15 Free Online Courses in Nigeria for Students

This post is a compilation of top free online courses in Nigeria along with their details and where to find them. So, if you are a Nigerian and want to get a skill or knowledge online you can take advantage of some of these courses at zero cost; good to note, these courses are hosted online and so can also be accessed by non-Nigerians.

Nigeria is a country recognized as “the giant of Africa” this is due to its population, landmass, wealth, and rich culture. The population of the country makes online learning to become ever needful as everyone wants to be a professional in one field or another.

The trend of online learning is quickly growing in Africa and beyond, especially in Nigeria, due to how quickly the populace embraces technology.

Through these online learning courses, many Nigerians have become professionals in their respective fields. While others have gone on to acquire new skills that have earned them a promotion and hike in salary.

In Nigeria, it is much appreciated by HR’s that an individual is able to master more than one skill, especially if it is an in-demand one.

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The only requirements for partaking in these free online courses in Nigeria are your zeal, concentration, and basic reading and writing skills. You may have just finished secondary school and awaiting admission into a post-secondary institution, you may be an undergraduate or even a graduate and can still partake in the free online courses in Nigeria.

You may also be working-class in any organization and want to add another skill to your knowledge portfolio, you can also join the free online courses in Nigeria. Online courses are designed to be flexible thus making them fit into the schedule of almost everyone whether you’re a businessman, bachelor, housewife/husband, working-class, undergraduate, nursing mother, etc. it will work well for you.

After completing any of the free online course(s) – you may take more than one – you may go on to get the certificate to show any interested person(s) proof that you are actually skilled in that area.

Although, the certification comes at a price and is not free as the online courses it is quite cheap so that everyone who completes a course can be able to afford it.

If you are a graduate with a university degree or already a working-class, after taking one or more of the free online courses in Nigeria, you can go on to attach the certificate of the completed online course to your degree showcasing it as part of your skills. If you a graduate still roaming the workforce for a job and you do this, it will increase your chances of getting a job faster and put you ahead of the competition.

With all of these in mind, I will go on to list 15 free online courses in Nigeria, provide their details as well as links to where you can see these courses, and begin learning immediately or whenever you wish to.

Free Online Courses in Nigeria

The following are the 15 top free online courses in Nigeria;

  • Introduction to Accounting and Finance
  • Risk and Return in Finance
  • Becoming an Entrepreneur
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Fundamentals of Business Analysis
  • Introduction to Human Resources Management
  • Exploring Managerial Roles
  • Corporate Behavior Development
  • Crisis Management
  • Introduction to Coding and Design
  • Fundamentals of Software Development
  • Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in Human Nutrition
  • Physical Health and Fitness
  • Diploma in Stress Management

Finance Free Online Courses in Nigeria

If you are interested in getting skills in the field of finance or want to upgrade your knowledge then you may want to join the following finance-related courses.

Introduction to Accounting and Finance

Accounting is a system that is used to create records, summarize, and analyze an economic entity’s financial transactions. Introduction to Accounting and Finance is one of the free online courses in Nigeria specially designed for those who have no knowledge of this field of study, that is those aspiring to study or major in finance can take this course.

You may have just finished your secondary school education and aspiring to study finance or accounting in a higher institution, you should enroll in this online course and use it as “testing water” before you study the real thing in higher institutions. You can also enroll in the course if you want to have a basic knowledge of what accounting and finance are all about.

Risk and Return in Finance

Risk! Risk!! Risk!!! This is something that is everywhere and cannot be avoided entirely but with the right management, its effect can be reduced. Even in the finance world, there are also risks that are bound to come and cannot be avoided but they can be effectively managed to reduce their impact on the business or organization.

A fundamental idea in finance is the relationship between risk and return, in most cases, the bigger the risk an investor takes the bigger the returns as well.

