Why learning Spanish in Madrid is a good choice

learning Spanish in Madrid

Three years ago, after living abroad for a while, I felt the urge to move to Madrid and start a new life there. Now, finally settled in Madrid, I am utterly happy with my decision. I may sound biased, but I do believe that there is no other place as magical as Madrid to study Spanish, and here is why:

The language of more than 450 million people

Spanish is spoken in more than 20 countries, so mastering the language makes it extra easy for any true globetrotter to fulfill their traveling dreams. Immersive learning is the best and fastest way to master any language and Madrid, as a capital city, attracts people from all over the globe with the same interest in learning Spanish.

An easy connection to other amazing cities in Europe

I must admit, after living in the United States for a year, it still amazes me the size of the American country in comparison to Europe. Traveling from Madrid, in less than two hours you can get to Lisbon or Paris; in less than three, Berlin, Prague or Vienna. These, and more, are all weekend getaways that can get you to discover Europe easily.

Plans for everyone, all day long

Whatever you like to do, Madrid has a plan for you. For social and outgoing people, there is an infinite amount of bars where you can learn and improve your Spanish at the same time you make new friends; for the calm spirits there are beautiful parks where yoga classes are held; for those who enjoy the arts, Madrid has some of the most important museums in the world, such as Museo del Prado. You can even stay up partying until 8 a.m. and finish your day out by having churros for breakfast.

A green city

Even though public transport in Madrid is incredibly efficient, I love commuting to work on foot. On my way, I get to cross the avenue Paseo del Prado, a beautiful street that not only connects the most important museums in the country, but it is also surround by two amazing parks: the Botanical Garden and El Retiro Park. There is a reason why Madrid is one of the Best Green Capitals in Europe[1].

A welcoming city

Living abroad might be hard at the beginning: you don’t know many people and making friends in a language you haven’t mastered yet can be scary. Madrid is the home of many foreign people, but also Spaniards that come from every corner of the country and are ready to welcome new people, the same way someone did with them when they first arrived to the capital city.

A starting point: Cronopios Idiomas school

Two years ago I moved to Madrid to keep doing what I have always done: teaching Spanish to foreign students. I started working at Cronopios Idiomas, a cooperative school where us, the teachers, manage the school.

Studying Spanish in an international environment like this one, makes it easier to feel at home in Spain. As a teacher, waking every day knowing that I am lucky enough to work with amazing colleagues and students, right across El Retiro, makes me even prouder of my decision of moving to Madrid. To me, and surely to anyone who visits it, Madrid will always be one of the best cities in the world.

[1] https://www.forbes.com/sites/ceciliarodriguez/2021/10/18/europe-eco-travel-20-european-cities-ranked-best-green-capitals-2022/?sh=3efe3ed5bcf5