12 Best free Online Document Translators

The most important thing about free online document translators is, you don’t need to pay to use them. And, you can communicate with anyone in a different language even though you only know one language (or maybe one and a half, like me).

Online document translator can be of great help if you’re in business because business people mostly want to grow internationally. And, language is mostly the highest barrier, but these free online document translators reduce the gap.

Even if you are not in business but want to venture into it, a free online business course can help you start.

However, this doesn’t exclude the importance of a professional translator or learning an additional language when you’re abroad. With a little fee, a professional translator can translate your documents and still maintain the tone, especially in business, medicine, and technical fields.

What is an online document translator?

An online document translator is a software, a website, or an app that easily translates your text or document to different languages. That is, you can type a text or upload a document to any of the free online document translators and it will translate it to your preferred language.

It uses the latest AI to produce a word that maintains the format and tone of that initial text.

Can I translate a document online for free?

Yes, you can translate a document or text for free online. Some of the free online document translators don’t even require you to register, all you’ve to do is type your text or upload your document.

Benefits of using an online document translator

  • Online document translators are easy to use. You can type your text and you’ll be seeing the translation right in your eyes. Or you can easily drag and drop a document or upload it to the box.
  • It’s affordable or free. Most online translators are free to access especially the ones we’ve listed here. Those that require payment, can be gotten with a few dimes.
  • You can chat with your foreign friend, client, co-worker, on the go. You don’t need to get a different language or immediately hire a professional translator while closing a sale, or making a new foreign friend. You don’t need to shy away from any business proposal again because of language barriers.
  • With their app, you can even chat in different languages, take a picture and translate the foreign language to the one you can understand. Or even upload a picture for the app to translate it.

How to find a good online pdf translator

Most of the free online document translators we will list here have pdf translator format. So you can depend on the list will provide, shortly.

But if you want online translators that exclusively translate only pdf documents, Smallpdf, and Deftpdf can do the work.

Free Online Document Translators

Here is the list of the free online document translators

  • Google Translate
  • DeepL 
  • Bing Translator 
  • Yandex Translate 
  • Online DocTranslator
  •  DocTranslator
  • Collins Dictionary 
  • Day Translations 
  • Translate.com
  • Imtranslator 
  • Reverso

1. Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the most used free online document translators in the world. Like every other product offered by Google, from Chrome to Gmail, Google Meet, Maps, and Google Translate, now.

Their products have always been one of the best, If not mostly the best. So is this one which has more than 100 languages to translate.

Once you type a word it will show you the meaning of that word. And, translate it to another language you want and also show you the meaning of that word in that language. 

For Instance, if you type “sweet,” it will translate it to “dulce,” in Spanish, “sucrée,” in French. Further, when you type a sentence it can also translate it for you.

For instance, when you type “I love my mum,” It will translate to “J’aime ma mère,” in French “miluji svou mámu,” in Czech. It will further give you the pronunciation, which helps you to improve your ability to learn a foreign language.

This is one of the free online document translators that allow you to easily copy the word or document by clicking the “copy translation” button. You can save your favorite word, sentences, and also view your history.

In addition, you can upload your documents, whether in docx, pdf, pptx, or xlsx format and it will translate it all for you. You can easily type a website too, and allow it to change the language of the web page.

Most importantly, you can translate to 108 languages while typing with their App. You can easily copy any text in any app, platform, and language and tap the Google translate icon to quickly translate to lots of languages.

Moreover, when you download an offline language, you can translate to that language without being online. And, when you see an image that is in a language you don’t understand, all you have to do is point your camera on the word and allow it to translate it, piece of cake.

You can even take a photo of a language you are not familiar with, or import it to Google Translate and allow it to do the magic. When you draw a text on the app, a Chinese text, for instance, will also translate it for you.

This is one of the free online document translators that permits you to listen to bilingual languages when typing a sentence. For instance, when you type “I Love You,” you can listen to the English and French pronunciation or any other language supported by Google Translate.

 You can also choose to help Google improve your language for other users. Through the “contribute” section, you can answer a “Fill-in-the-blank,” or “multiple-choice”  translation question.

You can also help Google add your language if it’s not there.

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2. DeepL

DeepL is one of the free online document translators that has proven to be accurate in the few languages they provide. They only provide 21 European major languages but have been committed to making your docs translated accurately to these languages.

Due to their expertise, millions of users use DeepL to translate a word in a day. And, they have been in the translation market for only 5 years.

Their smartphone app is only available for iOS, while their desktop software is available for Windows and Mac.