This Risk and Return in Finance program is one of the free online courses in Nigeria under the finance category that provides teachings on the relationship between risk and return, enroll to learn how risk and returns work in the finance sector.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Nigeria is a developing country with a lot of startups and young entrepreneurs teeming with potential. All social media platforms in Nigeria are used to sell or market one product/service or the other, and while some of these startups fail others rise and become established businesses in a few years.

You reading this, you may also have tried and failed, and even if you haven’t, you may still need to enroll in this online course on Becoming an Entrepreneur to acquire more knowledge and become better.

Entrepreneurship stimulates economic growth, social welfare, and human cohesion but it also upholds individual employability.

With a certificate in this course, you won’t only learn how to be a successful entrepreneur but also be able to extend your services to failing entrepreneurs and young startups to become successful too.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The Nigerian logistics sector is a growing business, and as such requires people with such skills to keep expanding it, however, there are very few people with this knowledge.

Logistics and supply chain management is broader than you think and even you already with the skill should enroll to update your knowledge and learn the latest techniques.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management is one of the free online courses in Nigeria under the finance category and enrolling in it will help you understand all the necessary tips for effective logistics and supply chain management.

Fundamentals of Business Analysis

The Fundamentals of Business Analysis is one of the free online courses in Nigeria and related to the finance area of study.

The skill and knowledge of a business analyst cut across all levels of the organization thus no matter the field you have studied you can still learn to be a business analyst and add more value to yourself and your organization or business.

The course duration is just 8 hours and it is self-paced, which means you can learn at your own time. At the end of the course, you will learn some important techniques for business analysis. Be able to understand the best practices for business analysis tools and know the steps for effective business analysis, among others.

These free online courses listed under the finance category are handpicked by us at Study Abroad Nations, that is after they have gone through a series of examining and broad research. They are mentioned here mainly because they are in-demand skills and have helped more people in the workforce.

Human Resource Management Free Online Courses in Nigeria

Human resources will forever be an important aspect of an organization, in fact, there is no standard organization without HR.

Human Resources (HR) are employees that are in charge of organizing and executing a project, selecting and putting a team together, overall management of the organization, recruiting workers, strategizing, and a lot more.

It doesn’t matter which area of study you graduated from or aspiring to pursue which may not be in HR, it will serve as a boost if you hold a certification in this free online course.

The skill of HR management cut across all organizations, so whatever skill, degree of knowledge you possess coupled with HR skills will put you far ahead of your competition in the workforce and also for promotion.

The following are in-demand free online courses in Nigeria in Human Resources;

Introduction to Human Resource Management

Since you have taken interest in joining a free online course in Human Resources but have little to no idea what it is about then you should get started by enrolling in this course first. In this course, you will learn the foundation of Human Resources Management, what it means, and why it is so important to all organizations.

The course is one of the free online courses in Nigeria in the Human Resources category, which takes 10 hours to complete at your own pace and comes with a verified certificate at the rate of NGN 3,500.

Exploring Managerial Roles

As an organization begins to expand it starts to add managerial roles to its hierarchy, different managers gave different titles and responsibilities but still pursuing the same goal. Consumer satisfaction and growth of the organization.

Managerial roles are not limited only to the business or finance sector but also cuts across various organizations. Regardless of your current area of study, partaking in this course will do you a lot of good as you will learn the skills to effectively maintain a managerial position when the position pops up.

Corporate Behavior Development

This course, Corporate Behavior Development, is one of the free online courses in Nigeria under the Human Resources category. The course is designed to give interested Nigerian participants the skill to know the benefits and inherent rules of corporate behavior, understand the managerial structure, and be able to identify the common categories of corporate behavior.

This may not look it, but this course is an important skill that an HR should possess, with these skills you can be able to effectively run businesses in an environment that reflects a positive set of values and ethics.

Crisis Management

Every day, employees are faced with catastrophic workplace incidents that can leave a lasting negative consequence and this crisis cannot be averted from happening but they can be managed to induce the minimum amount of damage. We hear daily reports of employees dying or getting seriously injured in their various workplaces and such a crisis can be maintained.

