Top 17 University of Washington Online Courses

Compiled list of the University of Washington online courses has been discussed in this post to let you know of their existence and enroll in any of the online courses that pique your interest.

The University of Washington is a prestigious public research university established in 1861 in Seattle, Washington, and still operating to date. Since its founding date, the institution has gone on to expand and have two more campuses in Tacoma and Bothell aside from its main campus located in the city’s University District.

UW is ranked No.7 by U.S. News & World Reports in the Best Global Universities category. The university is divided into 18 colleges and schools which are subdivided into 140 departments offering a wide range of academic degree programs leading to bachelor, master, and Ph.D. offered on-campus and online. Some of these programs rank among the best in national and international categories.

Altogether the programs educate more than 54,000 students yearly and confer more than 12,000 bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and professional degrees annually. All in all, the University of Washington is simply one of the world’s best offering innovative programs using modern teaching/learning options.

The University of Washington offers a wide range of online programs which makes up online degrees, online certificate programs, online courses, and self-paced certificate programs. These online programs are offered through the UW Professional and Continuing Education and cover many disciplines including business and leadership, programming and tech, engineering, data and applied math, and healthcare.

Through these online programs, you can completely earn a degree or certificate online or join an online course to gain up-to-date skills and knowledge and make yourself more professional. All of these from the comfort of your home or while at work. Earning a degree or gaining professional knowledge without disrupting your existing responsibilities is one of the benefits of online learning.

The UW Professional and Continuing Education offer 100 certificate programs, over 80 degrees, and hundreds of courses with flexible learning options designed for all kinds of learners. With UW Online, you can get a world-class University of Washington Education, Online.


The University of Washington Online Courses

The best University of Washington online courses have been listed and discussed here for you to choose whichever one that interests you. Without any further ado, let’s get into them.

  • Online Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Social Sciences
  • Executive Master of Health Administration
  • Certificate in Digital Marketing
  • Certificate in Cybersecurity
  • Advanced Programming in Python
  • Business Writing: Reports, Proposals, & Documents
  • Data Management, Maintenance, and Reporting
  • Certificate in Construction Management
  • Certificate in Computational Finance
  • Master of Aerospace Engineering
  • Certificate in Business Analysis
  • Certificate in Earthquake Engineering
  • Certificate in Game Design
  • Certificate in Human Resources
  • Certificate in Machine Learning
  • Managing & Caring For Museum Collections
  • Certificate in Ethical Hacking

1.      Online Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Social Sciences

This is one of the University of Washington online courses that lead to a bachelor’s degree. The program teaches students about how complex groups and societies function, interact and change. Earning a bachelor’s degree of arts in integrated social sciences from the University of Washington can open the door to new exciting opportunities for you.

The program is fully online and offered at flexible hours in order not to disrupt your work hours while you earn the degree. The program also has both the part-time and full-time option which takes 3-4 years and 1-2 years respectively to complete. The cost of the program is $359 per credit hour.

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2.      Executive Master of Health Administration

At the University of Washington Online, you can conveniently earn an executive master of health administration degree online in just 2 years. If you want to become a leader in the healthcare industry, then this program is for you. You will be equipped with business and management skills to take up leadership roles in the health sector and assist organizations to deliver better patient care.

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3.      Certificate in Digital Marketing

The digital marketing course is one of the University of Washington online courses that lead to a certificate. The program is designed to equip you with the latest digital marketing skills and prepare you for the vast opportunity that the field has to offer in today’s marketplace.

The digital marketing program is offered fully online and upon completion, you will receive a certificate from UW. The program costs $3,747 and is self-paced.

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4.      Certificate in Cybersecurity

Digital systems sure have their downsides and it is a cyber-attack, a huge problem in the I.T space. If you have some experience in software development or programming then you may want to get a certificate in cybersecurity and offer your services to top tech companies to protect their valuable data from malicious data.

The program is offered online and in-person in Downtown Seattle. The program costs $3,999 and takes 6-9 months to complete.

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5.      Advanced Programming in Python

The advanced programming in python course is offered both online and in-person for experienced programmers who are looking to up their skills and become more professional. The course teaches students the advanced concept of the Python ecosystem and explores larger-scale application development using the language.

The program is self-paced and costs $1,249.

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6.      Business Writing: Reports, Proposals, & Documents

This business writing course will teach you how to design and organize content with your audience in mind. Even in an organization, you will learn the right way to write reports, proposals, research papers, and share ideas with business associates and clients, and win them over.

The course is offered completely online and takes 7 weeks to complete. The program cost is $940

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7.      Data Management, Maintenance, and Reporting

Data is an essential resource for the growth of any company and proper management matters. In this course, you will learn all about the fundamentals of data management, maintenance, and reporting and even if you have no experience whatsoever, you will still take home some tangible knowledge and skill you can apply in the workspace.

