5 Art Schools in Australia

The Art schools in Australia are amongst the best and considered by many as the destination if you want to develop the fine skill of converting pencil and paper into brilliance. Therefore if you have the passion, love, and creativity for arts, then my advice is for you to chase these through any of the various art schools in Australia.

The art schools in Australia are considered to be part of the best art schools in the world and have been identified by industry professionals as a place to lay a good foundation if you want to succeed as a creative artist.

For those that are need scholarships and other forms of financial aid, the top art schools in Canada are known to offer these forms of help to prospective and admitted students. While we are at it, music is considered a form of art, and the mastery and presentation are one thing that the crème-de-la-crème music schools around the globe pride themselves on instilling into their students.

Art schools tend to be—to most people—the only way one can develop the creative skills and become a master of the field, but I am here to tell you that art is in every field of human endeavor and one of such fields that develops the creative cognitive abilities of students in the culinary schools of New York City.

Not to seem like it can only be found in New York, the culinary schools of Ohio and those of Virginia are one of the more popular areas where students go and meld their cooking skills with an artistic mindset thereby bringing forth some of the most visually pleasing, tongue hooking delicacies that can be found on the planet.

The art schools in Australia are steadfast in their desire and zeal to produce some of the most talented individuals that can stand toe to toe with some of the greats—that isn’t to say that some of the greats are not graduates of some of the most prestigious art schools in Australia.

How to get into Art Schools in Australia (International and Domestic Students)

This is a general overview of the admission requirements by the art schools in Australia this may vary depending on the standards of the target school. Elite art schools in Australia have some of the most stringent admission guidelines; as a result, the schools are very selective as regards students being enrolled and have a very low acceptance rate.

Below are some of the entry requirements to meet to gain admission into any of the art schools in Australia;

·         High School GPA

Presenting your high school GPA is a very important part of the admission process, it informs those in charge of admissions—the admission committee—of your academic competence and abilities. The admission officer can have a better understanding of what kind of student you were, are, and will be by just having a look at your GPA.

The typical high school GPA requirement for a top art school in Australia ranges from 3.3 to 3.9.

·         Standardized Testing

Most Art Schools in Australia require students to pass an aptitude test named Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT). This standardized aptitude tests and measures a student’s compatibility with the program, as the admission team uses the pool of results as common data to compare the competencies of applicants.

·         Letter of Recommendation

It is also a requirement by those in admissions that applicants must be in possession and submit letters of recommendation from their high school art teachers or an art mentor; this provides an excellent opportunity for an established professional to vouch for your abilities both as an artist and as a student during your art school application.

·         Art Portfolios

Your art school portfolio is an important aspect of your admission to art school. You should put a selection of your greatest pieces of art in it. Your portfolio is your opportunity to demonstrate your technical abilities, aesthetic ability, and creative expression. The most crucial aspect of your application procedure is most likely your portfolio.

·         Personal Statement

Your art school portfolio is an important aspect of your admission to art school. You should put a selection of your greatest pieces of art in it. Your portfolio is your opportunity to demonstrate your technical abilities, aesthetic ability, and creative expression. The most crucial aspect of your application procedure is most likely your portfolio.

Average Cost of Art Schools in Australia

For those domestic students seeking to apply to any of the art schools in Australia, the state of Australia phased off full fee-paying degrees as of 2001, but this is still an available option for international students seeking admission.

The full fee-paying amounts differ greatly amongst the art schools in Australia, as the onus is on the universities and institutions offering the art schools in Australia in determining the full fees pegging without any interference or capping from the government. At this point, the variation in prices of universities comes to play as some might be cheaper than others.

A standard 3-year arts degree as a full fee-paying student can incur tuition costs seating anywhere between $78,000—$130,000, while a Bachelor of Arts and Laws has a potential cost range from $150,000—$250,000. It is even higher for those considering venturing into the medical field as it ranges between $190,000 – $320,000.

Added to these for international students, there is the possibility of having to pay for Overseas Student Health Cover and commencement fee. Also, the students will have to take care of their living expenses.

Art Schools in Australia

5 Art Schools in Australia

1.      University of Melbourne

Number one on our list of the 5 art schools in Australia is the University of Melbourne which sits in the fifth position in Australia for Art and Designs while also holding the third post in the national rankings. The university also held a lofty 49th position on the global rankings which is according to the QS Top University Rankings by Subjects in the year 2020.

Melbourne University is one of Australia’s oldest institutions, with seven campuses. On the university’s Parkville campus, the Melbourne School of Design provides a three-year Bachelor of Design degree.

Students gain new design concepts or abilities throughout their first year of school. After that, students can select between two majors or a major and a minor. Landscape Architecture and Spatial Systems are two of the 11 majors available.

Graduate routes into jobs such as teaching are also accessible at the University of Melbourne, with materials available on their website to assist with this.

Scholarships are available for qualified students willing to take advantage of the offer.


A VCE score of at least 25 in English or at least 30 in EAL is required for admission to the Melbourne School of Design. Make sure you understand VCE scaling and how it can impact your study score and also your overall ATAR. VCE subject scaling is the process used by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) to ensure fairness in the assessment of students’ academic achievement in relation to the study designs.

