2 Accelerated Nursing Programs In Arkansas

This blog post gives full details on all concerning Accelerated Nursing Programs In Arkansas. If you have always wished to acquire a second degree in nursing at an accelerated pace, then this article on Accelerated Nursing Programs In Arkansas could be of great help. We, therefore, urge you to sit tight as we unravel all that is pertaining to the program which includes the duration, cost of study, program requirements, etc.

Before we continue, let’s have a review of what nursing is all about. Nursing is one of the healthcare professions that take care of individuals, families, villages, or communities so that they can attain or recover optimal health, and general quality of life.

Nurses over time have stood out from other medical professions because of their approach to patient care, training, practicing, etc. and it has been noted that nurses constitute a greater percentage of the healthcare environment, notwithstanding the international scarcity of qualified nurses.

Nurses work together with doctors, physicians, therapists, patients’ families, etc. to achieve their aim which is treating illness and recovering optimal health. However, there are still some jurisdictions that allow nurses to treat patients independently in some settings.

There are many specialties in the nursing career but nursing is generally divided into the need of the patient that is being taken care of. These diverse categories include:

  • Cardiac nursing
  • Orthopedic nursing
  • Palliative care
  • Perioperative nursing
  • Obstetrical nursing
  • Oncology nursing
  • Nursing informatics
  • Telenursing
  • Radiology
  • Emergency nursing

Nurses also work in various areas as:

  • Acute care hospitals
  • Communities/public
  • Family/individual across the lifespan
  • Neonatal
  • Women’s health/gender-related
  • Mental health
  • School/ college infirmaries
  • Ambulatory settings
  • Informatics i.e. E-health
  • Pediatrics
  • Adult- gerontology, etc.

One might ask, what are the benefits of nursing? Research has shown that being a nurse entails many benefits, ranging from financial breakthroughs to others. The benefits of being a nurse are as follows:

  • Nurses are in high demand in different parts of the world, hence, job security is assured.
  • Nursing as a career is one of the professionally fulfilling jobs that is personally rewarding.
  • In nursing, there is room for advancement. This advancement gives rise to professional development.
  • Being a qualified nurse leaves you with the chance of getting employed internationally, just as in Australia, there are many visas offered to emigrate nurses.
  • Nurses enjoy flexibility in work as they don’t work always, instead they make use of shifting.
  • It is a respected career recognized all over the globe.
  • The option of overtime can come in too when you feel like working for more hours to earn more.
  • There are many varieties where nurses can work depending on the interest, choice, and experience one has.

An average registered nurse in the united states according to the U.S Bureau of labor statistics (BLS) earns about $72,000 per year or around $35 per hour. This makes the career more interesting, and fascinating.

Now, accelerated programs are programs that allow students to fasten up in their proposed course of study instead of undergoing the normal duration. This is more like spending about 12 months in a course of study that the duration is about 36 months.

Accelerated nursing programs entail nursing degree options that fast-track the duration of the students to earn their bachelor’s in nursing (BSN) or Master’s in nursing (MSN) quicker than usual. These programs are designed in such a way to takes a lesser period to achieve your aim as a nurse.

If you fall among those interested in accelerated nursing programs, you are strongly advised to stay glued to this post till the last one as we list and explain the various accelerated nursing programs in Arkansas.


Accelerated Nursing Programs In Arkansas

There are many reasons why students seek to get their second degree from Arkansas. One of these is because Arkansas is a compact state. What this means is that when one is through with the study, one can apply to work in other compact states like Mississippi, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, etc.

Another reason is that there are many hospitals in Arkansas with an increasing need for skilled workers. To this effect, qualified and skilled nurses who graduate from accelerated nursing programs in Arkansas are employed at a faster rate.

Working as a nurse in Arkansas, you earn from $41, 370 to $102, 990. However, the salary of an average nurse in Arkansas is $68, 450 annually, according to O*Net 2017. Also, joining the Arkansas Nurses Association gives you access to the association’s support and continued education special offers.

Listed below are the accelerated nursing programs in Arkansas. We have carefully highlighted them and included their costs, requirements for the program, duration, mode of study, etc.

Therefore, if you are interested in the accelerated nursing programs in Arkansas, please follow through carefully.

  • Arkansas State University Accelerated Nursing Program
  • Harding University Accelerated Nursing Program

1.      Arkansas State University Accelerated Nursing Program

The Arkansas state university is one of the universities or institutions that offer accelerated nursing programs in Arkansas through their College of Nursing and Health Professions.

The school offers students who have the dream of becoming registered nurses the opportunity to do so at an accelerated pace. This means instead of the normal duration, they get it at a lesser time. The program starts on 15th January annually.

It is however important to note that the program is for those who already acquired a bachelor’s degree in any field other than nursing, but now considering a career in nursing. The duration of the program is 14 months. In the end, you will be awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.

The costs of the program are $18,020.00 which is the total tuition & fees paid via $265 per credit hour and $5.00 as Arkansas assessment fee per term.

Other additional estimated costs include:

  • Books — $1,000.00
  • Uniforms — $60.00
  • Malpractice insurance — $30.00
  • Licenses expense — $330.00
  • Assessment tests — $99.00
  • Required admission background check — $100.00
  • ATI capstone and virtual review course — $555.00

The program requirements or criteria for admission include:

  • Applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree.
  • Applicants must have completed all prerequisite work or must be in a state of completion by the end of the spring semester for summer admission to the program.
  • Applicants must have at least a CGPA of 2.5 or 3.0 GPA minimum in the prerequisite courses.
  • All the required courses must be completed with a minimum grade of “C”
  • Applicants must pass all English proficiency tests such as the TOEFL (Test of English as a foreign language) with a score of 83 on the preferred internet-based test, 570 on the paper-based test, and 213 on the computer-based test, IELTS (International English language testing system) with a score of at least 6.5, and a spoken band score of 7, and PTE (Pearson Test of English academic with a score of 56.
  • Applicants who do not meet the English proficiency test may enroll in the ASU’s English as a second language.
  • Applicants must submit all official transcripts as required during the application.
  • Applicants must present a letter of standing stating why they left the program. This is in a case where the applicant might have enrolled in a nursing program before.
  • Applicants must be ready for an interview when called upon.

The deadline for the program is usually around March 15th annually, so all applicants should fill out their form completely and submit it before the said date. Applicants interested in accelerated nursing programs in Arkansas can apply using the link below:

Click Here To Apply

2.      Harding University Accelerated Nursing Program

Harding University is an institution that offers accelerated nursing programs in Arkansas. If you have a bachelor’s degree in another course other than nursing, you can get your bachelor of science in nursing in the institution at an accelerated pace.

This program’s duration is 18 months. Interested applicants can contact the director of admissions using the link. Click Here. An overview of the tuition fee can be found using the link. Click Here

The requirements for the program or the criteria for admission are as follows:

  • All applicants must visit NursingCAS for the admission instructions.
  • Applicants must be ready to provide any necessary info needed even after transcripts have been reviewed.
  • Applicants must have access to a laptop that can run test software.
  • Applicants must possess nursing liability insurance which is included in course fees.
  • Applicants must possess a degree in bachelor of science or bachelor of arts.
  • Applicants must present their current health insurance coverage.
  • Applicants must have access to an automobile for easy transportation during the whole nursing experience.

Students interested in accelerated nursing programs in Arkansas can apply using the link below:

Click Here To Apply

We strongly believe at this point that we have done justice to all that partakes in accelerated nursing programs in Arkansas as we have provided the different institutions and their various program requirements, cost, duration of studies, etc.

We wish you luck as you apply.