6 Military Boarding Schools in New York

Parents and youths are considering military academies these days. All military boarding schools in New York have been discussed in this post to widen your options on which military academy is suitable for you.

New York is a popular U.S state with diverse multicultural groups and a vibrant location housing some of the world’s top companies and educational institutions. It is also home to excellent military academies and schools offering the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program to students who are interested in earning a degree and pursuing a career in the military service.

The ROTC program is offered both at college and secondary levels and whether it is an obligation to enlist in the US military service or not we are about to find out in the latter part of this post.

I did mention earlier that parents are considering military academies for their kids and youths are also considering joining an ROTC program when they get into a higher institution. This consideration is because of the values and skillset that students gain when they attend a military academy.

Students are trained and developed to have self-discipline, self-respect, and leadership qualities that they can apply wherever they may find themselves in the future. Furthermore, these academies equip students with job-ready skills in any careers they find interesting and also prepare the high school ones for college so that they can be successful at whatever they want to pursue at the end of the day.

Military high schools are invaluable compared to a traditional high school and it offers value for your money too and they are not even expensive. Some of them are completely free to attend which are the public chartered but the private ones aren’t free as tuition is charged but there are scholarships set in place to lower tuition fees.

At the college level, students who join an ROTC program become cadets and are on scholarships that can cover 2, 3, or 4 years of their studies at college. This scholarship typically covers tuition and fees and a monthly stipend to cover living costs. At the end of your program, you can decide to enlist for military service or apply your skills to another career.

Whether at college or secondary level, enrolling in a military academy seems interesting and a lot to gain that will prepare you for the next phase.

Just like every other educational establishment there are certain requirements you must meet to be considered for admission at a military academy and we have made a compilation of these requirements below.


Admission Requirements Into Military Boarding Schools in New York

Applicants who are interested in applying for any of the military academies in New York should ensure to meet the following requirements to be considered for admission.

  1. Applicants must be within the required age range that the military academy or program accepts.
  2. Must be a resident of New York and a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident
  3. Applicant should be free of felony charges and no pending court proceedings
  4. Physical and mental capability to participate in the program
  5. Should be free from the use of illegal drugs or other substances
  6. Complete then submit all supporting documents such as application form, transcripts from other schools attended, recommendation and reference letters, etc. as required by your preferred school.
  7. Pay the application fee, if required

How Much Does Military School Cost in New York?

Typically, public chartered military schools cost zero fees to attend while the private ones can be costly to attend ranging from $25,000 to $50,000 per year. This also applies to the military academies in New York.

At the college level, that is when you are in college and enroll in an ROTC program, you can study for free (scholarship) or get reduced tuition. But in this case, you will become enlisted into the military immediately after your graduation.

Must I Become A Soldier If I Attend A Military Boarding School in New York?

When you graduate from a military boarding school in New York, which is typically high school, you can go on to pursue any career interest you are interested including applying for college. You mustn’t become a soldier because you graduated from a military boarding school.

What Is The Age Requirement For Military School In New York?

The military boarding schools in New York accept students from grades K-12 but only students in grades 8 or 9 through 12 – depending on the school – get to be boarders while the others have to be day students.

For the military programs provided in college like the ROTC then the applicant must be at least 17 years old to apply.

Military Boarding Schools in New York

Here, we have listed the military boarding schools in New York which covers both secondary and college level and other institutions offering the ROTC program. There are 6 of these military boarding schools in New York to add to your list of military academies to attend in the U.S and further widen your options.

The military boarding schools in New York are:

  • New York Military Academy
  • Christian Brothers Academy
  • United States Military Academy
  • SUNY Maritime College
  • United States Merchant Marine Academy
  • La Salle Institute

1.      New York Military Academy

On our first list of military boarding schools in New York is the New York Military Academy established in 1889 and located in Cornwall, New York. It is among the oldest military academies in the nation, it is private, accepts both boys and girls, and is also a college preparatory school. Among its notable alumni is the former president of the United States Donald Trump.

The academy is for high school students but uses a unique approach to educate, train and develop students by combining academic, physical, and a leadership program that builds character within a highly structured and challenging military environment. If you are interested in enrolling here, in four easy steps you too can be considered for admission.

You can choose to be a day or boarding student but being the latter costs more. Also, since it is private, international students are accepted and tuition isn’t free. Day cadets – as students are referred to – pay $34,850 per year while boarding cadets pay $46,250 per year. Financial aid is available to all qualifying cadets this also includes international cadets.

School’s Official Website

2.      Christian Brothers Academy

Christian Brothers Academy is one of the military boarding schools in New York that accepts only boys from grades 5 through 12. The academy is a private catholic college prep school that was established in 1859 and located in Albany, New York. It houses both a junior and senior high school on a 126-acre campus.

CBA is known for its rigorous academic tradition, a legendary athletics program, a JROTC unit, and more. The college preparatory curriculum includes honors courses and AP in senior high school. The JROTC program is not compulsory to join but if you want to participate in a program that will instill leadership qualities in you then you may want to consider joining the Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps at Christian Brothers Academy.

School’s Official Website

3. the United States Military Academy

The United States Military Academy is also known as West Point, is one of the prestigious military boarding schools in New York. It was established in 1802 as a four-year United States service academy and is still in operation to date. There are five American service academies in the nation and West Point is the oldest. Through this academy, cadets are educated to be commissioned into the US Army.

Applying for this academy means you must serve in the US Army it is what you are educated, trained, and developed for. You must have completed high school to be considered for admission at this academy and your education here is fully funded for four years. Cadets also go on to receive room and board, medical and dental insurance, and a monthly stipend.

Applicants must meet three separate requirement categories to be considered for admission, they are academic requirements, physical requirements, and leadership requirements. The link provided below will guide you on your application process.

School’s Official Website

4.      SUNY Maritime College

State University of New York Maritime College or SUNY Maritime College is one of the military boarding schools in New York. It is a public maritime college established in 1874 and one of the seven degree-granting maritime academies in the US offering a wide range of courses that leads to bachelor’s, master’s, and professional degrees.

All academic degree programs are designed to prepare you for the professional license as a U.S. Merchant Marine Officer. Applicants must have completed high school and apply either as a regiment student, civilian student, or graduate student. You must also meet the necessary admission requirements to be considered for admission.

School’s Official Website

5. The United States Merchant Marine Academy

The U.S. Merchant Marine Academy is a prestigious military college in the nation. It is a US service academy located in Kings Point, New York, and was established in 1938 to train cadets to serve as officers in the US Merchant Marine, military branches, and the transport industry.

Instead of cadets or students, the participants of the academy are called midshipmen and they are trained to become professionals of various fields including marine engineering, navigation, ship administration, maritime law, customs, international law, and personnel management. High school graduates who want to pursue a career on waters or a ship should consider applying here.

The application process can be lengthy and rigorous but the link below will direct you to the website where you can make an easy application and understand it well enough. Early application is also a plus.

School’s Official Website

6.      La Salle Institute

On our final list of military boarding schools in New York is La Salle Institute. A private, college-prep, co-educational, catholic school founded in 1850 and located in Troy, New York. The institute is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Students from grades 6 through 12 are admitted.

If you are interested in applying here then you must follow the three simple application processes.
Firstly, you will inquire by contacting the school through their email address which you can find here. Secondly, you will visit the school and be a cadet for a day and if it suits your then proceed to the final phase of the application process which is to apply online.

School’s Official Website

This wraps up the post on military boarding schools in New York and I hope it has been helpful. Good luck with your applications.