6 Best Culinary Schools in New Jersey | Fees & Details

If you are interested in going to one of the top-rated culinary Schools in New Jersey, then you should check out the schools provided in this post. We have searched the available programs to bring you the absolute best in the state.

So, you want to become a professional cook? Well, lucky for you, New Jersey has really great schools for Culinary enthusiasts and aspirants like you. If you love cooking and are looking to make a career out of it, going to a Culinary school will do you so much good and give you a leg up on the field.

Culinary schools have different degrees and certificates based on your specialty and college. By the end of your program, you will not only have professional skills and experiences but will also have a certificate added to your kit.

It is ubiquitous to associate culinary education with becoming just a cook. However, the program actually offers many other areas of specialization such as Catering, Food Service Management, Hospitality Management, Baking, etc.

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Wondering why you should attend a Culinary school in New Jersey? Whether it is your state of residence, your personal choice, or your family pushing you to it, New Jersey is a wonderful place to study Culinary Arts. Here, you can rest assured you will get the most out of your education.

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New Jersey has a little of everything when it comes to interesting food scenes and opportunities for Culinary education. With its largest cities (Newark, Jersey City, and Paterson) housing some of the state’s most highly rated restaurants, the state is nothing short of exciting for culinary students.

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California is another flourishing state when it comes to Culinary Arts. Find the best school in California to pursue your degree in Culinary Education.

As a state active and vibrant in tourism, a densely-populated rural location near New York City, the state of New Jersey is a place of prospering culinary. With its flourishing food industry, it would not be difficult finding employment as a culinary professional by the time you are done with your education and training.

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The average cost of culinary schools in new jersey

With 250 degrees and certificates handed out in 2019-2020, culinary arts is the #75 most popular major in New Jersey with an average tuition cost of $7,298. You may be able to apply for one of the many scholarships available in the state; the average scholarship award is $1,679.

culinary schools in new jersey

6 Best Culinary Schools in New Jersey | Fees & Details

We can clearly understand New Jersey’s dedication to food and its education by only looking at the 6 high-quality accredited culinary schools available in the state.

This list will provide you with every detail you need about the stated schools and hopefully, help you in your decision-making process.

1.  Academy of Culinary Arts at Atlantic Cape Community College

This is one of the best culinary schools in New Jersey located on three campuses: Mays Landing, Atlantic City, and Cape May County.

The College’s Academy of Culinary Arts offers accredited degree programs and certificate programs available on a full-time and part-time basis. Classes for full-time students meet five hours a day, Monday through Thursday, in morning or afternoon sessions from January through May and September through December. Upon request, a flexible part-time schedule can be customized to meet the needs of students during the fall and spring semesters.

The programs are a mix of hands-on training and academic classes designed to prepare you for the real-world challenges of the food and beverage industry.

Program Duration

Two-year A.A.S. degrees in Culinary Arts, Baking & Pastry, and Food Service Management; one-year certificates in Baking & Pastry and Culinary Arts; Short-term certifications in Catering, Baking & Pastry, Hot Food, and Food Service Management.

Program Cost

The full tuition cost for Culinary Arts, A.A.S. and Culinary Arts/Baking and Pastry-Option, A.A.S. is $28,805.20 each, with financial aids available to eligible students.

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2. Bergen Community College

As one of the best Culinary schools in New Jersey, Bergen Community College offers Hospitality and Culinary Program under its Division of Continuing Education and Workforce Development, which provides a comprehensive foundation in baking, culinary preparation, event planning, and catering.

The program is designed to prepare entry-level or working foodservice professionals to enhance hands-on skills or refresh their culinary and hospitality expertise. Students will be able to apply their knowledge and techniques in various settings such as retail, bakery, lodging, catering, and restaurant.

They offer two certifications, one in cooking and baking and the other in event planning and management. The program is open to all 18 years and older students, regardless of ability and/or experience in the hospitality and culinary areas.

Program Requirement

To be eligible for an Associate Degree (A.A., A.S., A.A.S.) or a certificate, a student must be degree-seeking and in good standing and have completed the number of degree credits specified for the particular curriculum with a 2.0 or better cumulative grade point average. The student also must have satisfied or waived any course requirements resulting from the Basic Skills Placement Test.

A student must be officially enrolled and degree-seeking at the College during the regular semester or summer session in which the degree will be conferred.

Program Duration

Students can complete the certificate program in two semesters. This certificate program is embedded into the A.A.S. degree program. Students who wish to advance to a two-year degree can transfer all 30 credits into the 60-credit A.A.S. degree at Bergen Community College.

Program Cost

The tuition cost for the program is $6,480.

3. Brookdale Community College

This list of Culinary schools in New Jersey will not be complete without the reputable Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, New Jersey.

Brookdale offers the following degrees and certificates in Culinary Arts; Culinary Arts Program, A.A.S, Pastry Arts Academic Credit Certificate, and Culinary Arts Academic Credit Certificate.

