5 Military Boarding Schools in Michigan

Looking for a military boarding school to send your child to? You may want to consider the military boarding schools in Michigan listed and discussed in this blog post to give interested students a broad view of what they represent and apply for one of their choices.

Michigan is a state in the US in the Great Lakes region of the upper Midwest. It is home to destinations like Detroit, Ann Harbor, Grand Rapids, and many other popular places. There are also prestigious higher institutions like the University of Michigan, Madonna University, Michigan State University, and many others that offer world-class education.

Also, just like every other state in the US, Michigan has military academies that provide military-style education to children in high school and youths in colleges. These academies are designed to equip students with outstanding academic teaching, leadership qualities, self-discipline, self-respect, physical fitness, and to become law-abiding citizens of the nation.

Military high schools operate like a typical high school but offer other extra things that a typical high school does not offer. Such as the training and drills, equipping students with job-ready skills, and preparing them for college to pursue any career path they are interested in.

After graduating from a military high school students can go on to pursue any career of their choice, apply for college, or enlist for military service. The skills students get from military academies can go on to serve them in any place they may find themselves in the future.

There are military high schools, military colleges, universities, and then just normal institutions (both high school and colleges) that offer ROTC programs. The ROTC program gives college students the benefit of studying on scholarship, pursuing an academic degree program, and becoming military officers upon graduation.

The ROTC program offered in high schools isn’t a pathway for graduates to join the military. But if you are interested in getting a degree and becoming an officer then you should consider applying for colleges offering the ROTC program and also apply to join the program.

Whether you are a high school or college-ready student who wants to attend a military academy, there are certain requirements that applicants must meet to get accepted. These requirements have been listed below.


Admission Requirements Into Military Boarding Schools in Michigan

Applicants who are interested in applying for any of the military academies in Michigan should ensure to meet the following requirements to be considered for admission.

  1. Applicants must be within the required age range that the military academy or program accepts.
  2. Must be a resident of Michigan and a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident
  3. Applicant should be free of felony charges and no pending court proceedings
  4. Physical and mental capability to participate in the program
  5. Should be free from the use of illegal drugs or other substances
  6. Complete then submit all supporting documents such as application form, transcripts from other schools attended, recommendation and reference letters, etc. as required by your preferred school.
  7. Pay the application fee, if required

How Much Does Military School Cost in Michigan?

Typically, public chartered military schools cost zero fees to attend while the private ones can be costly to attend. This also applies to the military academies in Michigan. At the college level, that is when you are in college and enroll in an ROTC program, you can study for free (scholarship) or get reduced tuition. But in this case, you will become enlisted into the military immediately after your graduation.

Must I Become A Soldier If I Attend A Military Boarding School in Michigan?

When you graduate from a military boarding school in Michigan, which is typically high school, you can go on to pursue any career interest you are interested including applying for college. You mustn’t become a soldier because you graduated from a military boarding school.

What Is The Age Requirement For Military School In Michigan?

The military boarding schools in Michigan accept students from grades K-12 but only students in grades 8 or 9 through 12 – depending on the school – get to be boarders while the others have to be day students.

For the military programs provided in college like the ROTC then the applicant must be at least 17 years old to apply.

Military Boarding Schools in Michigan

The military boarding schools in Michigan are:

  • Great Lakes Maritime Academy
  • Benton Harbor High School JROTC
  • Central Michigan University AROTC
  • Michigan Youth Challenge Academy
  • Valor Military Academy

1.      Great Lakes Maritime Academy

On our first list of military boarding schools in Michigan is the Great Lakes Maritime Academy one of the six state-operated maritime academies in the United States. The academy is located on West Grand Traverse Bay in Traverse City, Michigan, and was established in 1969. Both men and women are trained at the academy to become licensed mariners on various kinds of ships including cruise ships, research vessels, and tankers.

The academy is public and is the only maritime academy that provides graduates the opportunity to earn First Class Great Lakes Pilotage. Cadets earn a Bachelor of Science degree and a federal license to sail on oceans and the Great Lakes. If you are interested in a career on waters then you should consider applying for the Great Lakes Maritime Academy.

You will need to meet the admission requirements and make an online application to be considered for admission at the academy. Also, to help you afford your education there are various financial aid opportunities that you can apply for.

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2.      Benton Harbor High School JROTC

Benton Harbor High School is one of the military boarding schools in Michigan and operates a comprehensive Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps for interested students to volunteer to join. The school is co-ed and accepts students from grades 9-12.

The corps develops students to become leaders and self-disciplined individuals who will become great leaders in their respective career interests. Students who participate in the ROTC program must maintain good grade points and physical fitness and community service are both an integral part of the program.

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3.      Central Michigan University AROTC

Central Michigan University is a prestigious public research university established in 1892 in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. The higher institution operates an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (AROTC) unit that is focused on developing America’s future leaders. The program is obligation-free which means you do not have to enlist for military service when you graduate.

The Army ROTC program allows students to pursue an academic degree at the university and also pursue a unique leadership-focused minor when they join the program. The program equips you with the values and skills necessary to become an efficient leader wherever your future takes you.

Students who want to get commissioned into the U.S. Army after completing the AROTC program are eligible for scholarships. The scholarship award covers two to four-year tuition, $600 for textbook money each semester, and a monthly stipend of $420.

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4.      Michigan Youth Challenge Academy

The Michigan Youth Challenge Academy is established by the US Department of Military and Veteran Affairs to educate, train, and mentor at-risk youths in a quasi-military environment. The academy is free to attend and students are provided with everything from meals, dorms, and linens.

The academy utilizes a military-style education approach to equip young boys and girls with the skills to become productive and responsible citizens. Attending this academy will promote your academic performance and open you to various academic opportunities, equip you with life skills, and prepare you for whatever vocation you may want to pursue.

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5.      Valor Military Academy

On our final list of military boarding schools in Michigan is Valor Military Academy whose mission is to prepare leaders in mind, body, and character for success wherever the future takes them. The academy is the only school in Metro Detroit operating under a military model.

Personnel at the school include military instructors, administrators, and teachers. Each cadet, as students are referred to, is assigned and accountable to a military instructor and an assigned cadet leader. Students in grades 9-12 will take JROTC classes while students from grades 6-8 will have Military Leadership and Character classes.

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This wraps up the military boarding schools in Michigan. The websites to each of the schools are provided for you to learn more about the schools, apply, or contact the admissions officer for more information that is not included here.

The military boarding schools in Michigan are excellent and you may want to add them to your list of military academies in the US to choose from. There are also other published posts on military academies of other US States, they are in the recommendation section below.