However, with their free version, you’re limited by the number of translations. The paid version helps you to change the language of a document and still retain the initial format.

DeepL is pushing to always be 3× better and more accurate than their closest competitors. Most importantly, more than 1 billion Translations have gone through, at DeepL.

In addition, when the blind test is conducted, they outperform other translators by 3:1. A blind test is when professional translators choose the most accurate online translation without seeing the companies involved.

They even outperformed Google, Amazon, and Microsoft in English to German, German to English, English to French. French to English, English to Spanish, and Spanish to English Translations in 2021 through blind review. 

Weird right, a small and new company called DeepL can beat “they all-mighty” Google, Amazon, and Microsoft in major language translations. This is one of the free online document translators that is new in the industry but performing extraordinarily well.

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3. Bing Translator

Bing, which is the second most used search engine behind Google also has a top-notch online translator. Just like Google Translate, this is one of the free online document translators that can translate a word or sentence to lots of languages.

A simple sentence like “I love you, my baby,” can be translated to “أحبك يا طفلي,” in Arabic or “Ich liebe dich, mein Baby,” in German. Also with their app, you can translate a live message to a language you know.

No need for an interpreter again (they are needed sometimes), all you need to do is download their free Microsoft translator app, and use it while typing. The app also allows you to speak two languages.

It doesn’t mean you have to know double languages (which is fine if you do), you just have to speak one and the app will translate it to another audio language. This is one of the free online document translators that also permits you to download a language that you can use offline.

That is, you won’t need to be online to translate a word to that language(s). Even if you’re chatting online, you can translate your language to another language to talk to a client.

For instance, if you speak English, and your client is fluent in Spanish, you don’t need to start learning Spanish as soon as possible. With the app, you can converse in English and the app will translate it for you in Spanish (this can also work on a desktop).

In addition, while online, you can speak through your mobile microphone and it will translate it to a language you desire. If there is a frequent translation you use, you can go ahead and pin it, so you won’t be able to scroll over and over to choose it.

With the app’s built-in camera, you can position your camera to a language you’re not familiar with and allow it to translate it. Also, you can import a picture to the app and use it to translate the word or sentence in the picture.

Their App is available for Android, iOS, and Amazon.

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4. Yandex Translate

Yandex Translate, which is owned by the Russian company, Yandex, is one of the free online document translators that has over 100 languages to translate. You can copy and paste your text to the board or type your text along and get an instant translation.

You can even upload a document in DOC, DOCX, PDF, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX format, which is up to 5MB (lower than 4.5MB is better) and allow it to translate your document. Also, you can upload an image in JPG, PNG, GIF format and it can translate it to any language accepted by Yandex with ease.

You can go ahead and download the image with a different language, interesting, right? You can also add a link to a specific website and allow it to translate it to another language, easy peasy.

Personally, I love how snappy Yandex translates text, documents, and images. 

In addition, if you’re a business owner, Yandex also got your back. You can use their software and interact with more foreign customers that speak different languages.

Big companies like; WEGLOT, WEBSHIELD, TRANSLINK, SIGNAL AI, pressreader are already using Yandex Business Translation.

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5. Online DocTranslator

With Online Doctranslator, You can instantly translate any word to any language. This is one of the free online document translators that allow you to upload a document or drag and drop it in the box.

Further, while you upload your file, it won’t change the layout. And, it supports relevant office document formats like; pdf, docx, doc, xlsx, odt, pptx, ppt, txt.

Moreover, it can translate your word or documents into 109 languages, and they are still adding more languages. You can choose to download the translated words in many languages, you can even select all the 109 languages.

With this online document translator, you don’t need to copy and paste your documents again, all you need to do is upload it, and the magic is done. 

To do all of this, you don’t even need to register or install any app or software. It all happens on the website.

Due to their competence and trustworthiness, over 107 million documents have been translated through Online DocTranslator since 2010. This is one of the free online document translators that also offer other great services like conversion of PDF to; Word, JPG.

You can also split a PDF and compress an image to its lowest form.

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6. DocTranslator

This is one of the free online document translators that allow you to freely upload documents and get different language translations. You have more than 100 languages at your disposal, and you can upload as many documents as possible.

You can upload documents in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, InDesign format. However, PDF is not available in DocTranslator free version. With the paid version, you can upload more than 2000 words of documents.

Further, DocTranslator is a lot less expensive when compared with human translators. They charge $0.002 per word.

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7. Collins Dictionary

Collins Dictionary provides a platform to translate your documents to over 30 languages. With Collins Dictionary, you can also do more than just translate words.