You will also learn how to use various data management tools. The program is completely online and takes 9 weeks to complete. The program cost $1,325.

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8.      Certificate in Construction Management

The construction industry is in demand for managers with critical thinking abilities and problem-solving skills to take on complex projects and track all the moving parts. If you want to be one of these managers and rise in the construction field, then you may want to enroll in the program and up your game.

This certificate program is for people already in the construction field with at least 5 years of experience who are looking to upgrade their skills and take on managerial positions. Students are trained in project planning, budgeting, scheduling, quality control, safety, contracts, and staff development. The program takes 9 months to complete and costs $8,400.

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9.      Certificate in Computational Finance

This is one of the University of Washington online courses designed for experienced professionals looking to advance their careers in computational finance. Computational finance encompasses the power of computing and statistical analysis with the principles of finance and investment management.

The program duration is 9 months and costs $12,600.

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10. Master of Aerospace Engineering

The Master of Aerospace Engineering is one of the University of Washington online courses. The program is designed for people who have completed and earned a bachelor’s degree in aviation, aerospace, or a related study field. The master’s degree program further develops you to become a professional in aerospace engineering and prepares you for leadership and managerial roles in the industry.

The course is offered at the Seattle campus in the evenings and also online for you to choose a suitable study option. In three years of part-time study, you will earn a master’s degree in aerospace engineering and explore the deeper part of the industry.

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11. Certificate in Business Analysis

The Certificate in Business Analysis is one of the University of Washington online courses and it is designed for business analysts who want to advance in their field. Business analysts are important in every business setting and are the problem solvers and brains behind the success of an organization.

The course will teach you how to use various analytical tools and software and develop your communication and consulting skills to get the right clients. The program is offered both online and at the Seattle campus. It takes 8 months to complete and costs $3,999.

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12. Certificate in Earthquake Engineering

If you are a civil engineer a certificate in earthquake engineering will boost your career further and you can work with top construction industries and governmental organizations to keep the world safe. To become a professional in this field, this course will develop your foundational skills in seismic design and analysis of built infrastructure.

You will get experiential skills from industry leaders and professionals and engage in hands-on practice on real-world seismic design. The program takes 9 months to complete and costs $6,000.

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13. Certificate in Game Design

Are you passionate about gaming and want to become a professional game designer? Then this course is for you. Although you need to be an experienced designer or developer to enroll in the course as you will be making use of various coding tools. Among the host of things, you will learn to include how to analyze the dynamic elements of game systems, agile project management techniques to build digital and non-digital game prototypes, and the different genres of video games.

Although the program is offered completely online, you will get hands-on experience and be better prepared to enter the gaming industry. The Certificate in Game Design is one of the University of Washington online courses which takes just 8 months to complete and costs $4,287.

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14. Certificate in Human Resources

The role of human resources is critical in every organization and their efficient duty is what makes an organization thrive. They handle recruiting, developing, and enforcing employment policies, overseeing staff training, organizing projects, and much more. HRs are also leaders and they must exhibit good qualities for the success of the company.

If you have always wanted a managerial position in your workplace or exhibit leadership qualities and want to develop it fully, then you should consider enrolling for the Certificate in Human Resources offered online by the University of Washington. The program will educate you on the methods and policies for managing employee relations and equip you with critical thinking and problem-solving skills to effectively manage staff in the organization.

The program is flexible and online, which means you can keep your current job while studying for the certificate. In 8 months you will be able to complete the program and be eligible for a managerial role in your workplace. The program is in the evenings and costs $4,300.

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15. Certificate in Machine Learning

Machine learning is changing our world in profound ways and people with the skills are highly sought after as it is the new “gold mine”. The Certificate in Machine Learning is one of the University of Washington online courses and will teach you deep learning concepts and applications, advanced machine learning applications, natural language processing, and much more.

The program is designed for software programmers, statisticians, and data scientists who want to become machine learning scientists. The program is offered online, completed in 8 months, and costs $4,548.

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16. Managing & Caring For Museum Collections

The objects you see in museums are really old and require lots of attention and proper management to still be preserved. If you are fascinated by ancient relics and collections of any kind, enrolling in this course is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

During your study, you will explore various methods used to physically and intellectually manage various types of objects for their long-term preservation and gain hands-on skills on how it is done. The duration is 10 weeks, only on weekends, and costs $649.

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17. Certificate in Ethical Hacking

Ethical hackers are now in-demand in the information security industry and their role is very essential and can save a company from many cyber-attacks. The main duty of an ethical hacker is to find the weak points of a system and patch them up before the bad guys do. This protects companies from loss of data and exposure of sensitive information.

If you are in the I.T sector or a programmer and want to advance your skills then you should consider a career as an ethical hacker and explore the vast opportunities that the field has to offer. The program takes 18 months to complete, fully online, and costs $4,125.

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This brings an end to the University of Washington online courses. If any of these courses piques your interest, simply follow the appropriate link and apply.