skills.

Most word processors such as MS Word and Google Docs do a very poor job of correcting grammatical errors. No matter how good you are with your use of English, something always slips through the cracks.

It is worthy of note that we have written articles on free online English tests that you can participate in to improve your use of English.

You may not figure it out until you have sent that email or published that article. Believe me, that sucks! The question is what can you use to correct these grammar errors and save face?

This is where an online grammar checker comes in. These grammar checkers take only a few minutes to check and are therefore highly recommended for writers who have huge workloads.

The internet has made it possible for people to have access to some online classes for writers regarding anything they want to know about.

The good news is that these grammar checkers can be simply set to automatically correct errors as soon as it’s detected. This saves a lot of time on the editing.

Why are Grammar Checker Tools Important?

Considering the massive growth in social media, the need to create content is exceedingly high as content such as blogs, ebooks, newsletters, and so many other articles are posted worldwide.

As a result, it is paramount that good writing skills are required.

The following are the importance of grammar checker tools.

  • It saves time by correcting errors automatically.
  • It refines your article.
  • It improves your writing skills.
  • It examines errors logically.
  • It increases your vocabulary by suggesting other similar words.
  • It rearranges rephrases sentences when necessary.

Benefits of Using a Grammar Checker Tool

The following are the numerous benefits of using a grammar checker tool.

  • It helps writers focus more on their writing and increase productivity.
  • It helps writers become creative with the tools made available.
  • It gives accuracy in grammar and punctuation.
  • It’s free of cost.

Advantages of Free Online Grammar Checkers

Grammar checks are useful tools for both writers and non-writers. The advantages include.

  • They proofread your writing and correct grammatical errors where present.
  • It saves a lot of time for readers as proofreading manually is exhausting and time-consuming.
  • Grammar Checkers are usually added to word processors thereby enhancing their functionality.
  • They allow you to build a solid foundation in your use of English.
  • It offers multi-compatibility options.

Disadvantages of Free Online Grammar Checkers

As perfect as a grammar checker may seem, it has disadvantages too. Some of them are listed below.

  • It only corrects sentences in a context and as a result, doesn’t give 100% accuracy.
  • It only corrects common words. It doesn’t correct the wrong usage of words.
  • Most Grammar checks don’t detect proper nouns.
  • People rely fully on grammar checks and lack in their use of English.

Best Free Online Grammar Checker Tools

  • Grammarly
  • Prowritingaid
  • Ginger
  • Scribens
  • Linguix
  • Hemingway Editor
  • QuillBot
  • Language Tool
  • Becorrect
  • Grammar Lookup

1.       Grammarly

Grammarly is the most popular grammar checker across the globe. It is a terrific app that has become the writer’s favorite.

With over 20 million daily users since its inception in 2009, Grammarly has become the best free online grammar checker tool used by millions of writers.

To use it, install the app and connect with your Word processor or Google docs and it will automatically detect errors and correct them.

It is excellent for synonyms and it suggests words that help improve your writing skills.

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2.       Prowritingaid

This application is specifically for writers with long-form content writing. It detects your common mistakes are grammatical errors and correct them immediately.

With This, you rest assured that your writing is free of error and accurate. It is also a great tool for students who want to correct their essays and assignments.

You can use the tool to find better ways of making your sentences clearer and more effective. It works with Windows and Mac, Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, and has a free Chrome extension.

It is one of the best free online grammar checker tools.

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3.       Ginger

Ginger is an online grammar checker used mainly for sentence suggestion and correcting misused words. It brings accuracy and precision to your writing.

As one of the best free online grammar checker tools available, It has options for proofreading at a single click and translating words to more than 40 languages.

The app supports Windows and iOS and it is available on Google Chrome and Safari browser extension.

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4.       Scribens

This is another free online grammar checker tool that writers use to correct grammatical errors.

The free version of this app offers tools and features that only paid Grammar checker tools offer.

It offers a single click correction and a generous character limit of 20,000 which is equal to 3000-3500 words. This is huge for most writers. Extensions are available for many popular word processors.

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5.       Linguix

Linguix is a new free online grammar checker tool available for writers too. It works perfectly well with Google Docs and Gmail.

It offers correction of grammatical errors and assistance to write clearer, better, and more correct articles.

There is a chrome extension browser feature also available for immediate use. This app is very similar to Grammarly and is one of the best available online.

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6.       Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is one of the easiest free online grammar checker tools available on the internet.

It is very simple to use. All you need do is copy and paste your writings on the app and it will correct all grammatical errors in it. If you are always writing in passive voice, it will correct it to a more direct active sentence.

It is also fast, accurate, and reliable.

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7.       QuillBot

QuillBot is an easy free online grammar checker tool available for writers to correct grammatical errors too. It also fixes your punctuations and sentences quickly.

It has a generous word count limit of over 2,000 words. It works better and faster for shorter texts than longer texts. It also has a free chrome extension you can use.

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8.       Language Tool

Aside from being one of the free online grammar checker tools available, the language tool also has a huge advantage of checking languages other than English.

The free version offers access to a generous 20,000 character limit and also access to German texts.

It also has a free Google Chrome extension.

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9.       Becorrect

Becorrect is another free online grammar checker tool available on the internet. It is a super easy-to-use grammar checker and you can check up to 20,000 character limits which are about 3,000 words.

The user interface is clean and makes it easy to see your grammatical errors on the right-hand side of the Website. It also suggests corrections for the user to choose and change phrases when necessary.

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10.   Grammar Lookup

This is one of the best free online grammar checker tools that there is no limit to the number of words you can check at a time.

It checks for Grammar errors and punctuation errors too. If you are looking for an app with a generous word limit, then this Grammar checker tool is worth a try.

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Free Online Grammar Checker Tools – FAQs

How can I check my grammar for free online?

You can check your grammar online for free by checking the recommended websites and applications listed above as most or even all of them are free of cost.

Does Google have a free grammar checker?

Yes, Google has a free grammar checker. It’s called google docs

How can I correct grammar errors without a grammar checker?

You can make use of Microsoft office such as Msword to correct errors without a Grammar checker.