You can also search for the meaning of some words, learn more about adjectives, parts of speech, verbs, tenses, determiners, compound nouns, exclamatives, etc. You can also learn more about grammar patterns, conjugations, English Thesaurus.

Further, you can play educational games like; Grammar, Collocation, Idioms, Scrabble, and take some quizzes.

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This is one of the free online document translators that allow you to translate your documents into 60 languages. However, you have to make sure your document is not more than 10,000 characters, or else it won’t translate.

You can convert this file to so many formats like; DOCX, XLSX, XLSB, PPTX, RTF, HTML, ODT, TXT, MD, PDF, TIFF, SVG, XPS, ODS, ODP. You see, GROUPDOCS makes it possible for you to convert your translated document to lots of formats.

GROUPDOCS makes talking or chatting with your foreign friends, business partners, clients, and students easier and faster. That doesn’t mean physical translators can be neglected here.

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9. Day Translations

This is one of the free online document translators that is quick and accurate to translate a document to many languages. Day Translations also offer a Chrome extension to enable you to translate a word as you type through your chrome browser.

It even makes it faster to translate any word or phrase, you don’t need to leave your browser again when chatting with your Chinese friend, or German client.

Online translation is not needed in all situations such as; Business Plans, Computer Applications, Video Games, Medical Documents, and many more. That’s why they also offer professional translation services.

If you are confused about whether to use the online or professional translation, Day Translations is one of the free online document translators that offers free translation quotes. They can direct you properly.

Their expertise has made companies like FoxNews, Lifehack, Inc., HUFFPOST, Forbes, Entrepreneur feature them.

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10. Translate.com

This is one of the free online document translators that has over 90 languages to translate your words or phrases to. With their software, your business will sound oh-so-human, to your customers.

It doesn’t change the format of your words, especially when You go further to hire one of their professional translators at a very affordable price. Since 2011, they have provided quality translation services to lots of people and leading companies.

Their professional translators do amazing work to translate business projects, medical projects, technical and email projects to another language. This is one of the free online document translators that offer instant website translation.

That is, your website can be translated to different languages with just a snap of the finger. Further, with their Translate API, you can create translation projects, you can also easily monitor your progress, and get the translated result.

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11. Imtranslator

This free online translator uses Google Translate, Microsoft, and PROMPT. So when you intend to translate a word or phrase to another language, you can compare and see if three of these translators are aligned together.

For Instance, if you want to translate “you’re exceptional today,” to Spanish, you’ll find out that Google and Microsoft translated it as “Eres excepcional hoy.” While PROMPT translated it as “Usted es excepcional hoy.” 

You can also use the “back translation” to see if it will return the word you translated back to the original word you wrote. That is, if “Eres excepcional hoy,” or “Usted es excepcional hoy,” will return back to “You’re exceptional today.”

Google and Microsoft Passed the test, but PROMPT returned it to “you are an exceptional today.” Which is grammatically wrong in English.

Moreover, this is one of the free online document translators the can translate your words to over 100 languages. It also has a Chrome extension and can enable you to translate a word on-the-go, no more moving back and forth to translate a word.

Also with the ImTranslator dictionary, you can type a word and it will give you meanings in the language you selected. Also, it can pronounce any form of a word in any language.

Further, their Text to Speech will enable you to type a word and listen to it in so many languages. There is also a translation website widget, that will enable you to translate your posts or products to several languages.

Which opens door to international businesses with language ease.

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12. Reverso

This is one of the free online document translators that can translate your text into 18 languages. And, it has a proven record of French, Spanish, German, and Russian translations.

Reverso records 60 million active users and 20 million app downloads. That said, their app is available in Google Play and App Store, and you can download the chrome extension and Firefox Add-on.

Also, it doesn’t just translate the text, it gives sentence examples in that language you intend to translate. Reverso does its best to maintain the layout of your text while they translate it to another language.

With their text pronunciation, you can hear how a text is been pronounced in another language, which will improve your speech in that language. You can also conjugate verbs in other languages.

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Free Online Document Translators – FAQs

How does google document translator work?

Google Translate uses a simple type-and-translate format. That is, when you type your text, you’ll see it translated to another language of your choice (you can choose from over 100 languages). Also, you can upload a document and allow it to translate.

How do I Translate a PDF into another language?

You just have to upload the pdf to the translator and select the language you intend to translate it to.

Can Google Translate entire documents?

Yes, Google Translate both text and an entire document.

Can I download online document translator apps?

Some free online document translators offer apps for android and iPhone and some also offer extensions and add-ons.