Max Planck Summer Internship Requirements & Application

Details on the Max Planck summer internship have been provided in this blog post. You will learn about the requirements and application process to join the internship and gain experiential knowledge in the sciences.

Higher educational institutions usually encourage students to apply for internships during holidays so that they can gain practical skills and professional learning experience related to their study field. Some colleges and universities add it to their curriculum and dedicate a few months to one year for students to go for internships.

While you learn theoretically and engage in a bit of hands-on practice in the university, internships allow you to engage in only practical skills. You will be working side by side with company professionals with years of experience and directly gain experiential skills that are beneficial to your career interest.

Through internships, you get to fully understand and apply what you are being taught in the classroom in real-life cases. And you will have the opportunity to explore your career, develop your potential, and learn a new skill.

You can do your internship at any organization that is looking to recruit interns and if the organization matches your career interest.

These organizations usually have requirements and application processes involved to get into their internship program.

Here, we have discussed the Max Planck summer internship, the requirements to get into the program and the application process for interested interns to get on with it. However, before going on with it let me walk you through the origin and meaning of Max Planck’s summer internship.


What is Max Planck Internship?

Before giving an answer to the above question, let’s take a quick look at where and how the name originated.

The Max Planck summer internship is actually named after the Nobel Prize winner and German physicist Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck who discovered Energy Quanta which won him a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918.

Aside from his discovery which won him a Nobel Prize, Planck has made many significant contributions to theoretical physics and is even more famous for his primary role of origination the quantum theory.

His contribution to physics and the science world has helped in revolutionizing human understanding of atomic and subatomic processes. The German scientific institution Kaiser Wilhelm Society was renamed after Planck as the Max Planck Society or MPG for short. Today, MPG has over 83 institutions in Germany and other countries representing various scientific fields.

Now, back to the question – what is Max Planck’s internship?

The Max Planck internship is an internship program set up for the purpose of providing highly motivated students the opportunity to join one of the labs at the Max Planck Institute and gain practical skills and experiential learning in one of the sciences that matches their career interest.

The Max Planck Society has various research institutes in different scientific fields such as life sciences, natural sciences, and social and human sciences. These institutes are located in different regions and represent a specific branch of science. Students or interns whose careers matches with a that particular field will go there for their internship.

Some of the various Max Planck Institutes are:

  • Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics
  • Max Planck Institute for Molecular Medicine
  • Max Planck Institute for Brain Research
  • Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics
  • Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
  • Max Planck Institute for Astronomy
  • Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
  • Max Planck Institute for Medical Research
  • Max Planck Institute for Mathematics
  • Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy
  • Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics
  • Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research and many more

You can join one of these labs to do your internship and develop yourself in your specific careers by engaging in practical skills and working with leaders in your field.

Who Can Apply for the Max Planck Summer Internship?

You can only apply for the Max Planck summer internship if you are an undergraduate in your second year and above pursing a bachelor’s degree. The Max Planck summer internship application is also open to students in the master’s level of study that have already gained from research experience during their studies.

The application is open to students from all parts of the world.

As an applicant for the Max Planck summer internship you must either be enrolled at a university during the internship at one of the Max Planck Institutes or have completed your degree. Acceptance into the internship program is highly competitive and you need to meet the requirements in order to be considered for acceptance.

How Much is the Max Planck Summer Internship Worth?

The Max Planck summer internship is fully funded with free accommodation, a monthly stipend of 800 Euro, and covering travel costs. The internship lasts for 10 weeks.

Applicants who are accepted into the internship have a lot of gain especially the boost or improvement they’ll get after the program. You’ll create a broad network of connections and friends for yourself, more opportunities will come knocking, and you will gain world-class experience on your career from professionals.

Max Planck Summer Internship Requirements

Here are the requirements to get into the Max Planck summer internship.

  • Applicants must be pursuing or completed a degree in neuroscience, chemistry, biology, animal science, medicine, astronomy, computer science or a related field
  • Applicants are required to have some research experience
  • Must be enrolled in the university at the time of the internship or completed the degree in the same year you’re applying for the internship
  • You must be in the top 10 percentile of your class or a GPA with 3.7 on a scale of 4.0 or its equivalent. The internship requires you to have outstanding academic performance
  • The university you are enrolled in must be accredited, internationally recognized, and has an outstanding reputation.
  • Apply online with the following documents:
  • Academic transcripts
  • Letter of motivation
  • Letter of recommendation of one referee
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Degree certificate (if applicable)
  • Language certificate proving your proficiency in that language, e.g. IELTS or TOEFL for the English language

These are the eligibility criteria to apply for the Max Planck summer internship. If you meet these requirements then proceed to the next level which is the application process.

Max Planck Summer Internship Application Process

Admission into the Max Planck summer internship is highly competitive as there are thousands of applications sent each year. It is an opportunity to grow your skill and learn more so it is worth a shot and if you meet all the requirements above you should consider applying.

Below is the application process, it is completely online and easy to complete.

  • Register online
  • Invite your referee
  • Fill out the application form
  • Upload the documents listed under the requirements section
  • Finally, submit your application and wait for a response email.

To start your application, click here.

This is all it takes to apply for the Max Planck summer internship, undergraduates and graduates whether in Germany, Canada, or any part of the world can apply for the internship. It is open to everyone and as long as you meet the requirements, you will be considered for admission.


This wraps ups the post on Max Planck summer internship and I wish it has been helpful. Internships at one of the Max Planck Institutes will be a dream come true for you, you will be amid renowned biologists, astronomers, physicists, and other scientists who will impart their professional knowledge to you and equip you with other skills to help you become successful in your career.