Top 5 Free Online Internship with Certificate

Are you a student or graduate looking for a free online internship with certificate? You should stay glued to this post as I have compiled a comprehensive list of the top internship programs that would provide you with training to put you right on track to kickstart your career.

Securing an internship job can be as tough as getting an American visa. Most students have gotten so demotivated that they can’t push anymore, and have therefore given up the hunt. But don’t worry, just follow me closely in this article.

A while back, I was looking for a company to intern with for my compulsory six months of industrial training. I went around my entire city applying to companies and industries that were related to my field. Some told me outrightly that they had stopped taking interns, others said they would get back to me.

Months flew by and I didn’t get a call back from any of the industries that told me they would get to me. Before I knew it, my coursemates were all over social media posting about their internship experiences, while I watched from home, feeling like a total failure. I had very few internship opportunities in my city and I wasn’t ready to move. I didn’t have much choice.

An idea hit me soon afterward, and I figured I could take a virtual internship and still gain as much knowledge and experience as I needed. For my internship, I needed to build on my data analytics skills for biological data analysis. And this was a field that had several online internships open including free online courses. Sadly, I didn’t realize it until halfway through the allocated time for my industrial training program.

You don’t have to keep waiting for companies to hire you for on-site internships when you have multiple opportunities at your fingertips. Alternatively, companies would gladly offer you a free online internship with a certificate that would equip you with the required skillsets for jobs in your field, and they might hire you if you prove well.

Benefits of Online Internship

There are many benefits of interning online whether free or paid. They include;

1. Flexibility

Online internships allow you the time to toggle between them and your other engagements. Unlike on-site jobs, you don’t have to commute to work every day or stay committed to one job for a chunk of your day. Here, you can decide to keep as many jobs as you can and still stay afloat with your internship.

2. Certificate from reputable companies

Do you dream of having a Microsoft certificate sitting pretty in your room? This is your chance. With successful completion of your online internship with the companies of your dreams, you will get awarded a certificate which will give you a leg up in the job market.

3. Global Connections

Online internships offer you the chance to build your connections as you will be exposed to people like you across the globe. Your colleagues are likely going to be in different countries and working with them will give you access to them and you will get to know what life is like in their respective countries. Ultimately, if you are good at what you do, you’d get yourself a spokesperson should there be a job opening abroad.

4. Employment Opportunities

Some companies have a tradition of retaining their best interns when their internship period is over. If you meet the cut, you will be right on your way to becoming a full-time employee without having to go through the hassles of securing a job.

5. Work experience

An internship is almost like a real job just that this time, you get trained in the job and it only lasts for a while. Taking an online internship will help you gain relevant work experience in your field. You will now know what to expect when you go into the profession properly.

6. A great addition to your resume

Do you know what most employers look out for in your resume? Your work experience. With a free online internship, you will gain work experience that is relevant to the field you hope to work in the future. And when you include this in your resume, they can see that you are not a newbie in the job.

Free Online Internship with Certificate

Several opportunities are open for a free Online internship with certificate. The duration of an internship will vary depending on the platform or organization. The work experience achieved with online internships will provide students with a genuine career advantage with world-class companies.

  • ThinkNEXT
  • KaaShiv Infotech
  • Forage
  • WayUp
  • Side Hustle

1. ThinkNEXT

ThinkNEXT Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,  a 4 times National Award-Winning and ISO 9001:2015 certified company, has brought an exciting opportunity for Undergraduates, Graduates, and Master’s Students to get a Free Online Internship with Certificate.

This free online internship with certificate opportunities is open to Engineering, Polytechnic, and Management students pursuing streams like Computer Science, IT, Electronics, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical Engineering, and Management such as MBA, BBA, etc. There are also opportunities open to pass-out and job seekers.

ThinkNEXT’s Free Online Internship with Certificate programs include resources and assignments to simulate the real-world experience of beginning a career.

You can apply by sending your resume to or visit the website for an embedded application form in the upper right section.