When you enroll in this online course, you will be able to describe and identify the phases and different types of crisis and note problems that lead to crisis management. With your knowledge as a crisis manager, you can go on to educate your employees on safety information and how they can reduce crisis in the organization.

These free online courses in Nigeria under the Human Resources category are also in-demand skills acquiring the skills will put you ahead of the workforce competition or get you a managerial position.

Free Online Digital Courses in Nigeria

In this section we have provided some of the top free online courses in Nigeria in the digital category, this covers major computer and computing related online courses.

Introduction to Coding and Design

This introduction to coding and design course is provided online to Nigerians by FutureLearn, a top online learning platform, and here you will gain the basic practical knowledge to build your skills in coding, app design, and user experience (UX).

To make it more understandable, you are learning how to develop mobile applications and designing websites from scratch.

The tools and techniques used to construct these apps and websites will all be exposed to you in this class. It is an online class with a duration of six weeks to complete, but in the end, you should be able to design a website and create an app as well.

Fundamentals of Software Development

This course, Fundamentals of Software Development, is one of the free online courses in Nigeria offered by the Federal Government of Nigeria under the Digital Nigeria program which was launched in the year 2020. If you have always wanted to explore software development this is your chance to do so at no cost.

This free online course covers various aspects od digital development such as general software development, desktop applications, core programming and you can also learn how to understand databases among others.

Software development is an in-demand skill required by organizations from all over the world. With your skills as a software developer, you can work for offline organizations, work online, or go freelance.

Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an established trend that almost if not all, businesses and organizations apply for their marketing strategy.

The internet revolutionized the way of marketing goods and services, thanks to digital marketing you can be able to assess any services, products with a few clicks on your keypad.

Digital marketing has shown that it is here to stay and many companies are adopting it daily, which makes people with such skills be in high demand.

Every organization, business, and brand wants to be known, and with your skills as a digital marketer, you can bring that to fruition. You can also go freelance with your skills and earn too.

These are the top free online courses in Nigeria in the digital category, you can go on to learn one or all of them. However, ensure to get a certification in one of them to show proof of your skills.

Free Online Health Courses in Nigeria

Diploma in Human Nutrition

You probably might have heard the popular saying, “you are what you eat” and you just may never have taken the statement seriously until you join this online course and understand it better.

It isn’t necessary that you are a health student or working in the health sector for you to partake in this Diploma in Human Nutrition program, you simply need the zeal to want to acquire knowledge and you will be gaining a truck-load of knowledge on nutrition.

This is one of the free online courses in Nigeria with certificate which takes just about 20 hours to complete at your own pace and you’ll gain knowledge on the human digestive system, the various types of nutrients, nutrition requirements, and more.

Physical Health and Fitness

Regular exercise increases the human life span and reduces the risk of many chronic diseases, I bet you already know this but do you know the different types of exercises, the ones that are right for you, and the difference between exercise and physical fitness.

I bet not everyone who has read this knows this and this free online course exposes all of it.

This Physical Health and Fitness course is only a 5-hour one designed for you to follow up at your own pace and teaches all about the importance of physical health and fitness.

Diploma in Stress Management

Productivity is a function of proper planning and leverage thus, you don’t need to work nine hours daily or forty hours weekly for you to be most effective and deliver the best results.

Stress is a big-time killer and has been linked to various mental illnesses and chronic diseases.

You may or may not be a working-class to join this program, you will learn the reasons for stress at work and also learn the tips for stress management.

With your knowledge in this field, you can go on to educate others through blogging or creating and selling e-books on the niche. With the number of stressed-out workers in Nigeria, you’re bound to make a profit.

These are the free online courses in Nigeria in the Health category, this category is all about you living a better life and producing good results using effective means. You may or may not be a medical or health student to join any of these programs, it is for individual well-being but if you are looking to monetize it then you should get a certification showing proof of your skills.

There are also other free online courses we have provided which are open to both Nigerians and non-Nigerians to join, below are the recommendations.


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