The Bachelor of Design has a guaranteed entrance ATAR of 88 at the moment. This course does not need a portfolio.


2.      The University of New South Wales

This outstanding institution is next among the 5 best art schools in Australia; UNSW is ranked second in Australia as the top Art and Design University. According to the QS Top University Rankings by Subject 2020, the university is placed 48th in the world.

According to QS Top Universities 2021, UNSW is rated third in Australia for graduate employability and fourth overall.

The University of New South Wales Art and Design campus is located in Paddington, Sydney. It is close to several wonderful parks and is a short bus ride from beaches like Bondi.

Students can choose from six specializations at the university’s Art and Design department, which provides degrees in design, media arts, and studio practice. It is also one of the few colleges that offer an art theory degree.

Professional studio spaces are available at UNSW, including the campus Black Box, for multimedia performance and still picture creation.

Andrew Frost, an art critic, and Barbara Cleveland, a performance artist, are among UNSW’s renowned graduates. UNSW now has students from 130 different nations studying there. There are various scholarship schemes available to interested students.


The University of New South Wales (UNSW) accepts applications directly through UAC.

An ATAR of 80 is presently required for the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Studio Practice) and the Bachelor of Design.

If you are not a recent high school graduate or did not meet the ATAR standards, UNSW also provides a portfolio entrance program.


3.      Swinburne University of Technology

Swinburne’s School of Design is recognized as the third-best Art School in Australia. According to QS Top University Rankings by Subject 2020, it is likewise rated 43rd in the world.  Swinburne is also Australia’s 20th top university, according to QS Top Universities 2021.

Swinburne University has three campuses just outside of Melbourne. The Hawthorne campus hosts the majority of classes.

Although this institution focuses on Design Innovation and Communication Design, it provides a diverse variety of degrees. Degrees in the visual arts are also offered.

The Design Factory at the Swinburne University of Technology has been established to bring students and industry partners together to build ideas! While studying, students obtain professional experience.

The Design Factory is part of a worldwide network that helps design students improve their talents.

Swinburne offers scholarships to interested and qualified students. It is advisable that if you match the criteria, you should apply for their numerous grants to ease the cost of tuition.


A portfolio of three to five pieces of original work is required for the Bachelor of Design. Supporting materials are also urged to be submitted by applicants.


4.      University of Technology Sydney

UTS is placed in the 23rd position in the global ranking for Art and Design, it is also placed in the number four position on our list of art schools in Australia, and it held the 23rd position in the QS Top University Rankings by Subject in 2020.

According to QS Top University Rankings 2020, the university is also Australia’s top young university. In addition, according to the QS Top Institution Rankings 2021, UTS is Australia’s 9th best university overall.

This university is conveniently placed in the heart of Sydney, just a five-minute walk from Central Station. UTS boasts contemporary structures that fit into the environment while being just 33 years old!

The University of Technology Sydney’s School of Design offers 17 undergraduate degree options. Fashion and product design courses, as well as more typical design degrees, are available. Single degrees are usually three years long, whereas double degrees are five years long.

If you’re traveling away from home to study, the UTS Housing Service has four options, all of which are named after Indigenous Australian languages.

Scholarship programs are also available and are on offer to interested students that met the set requirements


There is an ATAR requirement for each design degree. These vary from year to year but presently range from 78.15 to 94.50 for a Bachelor of Design in Product Design and a Bachelor of Design in Fashion & Textiles.

For those who aren’t current school leavers, UTS also has a portfolio program. To be considered for early offer rounds, you must first submit your application to UAC before the 30th of September.

Even if you don’t get in via UAC, you can submit a portfolio of work for consideration by the Design faculty. This must be a five-page digital portfolio of original work related to your course. In addition, you must submit a written application.


5.      RMIT University

The fifth—and in no way least—ranked in our list of Arts Schools in Australia is the prestigious RMIT University, which had a global ranking of 11th for Arts and Design courses which is according to QS Top University Rankings by Subject in 2020.

While the university holds the overall rating as the 11th best university in Australia in the year 2021, according to the QS Top Universities in 2021.

Fine Arts and Photography are available at the RMIT School of Art. There are five distinct Design degrees available at the institution! To make graduates more employable, RMIT provides industry mentorships and joint initiatives.

There are three campuses of this university in Melbourne. The majority of Art & Design courses take place in the city center. RMIT also offers several overseas campuses, and the School of Art has collaborated with Hong Kong Art School, allowing students from both institutions to collaborate!

RMIT’s Equitable Learning Services also assists students with impairments. Scholarship opportunities are made available to interested and qualified students.


A VCE score of at least 30 in English (EAL) or 25 in English other than EAL is required for a Bachelor of Fine Arts. For each art or design degree, a selection job must be completed. These will vary in degree, but they will always demand demonstrations of creative flair!

If the institution requires further information, applicants may be asked to submit a folio displaying their greatest work.



Art is a means of expressing the beauty that lies in the heart of the artist, and those interested in becoming grounded in the field should consider getting enrolled in any of the 5 Art Schools in Australia.

Arts Schools in Australia—FAQs

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