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2. KaaShiv Infotech

KaaShiv Infotech provides free online internship with certificate for CSE students. This is an excellent platform for students to start their careers as they will be able to learn a lot through this program. After completing the internships, students will end with valuable experience, excellent connections, and great expertise in their desired fields. Their free online internship with certificate for CSE students – imparts technical and programming skills on the below list of technologies such as:

  1. Security-based training   –  BlockChain, Ethical Hacking / Cyber Security.
  2. Intelligence-based training – Python, Machine Learning, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence.
  3. Data Processing based training – Big Data.
  4. Controlling-based training  – Cloud Computing and IoT.
  5. Communication-based training – Networking and CCNA.
  6. Programming-based training  – Java, DotNet, and PHP – Web Designing.

The internship program is of two types – Short term and Long term. In the short-term internship program, you will learn and implement 45 concepts covering 7 technologies + 2 projects over a period of 1-10 days or more based on student preference.

The long-term time internship program will last from 6 days to 6 months depending on the student’s preference. Students will learn and implement 70 to 400 concepts covering 9 technologies + 3 to 4 projects. This option is paid for the first 6 months of regular internship, after which Internship becomes free + for the best interns Stipend will be provided and they will be offered jobs too.

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3. Forage

Forage, formally known as InsideSherpa, is an open-access platform designed to unlock exciting careers for students by connecting them with their company-endorsed Virtual Work Experience Programs. Companies sponsor these internships to teach interns the skill before they hire them.

These free online internship with certificate programs contain a series of resources and tasks designed to simulate the real-world experience of starting a career. These 5-6 hour virtual work experience programs will give students a genuine career advantage with Fortune 500 companies.

Here is how it works:

Recruiters will create virtual experience programs with Forage to train and look for the next generation of talent. Students can sign up and try or complete any program for free and at their own pace. They can explore careers, build skills, and increase their chances of being hired with any of those programs. After completing a program, students will have 2-5x higher chances of being hired.

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4. WayUp

WayUp is a website made to enable early-career candidates to discover and be discovered by employers. From landing paid internships throughout college to their first or second job. On the website, you will find job listings for different roles from different companies.

The internship jobs are entry-level where successful applicants work remotely and get paid while getting trained. Most roles will require you to provide them with your school schedule so they can work around that to ensure your tasks do not get in the way of your studies and exams. You can visit the website to explore some of the roles and find out which one suits you most.

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5. Side Hustle

Side Hustle is a talent management platform that aims to reduce the unemployment rate in Africa by empowering youth to learn from the best minds, execute their ideas and earn a living by offering their services to businesses. This they do by providing them with in-demand skills and also connecting them with the right businesses that need their skills to help them grow their business.

The Side Hustle Internship is a 6-weeks program where you have multiple opportunities to form strong networks with like-minded individuals and improve your communication skills. All finalists will be awarded two certificates: A Jobberman certificate and a Side Hustle Internship certificate of completion.

For anyone who would like to push further, you may join a team of brilliant minds on a boot camp to build world-class products and a strong portfolio. After this boot camp, all Side Hustle Internship finalists will have the opportunity to work for any fast-paced start-up.

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It is important to note that I have listed two internship types in this article: Internship training and Internship job. An internship training provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to thrive in a workplace. You will have to pick a skill you want to perfect, and actively participate in training sessions. At the end of the program, you have chances of employment based on your performance.

Internship jobs are entry-level roles that train you to do a job. The difference between this and a full-time job is that you don’t need to meet all the qualifications. You will get trained for the role and based on your performance, might get retained by the company. Most companies pay their interns considerably.

Why is an internship certificate important?

An Internship certificate will indicate that you have worked with an organization and have met the employment requirements specified by the organization. Certificates are offered only to students who completed their internship program with the organization.

How do I get an internship certificate?

You can get an internship certificate by successfully completing an internship program. This also depends on the organization providing the internship. Most organizations do not issue certificates after the program, you should enquire well before starting the internship.

Can I get a job with an internship certificate?

Internship certificates do not guarantee employment. But they sure boost your chances up a notch. That’s, if course, if you have something other than your certificate to prove that you are up to the role