10 Best Culinary Schools in Ohio | Fees & Details

Are you being exposed to a basic/minimal standard of living and you are looking forward to studying in one of the best culinary schools in Ohio? Then this article is for you.

We have listed some best culinary schools in Ohio that will help you become an oracle chef/cook over time through practical knowledge and a series of training and which will in return pave the way to achieve your career aspirations.

To become a successful chef, culinary schools are very helpful because it is a physically demanding job, if you are not vital enough to work in a restaurant you might break down.

Kitchens are usually hot. Becoming a chef messes up your social life, if you are the kind of person that loves to hang out with friends and family a lot, it will get really difficult to keep up or plan dates because while others are having their off days you will be working and while they are working you will be having your off days.

Though working as a chef offers freedom and creates room for creativity it remains a tedious job but with a career in food service, you can go anywhere.

The culinary schools in Ohio will not only teach you about the basic methods of cooking but also the tips and tricks of cooking. Lessons learned at culinary schools will help better your cooking skills at home. And to advance, you can look up online cooking courses and online baking courses if you are into pastries.

Culinary students are taught the knife skills where they learn how to hold a knife, where to grip it, where to hold your guide hand, they master the rolling techniques for cutting vegetables and herbs, how to select the appropriate knife for a job, and also when and how to sharpen your knife.

These people are taught how to maintain good hygiene, in a professional kitchen you will find a container to collect trash or scraps, kitchen towels soaked in sanitizers, and a three-compartment sink to scrape, wash and rinse. You might also want to look up on some online food safety courses to practice safe hygiene in the kitchen.

Ohio’s food is influenced heavily by Polish and German but there are some English dishes found in local restaurants. However, most culinary schools in Ohio learn a diverse mixture of skills and recipes and instruct their students on how to make dishes from all over the world.

Ohio is a host to a large number of food festivals, annual gatherings include, Taste of Cincinnati, Annual taste of Cleveland, National hamburger festival, and more.
In Ohio, the culinary profession is in high demand, and the average income for those employed in the culinary industry increases every year.

Considering the rapid influence in the price of culinary professionals in Ohio makes it an excellent state where one can start careers. Students in the baking and pastry department are opportune to learn the arts of making all kinds of baked goods, and desserts and are from the highly experienced pastry chefs.

Before choosing culinary as a profession it is important to make research to know if it’s a path you truly want to follow. Research here helps you pursue your interest, learn something new, to work on your problem-solving skills, and challenge yourself in new ways.

Enrolling in school straight up without narrowing your scope is not a good idea, you need to be exactly sure of the course. If it is something that would yield a profit when you start working or if it is worth the stress.

The good thing about research is that it helps you with recent information and keeps you updated because you need to understand the concept of culinary itself, the career opportunities in culinary, and your expectations. You can start researching on the culinary schools in Virginia, you might find a program that is a good fit for you.

As a passionate student in culinary, trying to improve more on your skills, you need to go the extra mile away from the basic lessons you get from your instructor, so at the top of my recommendation I recommend a few lists of youtube cooking channels of cooks in Ohio like Laura in the kitchen, Rosanna Pansino, Food wishes, ChefSteps, SORTED foods, Epic Mealtime, Matty Matheson, KEEMI, AlmazanKitchen, and many others.

You can also check out some cookbooks by professional chefs like The Book Of St. John by Fergus Henderson &Trevor Gulliver, Kevin Belton’s New Orleans Celebration, Cook Like a local by Chris Shepherd, and Kaitlyn Goalen and so many others.

Another helpful recommendation would be to check the culinary schools in Maryland and the cooking schools in Arizona. And if you want something out of the US, you can check out the cooking schools in the UK and the culinary art programs in Italy.

Average Cost of Culinary Schools in Ohio

Culinary schools in Ohio have certificates, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degree programs. There are over 18 culinary schools in Ohio of which so many of them are located in and out of Cincinnati. The average cost of culinary schools in Ohio is $7,147 which is made even more affordable with the average scholarship of $2,360.

Program duration for culinary schools in Ohio takes up to a few short months to four years depending on the chosen length of culinary schools. Admission requirements for getting into any of the culinary schools in Ohio include a high school diploma, TOEFL /IELTS scores, statement of purpose, test assessment, and recommendations from mentors.

Do All Culinary Schools in Ohio Accept International Students?

Firstly, who are international students? International students are just like you are me. They’re foreign students who choose to undertake all or part of their tertiary education in a country other than their own and move to that country for studying.

Most culinary students studying as international students are of the following advantage; take in a new culture, find new interests, make lifelong friends, have career opportunities, hone their language skills, education, personal development, and many more.

The role of international culinary students to a nation or an institution is that they bring a fresh outlook, young talent, and cultural perspective to accelerate the growth of the institution and nation.

culinary schools in Ohio



This is a public community college in Columbus, Ohio. It was founded in 1963 as the Columbus area technical school, it was renamed a technical institute in 1965 and was renamed again to its current name in 1987.

The institution prepares culinary professionals for a successful careers as a chef, pastry chefs, bakers, and managers. The school is a top culinary school that offers a program recognized by the American Culinary Federation.

Student chefs in the apprenticeship program receive extensive training under a professional chef, and baking /pastry students learn the art of making pies, cookies, cakes, bread, and other deserts for bakeries

Other programs like the food service/restaurant management programs take up to 2years for completion. Additionally, development opportunities are provided for culinary students in this institution.

