3 Military Boarding Schools In Indiana

The military boarding schools in Indiana discussed in this blog post cover both high school and higher institutions offering ROTC programs. Parents who want to enroll their child into a military academy and youths who also want to attend a military boarding school in the U.S. will find this article useful.

Military academies are commonly viewed as an environment where cadets are put through hardcore military training and drills. Most people forget to or do not even know about the quality academics these schools offer nor the life skills they provide to students. A high school student who attends a military academy has the opportunity to gain more compared to regular high school students.

Military school students are shaped to become better people and citizens of the community and the nation at large. They are equipped with self-discipline, leadership, self-respect, and character development. Students are involved in community service, equipped with survival and job-ready skills, and prepared for college so that they can choose whichever path interests them.

These military school students are also encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities and they must engage in whatever training and drills that the school has made mandatory. The chances of a military high school graduate getting accepted into colleges are higher, almost 100%, compared to a graduate of a typical high school.

Why is this so?

This is because a student who graduates from a military high school easily ticks off all the boxes in the admission requirement of a college. Their academic performance is outstanding, they engage in extracurricular activities, community participation is high, they are well disciplined, they have job-ready skills, and groomed to prepare for college.

These are the requirements that colleges require even more aside from huge SAT and ACT scores. And since military school students easily meet these requirements most of them who want to continue to colleges are easily accepted. If you do consider going to a military boarding school have it in mind that you will be working harder than a typical high school kid.

With that in mind, let’s see how you can enroll in one of the military boarding schools in Indiana.


Admission Requirements Into Military Boarding Schools in Indiana

To get admitted into any of the military schools in Indiana there are certain eligibility requirements that you must meet to be considered for admission. These requirements have been listed below.

  1. Applicants must be within the required age range that the military academy or program accepts.
  2. Must be a resident of Indiana and a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident
  3. Applicant should be free of felony charges and no pending court proceedings
  4. Physical and mental capability to participate in the program
  5. Should be free from the use of illegal drugs or other substances
  6. Complete then submit all supporting documents such as application form, transcripts from other schools attended, recommendation and reference letters, etc. as required by your preferred school.

How Much Does Military School Cost in Indiana?

Military schools in Indiana are public charter schools or government-owned therefore they are free to attend and require no fee or tuition. However, if you want to attend a college preparatory military boarding school in Indiana, which is mainly private, then you need to pay for tuition. They cost around $25,000 to $50,000 per year.

These military academies where you have to pay for tuition aren’t exactly military schools, rather, they use military-style and are privately owned.

Must I Become A Soldier If I Attend A Military Boarding School in Indiana?

You don’t need to become a soldier after graduating from a military boarding school in Indiana. You can continue high school, apply for college, or volunteer in the army.

What Is The Age Requirement For Military School In Indiana?

Indiana has about 4 or 5 military academies and their age requirement varies. However, we have listed and discussed the military boarding schools in Indiana below along with their age requirements and other necessary details.

Military Boarding Schools in Indiana

The military boarding schools in Indiana are:

  • Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy (HYCA)
  • Culver Military Academy (CMA)
  • Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

1.      Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy (HYCA)

On our first list of military boarding schools in Indiana is the Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy, located in Knightstown, Indiana. Although not a fully-fledged military school per se it simply adopts military-style training to train the unemployed and underemployed, and high school dropouts that are crime and drug-free. Youth is aged 16-18 are accepted, both boys and girls.

HYCA can be referred to as a reform academy that uses military-based training and teachings to give youths back their life and guide them on the right path. These youths are developed with the values, skills, education, and self-discipline to become successful young adults.

As you may have guessed the academy is free and students have to be committed for 17 and a half months which includes a thorough screening process, a two-week acclimation phase, a five-month residential phase, and one post-residential mentorship phase to assist graduates with career and life goal achievements. There is no military obligation to participants.

At the end of the training, graduates will be prepared either to pursue a career instantly with the job skills acquired during the training or further their studies into college. Others may also decide to volunteer for military service.

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2.      Culver Military Academy (CMA)

Culver Military Academy is a co-educational military academy founded in 1894. It sits on a 1,800 acre in Culver, Indiana, USA, and is the largest boarding school in the nation. It is a college preparatory military boarding school for grades 9-12 with a student body of more than 700. Unlike Hoosier, Culver is private which makes it expensive.

CMA integrates progressive academic, athletic, and extracurricular opportunities to instill leadership and responsibility into boys and girls to set them up for success in whatever career path they may take. There are 13 departments here for students to explore their career interests and develop their potential. Departments include fine arts, music, science, dance, visual art, theatre, and more.

There are three simple steps to apply. The first is to submit an inquiry which will be completed online by the aspiring student. Secondly, schedule an interview and finally, apply for admission. All application process is done online. Tuition, room, and board at CMA cost $54,500 per year. Scholarships are available for students to apply.

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3.       Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Rose Hulman Institute of Technology is a private university in Terre Haute, Indiana. The university specializes in engineering, math, and science. It also houses an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps Unit known as the Wabash Battalion. The corps is voluntary to join but you will have to first apply for admission into the school to pursue an academic degree and then be accepted for admission before joining the ROTC program.

The ROTC program allows you to pursue a traditional academic degree program while undergoing military training. The Army ROTC program instills the military-style of life in students and sharpens their leadership abilities. When you graduate, you get commissioned into the army as a Second Lieutenant.

You will become a degree holder serving the nation in a career you’ve always loved. If you are an engineering or nursing graduate, you get to serve these professions in the army.

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These are the military boarding schools in Indiana, they are really few but should serve aspiring students in Indiana and other parts of the US. The first two are high schools and the third one is a university that could facilitate your admission.


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