These Culinary Arts Programs are designed for highly motivated career-oriented people who desire to work in a restaurant or other foodservice establishment as professional chefs. This fast-track, quality training program combines general education studies, career courses, and hands-on professional food preparation.

Brookdale’s program is run at the Culinary Education Center, with full large training kitchens, storerooms, classrooms, and a bakery, located at 101 Drury Lane in Asbury Park.

Program Requirements

  • General Education: 20-21 credits
  • Career Studies: 40 Credits with at least a grade of C in all career studies courses
  • Total credits required for degree: 60-61 Credits

Program Duration

An Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) program in Culinary Arts will take two years to complete.  Culinary Courses will run in three-week blocks each semester. Classes are conducted Monday through Thursday, allowing the student the weekend to pursue job opportunities in the field. Challenging externship experiences will be custom-matched to the student’s individual career goals

Program Cost

The program cost is $11,278 with Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards available. Note that the institution reserves the right to change this fee at any time.

4. The Culinary Arts Center at Rowan College, Burlington County

Rowan College at Burlington County is one of the best culinary schools in New Jersey for culinary arts students. Located in the suburb of Mount Laurel, RCBC is a public school with a moderately-sized student population.

The culinary art programs at RCBC are designed to prepare students to take on positions as trained culinary professionals in a variety of settings, including full-service restaurants, hotels, resorts, clubs, catering operations, contract foodservice, and healthcare facilities. Course offerings emphasize practical application, a strong theoretical knowledge base, and professionalism, also providing the critical competencies to successfully meet industry demands.

Program Requirements

  • General Education Courses: 22 Credits
  • Program Courses: 38 Credits:
  • Total Required Credits: 60 Credits

You may visit this page to check out the enrollment requirements.

Program Duration

The Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Technology, at Rowan College At Burlington County, takes approximately two years to complete.

Program Cost

The program cost lies between $8,287.50 and $9,022.50 depending on the student’s residence. There are also financial aids available.

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5. Hudson County Community College

Be among the thousands of students who choose Hudson County Community College Culinary Arts Institute (HCC CAI) each year to acquire knowledge and skills to pursue a culinary career.

Located in Jersey City, New Jersey, HCCC CAI has become nationally recognized for its award-winning curriculum and it is one of only two programs in the New York region to be accredited by the American Culinary Federation Accrediting Commission.

As one of the reputable culinary schools in New Jersey, this institution offers a variety of certificate programs including Associate degree programs in hospitality management and culinary arts that focus on preparing students for entry-level restaurant and foodservice positions as chefs, station chefs, sous-chefs, bakers, and restaurant managers.

Required courses introduce students to all facets of foodservice operations, including food preparation, nutrition, purchasing procedures, menu planning, equipment, and table service.

Program Requirement

Complete the following courses:

  • ENG-101 College Composition I
  • ENG-102 (College Composition II) or ENG-103 (Technical Report Writing)
  • CSC-100 Intro to Computers and Computing

Complete 2 courses in Social Science and/or Humanities Elective

  • ENG-112 (Speech)
  • HUM-128 (Food and Culture)

Program Duration

An Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) program in Culinary Arts at Hudson County Community College Culinary Arts Institute will take two years to complete.

Program Cost

The program cost lies between $223.53 and $514.50 per course credit depending on the student’s residence. There are also financial aids available.

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6. Middlesex County College

Located at Edison, Middlesex is among the best culinary schools in New Jersey. Its Culinary Arts A.A.S. program is designed to provide students with the necessary practical and theoretical skills for employment in one of the nation’s fastest-growing industries.

Graduates may be employed as assistant restaurant managers, hotel/motel assistant managers, front office managers, dining room managers, or cafeteria production managers in a variety of areas such as hotels, restaurants, resorts, cruise lines, catering centers, and health care facilities

As a graduate of this program, you are eligible for certification in several course areas by the American Hotel and Lodging Association and the National Restaurant Association.

Program Requirements

You may explore the culinary arts department to get all information regarding this program’s requirements. The link to the school site has been provided below.

Program Duration

An Associate of Applied Science degree in culinary arts will take exactly two years to complete.

Program Cost

The cost of the program is $178.50 and $286.50 per credit unit for in-county and out-of-county residents respectively.


Now that you have come to the end of this post, it is important to note that you will not necessarily need a certificate or license to practice culinary arts in New Jersey. What matters most in this industry is your skills and level of expertise.

So, when enrolling in a culinary program, you should focus your gaze on how you can become a food connoisseur rather than on the certificate and date of completion.

Culinary Schools in New Jersey – FAQs

How long is a culinary school in new jersey?

Culinary and cooking school can take anywhere from a few short months to four years, depending on the chosen length of culinary school. However, students can elect to complete a one-year certificate in Culinary Arts, or pursue an Associate degree in Culinary Arts which takes approximately two years.

Are there online culinary schools in New Jersey?

Yes. There are several online culinary schools in New Jersey. Some schools also have online programs for students who are not able to attend physical classes.

How many culinary schools are in New Jersey?

There are over 20 Culinary schools in New Jersey including online schools.