The total cost of attending culinary in this college is $17,248 covering both books and supplies, allowance for housing and food, personal, and transportation.

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This is a public technical and community college in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was established in the year 1969, there are about 666 academic staff in the school and 300 administrative staff, students are about 9,982 its campus is urban. The institution features about 10 different culinary programs.

The college has the largest co-op program for two-year learning and provides its students with enough training and job opportunities. Students here are opportune and exposed to learning a variety of things related to culinary and outside culinary such as bakery kitchen, Garde manger kitchen, Pastry kitchen, and international Kitchen

The college also provides the student with a butcher shop and fish shop where tutors teach students how to process meat and fish. The cost of the tuition fee in this college for in States students is $173.64 while that of out of state is $347.28.

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This institute creates a learning environment that is best for its students, they provide trained chef instructors that teach the basis/foundation of European culinary techniques, and students receive classical training.

The school’s acceptance rate is 89%, and it has a total enrollment of 30 students, with a faculty ratio of 8 is to 1

The school was founded in the year 2002 by Loretta Paganini with the motive of training professional chefs including those in pastry arts. It offers both certificates and diplomas in courses with a duration of six months to two years.

European techniques are the main focus of this institution and all instructors are trained in styles so common in Europe. The total cost of the tuition fee at the international culinary arts and science institute is $19,978 yearly.

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Ohio state university is also known as OSU is a public land grant research university in Columbus, Ohio.

It is ranked as the best public university, established in the year 1870 with its campuses located in large cities.

The university has an extensive student life program with over a thousand student organizations, clubs, and recreational sports programs. In this institution, students with an already earned culinary degree in a school and that is aspiring for a bachelor’s degree can achieve their goals here.

Students are opportune to complete courses on food processing from a variety of choices including; dairy processing, food fermentation, and fruit and vegetable processing.

With additional coursework in food additives, food laws, and regulations. They give their students an exposure to join a food science club to network while visiting restaurants, participating in product development competitions, and taking factory tours.

The total cost of tuition fees for residents is $8,508 while that for nonresidents is $35,019.

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Owen’s community college is a public community college with campuses in Toledo, and Findlay.

It was founded in the year 1965 in Toledo and later chartered in 1967.

In this institution, students are taught both culinary and management skills and they are prepared to work in a variety of positions such as; Sous chefs, Food Service Managers, and Private chefs.

Students in higher culinary programs are opportune to work in a café, an onsite operated restaurant. Those interested in pastry can earn their bakery/pastry certificate. The cost of attending this university is $15,924 for in-state and $20,388 for out-of-state students.

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This is also a public community college in Nelsonville, Ohio.

The college was chartered in the year 1969 by the Ohio board of regents, there are about 3,474 students enrolled. There are over 20 buildings on campuses. The average cost of tuition fee for out-state students is $13k while that of the in-state students is 5,180.

Culinary students looking for a comprehensive culinary program with community interaction consider shocking college as the best university. In a state for art cooking laboratory, cooking and management skills training is incorporated for students.

Students are opportune to apply their skills at campuses restaurant. Through their community involvement and professional development events students gain experiences in additional stuff that would pave way for them in becoming professional chefs. Baking students join epicurean clubs.

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Zain state college is also a public community located in Zanesville and Cambridge Ohio.

It was established in the year 1969 and offers 58 training qualifications and duration to complete training ranging from 5weeks to 3years depending on the qualifications. The cost of attending this very college is $350 to $30,000.

The culinary program at this college helps prepare students for professional mid-management positions in the culinary field. Students are taught both the basic and the classical food preparation techniques as well as nutrition, sanitation, accounting, and business management.

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Sinclair is also a public community in Dayton, Ohio. Established in 1887, with an enrollment of 18,772 students.

Campuses are located in the urban. The cost of tuition fees for out-state students is $4,208 and in-statute for $4,329.

It is a top culinary art school in Ohio that offers an AAS degree for students. Students here learn skills related to preparation and presentation, the institution’s coursework covers areas such as butchery, and fish management, risk, and prevention management, cost control, and equipment design and maintenance.

The institution is a great learning center for growing chefs, here they are allowed to demonstrate their skills in a professional culinary environment.

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The college is founded in 1963, it’s the coolest and largest public community college in the state.

The cost tuition fee for the in-state students is $4,322 while for the out-state students is $5,415.

It is also the top accredited culinary school in Ohio that offers degree and certificate programs with small class sizes and individualized attention. Students in this prestigious college are opportune to learn and practice in the state-of-the-art kitchen laboratories on campus.
There is a studio kitchen available for demonstration and instructions.

Culinary students operate in two restaurant kitchens Bristol and café, and advanced culinary students prepare meals and serve customers at both locations to have an industry professional experience.

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This school is located in Columbus Ohio, it offers culinary students a hand on education leading to an associate degree in diploma.

The goal of this school is to create an environment where students graduate with technical, artistic, and business skills in culinary industries.
Students here develop a foundation for long-term career advancement and future learning through advancement and problems solving skills.

It is one of the top accredited culinary schools in Ohio, offering an 18-month of associate degree and a one-year diploma in culinary. Students learn both classical and contemporary culinary methods and excel in foundational skills such as cutting and seasoning.

The average / total cost of attending this culinary school is $15 to $40, 000 depending on the qualification.

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Culinary Schools in Ohio – FAQs

How many culinary schools are in Ohio?

There are 18 culinary schools in Ohio. Some are located in or near Cincinnati with a certificate, associate degree, and master’s degree programs.