6 Military Boarding Schools in Texas

Looking for a military boarding school for your kids? This blog post gives detailed information on the military boarding schools in Texas and their admission requirements.

Most often when parents decide to allow their kids to study in a military school, they mostly look at the traditional advantages of the school in terms of character building and self-discipline.

In recent times, there are a lot of advantages of studying in a military school. Aside from the disciplinary and character development aspects, military schools have a whole lot to offer. This can be divided into two. They include

  • Social Advantages of Military schools
  • Academic Advantages of Military Schools

Social Advantages of Military Schools

Every Year, Military schools produce Cadets who are solid citizens and great leaders. They have also produced so many Famous actors, artists, athletes, Inventors, physicians, and great personalities all over the globe.

This is as a result of the values that they instill in their cadets. Leadership values such as patriotism, compassion and independence make it possible for these cadets to rise and become renowned, confident, and well-round citizens.

Military schools also offer opportunities to people who have lost hope in either their academics or social lives. These individuals have benefitted immensely from the structure and support of a military school.

Academic Advantages of Military Schools

Generally, students who graduated from military school has very high chances of being accepted into prominent college compared to a student in public schools.

The major reason for this improvement is that military schools constantly review their curriculum for effectiveness.

They constantly give class tests to know the IQ level of their students and organize well-equipped and exceptional teachers to address the class.

Also, the student-to-teacher ratio in military schools is relatively small and this allows teachers to devote more time to each student and solve their learning needs.

They also offer a core curriculum that includes English Language, Mathematics, History, Foreign Languages, Social and Physical Sciences.

They also make provision for extracurricular activities such as the drama club, debate club, band team, and drill team.


Admission Requirements into Military Boarding Schools in Texas

In other to be admitted into a military boarding school in Texas, applicants are expected to meet the following requirements.

  • You must be a Citizen of Texas  or The US
  • You must be physically and mentally fit to enroll in the Military school
  • You must not be involved in any felony or court charges
  • You must not be married or Pregnant
  • You must not be responsible for any child.
  • You must meet the age requirement as stated by the military school
  • You must participate in a medical examination to check Fitness.
  • You must complete and submit all necessary documents required by the school.

How Much Does Military School Cost in Texas?

The cost of studying in a military boarding school in Texas depends on so many things. The location of the school, the standard or quality of education and also the learning environment all contribute to the cost.

Compared to Traditional boarding schools, military boarding schools’ tuition fees is between the range of $25,000 -$50,000.

This tuition may or may not include other costs. It all depends on the school chosen by the individual.

Must I Become a Soldier If I attend a Military Boarding School in Texas?

It’s not compulsory that you must be a soldier if you attend a military school. There so many career fields that are readily available for cadets who completed military education to venture in. You can decide to go ahead and study science, art, or social sciences-related courses in college.

There is so many military personnel who are doing excellently well in other fields of study and have even become the best in that field.

The majority of our leaders today are retired military personnel. Assuming they did not venture into the political world, they may not have gotten to the position they are now.

With these few points listed above, I believe you are convinced that you must not be a soldier if you attend a military school.

Whether you choose to further your education in other fields of education or become a soldier after graduation is entirely your choice to make.

What Is The Age Requirement For Military School in Texas?

The generally accepted age for any teen to enroll in a military boarding school in Texas is 16 – 18 years of age.

Military Boarding schools in Texas

  • Marine Military Academy
  • Mary’s University ROTC
  • Texas A&M Corps of Cadets
  • Texas Maritime Academy
  • Texas Military Institute
  • University of Houston AFROTC

1.      Marine Military Academy

Marine Military Academy is founded in the year 1965 and it is located in Harlingen, Texas. It is a privately run military school built on a closed military base.

With a campus of 140 acres in size, the school houses approximately 300 students from grades 8 to 12. It is one of the best military boarding schools in Texas.

Although the academy doesn’t have any religious affiliations or affiliations with the marine corps directly, its values are inspired by the USMC, and its regarded as one of the best military boarding schools in Texas.

Aside from academics, the academy offers extracurricular activities to cadets to help build their social and interpersonal relationships. The cadets also go for an annual 4 weeks summer camp where they learn teamwork, self-discipline, and enhance physical fitness by indulging in outdoor activities.

These activities are designed to be very fun and educative at the same time.

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2.      St. Mary’s University ROTC

St. Mary’s University Located in San Antonio, Texas has an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps Program called the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program. The program allows training cadets on military tactics in conjunction with Academic Training.

As one of the best military boarding schools in Texas, Cadets learn leadership and management skills while engaging in physical training and fitness, land navigation, marksmanship, and other military training.

Although the program may be a military-oriented Program, it is highly recognized by business leaders. The ROTC program runs for 4 years only.

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3.      Texas A&M Corps of Cadets

Texas A&M Corps of Cadets is located in Bryan, Texas. The school has more than 2250

Cadets enrolled in the school. As one of the prestigious military boarding schools in Texas, the school offers over 1800 scholarship opportunities to Cadets enrolled at the school.

The school is enriched with military traditions and there are so many special units that Cadets can apply and audition for.

The school’s academic prowess is second to none and they graduate Cadets who have received Good leadership and management skills annually.

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4.      Texas Maritime Academy

Texas Maritime Academy located in Galveston, Texas is a division of Texas A&M. The academy awards bachelor of science to students studying maritime and other maritime-related studies.

As one of the best military boarding schools in Texas, the academy provides many Certifications and Courses for Interested Cadets. Upon graduation, the Cadets take their US Coast Guard licensing examinations.

Although the school is Military based, there’s no guarantee of joining the military after graduation. It is only possible if the student chooses to join the military after graduation.

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5.      Texas Military Institute

Texas Military Institute which is also known as The Episcopal School of Texas (TMI) is located in San Antonio, Texas. The academy is founded by the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas and as a result, has grown to be an outstanding institute of learning today.

As one of the best military boarding schools in Texas, the academy offers a wide range of advanced courses in conjunction with a wide range of arts and sports.

The students graduate to become intellectual leaders with a great sense of discipline.

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6.      University of Houston AFROTC

University of Houston Air Force ROTC is located in Houston, Texas. The university has an Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program. The Air Force ROTC program is available for 3 to 4 years depending on what the cadets choose.

As one of the best military boarding schools in Texas, the academy’s foundation is laid on molding cadets into selfless and disciplined leaders.

They have a conducive environment good for learning, physical fitness, and inculcating leadership skills.

The academy is one of the fastest-growing AFROTC detachments in the country.

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This wraps up the article on military boarding schools in Texas. I hope this post has been helpful.


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