10 Culinary Schools in Maryland | Fees, and Details

Want to jumpstart your culinary career? Have a crack at any of the culinary schools in Maryland. If your ambition is to become a professional chef, restauranteur, or sommelier then this post is what you need to make that all-important life decision.

There are no shortcuts in the quest to become a real professional in the culinary niche, there is no article that is considered the bouquet of all knowledge, to be the best you must watch the best in action, become a voracious reader, research the latest techniques to keep your skills up-to-date, and study from the best culinary schools in Maryland!

Learning from professional chefs who have gathered tons of experience is imperative in leveling up speedily in the niche of culinary, spending precious hours online learning how to prepare meals in an eye-catching, mouth-watering fashion by studying under the certificate issuing free cooking courses which are taught by master chefs.

Being in the culinary field is not all about cooking, other types of food have different styles of preparation, you can expand on your skillset by studying in baking classes online which are free, if you do not have this skill, my advice is to partake in theses courses to make you multifaceted.

Not only should your meals be tantalizing to the taste and tempting to the eye, but they should also lack contaminants that can threaten the lives of those who end up consuming your delicacies, it is advisable that you get trained and an easy way to achieve this is by having a go at some food safety courses especially those online as they are easily available and you can adapt them to any schedule you currently run.

Like Michigan has some fantastic culinary schools which are sorted the world over by students wanting to be trained professionally, Maryland is not short of an abundance of culinary schools, baking schools, hospitality management programs, and restaurant management courses.

Much like Pennsylvania has a plethora of culinary schools which are of a high standard, Maryland boasts of such as we have presented to you 10 of the best culinary schools in Maryland, giving so many choices to grant you the opportunity to make an informed decision about which of the culinary schools in Maryland you want to be spending the next 18 weeks training under.

With an average cost of tuition seating at $5,912 your education can be made a lot easier with a student’s scholarship award seating at about $1,989, same can be said about the culinary schools which can be found in Missouri.

The requirements for culinary schools differ from state to state and between schools, just as the set of requirements for the culinary schools found in Colorado have distinctive features from those set of requirements in culinary schools of Miami. However, there are some striking similarities between all of the requirements that are shared amongst culinary schools and those requirements are found in the culinary schools in Maryland, which include;

  • You must have finished high school and be prepared to provide high school diplomas, official transcripts, GED, HISET, high school equivalency credentials, and other documentation.
  • A $25 non-refundable charge is required. It is crucial to remember, however, that it may be more or less in some schools, and it may not be necessary for others.
  • Valid ID cards must accompany your reference letters.
  • Your essay must be written and submitted.
  • International students must have a study permission card or a student visa.
  • You must submit your results from proficiency examinations such as IELTS or TOEFL for English, DELE for Spanish, DELF or DALF for French, and DSH, OSD, TELF, and TestDAF for German. It’s also worth noting that not all culinary schools require it.

With the basic requirements for most culinary schools in Maryland been broken down for you, we now move into knowing more personally about the culinary schools in Maryland themselves where we would be focusing majorly on the individual culinary programs offered by the schools, the cost of gaining admission into any of the culinary schools in Maryland, and other details as regards each school.

Therefore, my advice right now is for you to relax, pin your seatbelts, and be prepared to be amazed by the;

Culinary Schools in Maryland

10 Culinary Schools in Maryland


The Carroll County Career and Technology Center located at Westminster is one of the 10 culinary schools in Maryland, it has on offer culinary arts and pastry infused with contents in sanitation, food production, menu planning, and purchasing.

The American Culinary Federation has certified both programs. Working at the Café and Grill as well as the catering area allows students to get professional experience. Advanced culinary students have the option of concentrating on Baking, Pastry, or Professional Cooking.



An Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts is available at Prince George’s Community College in Largo. Students must complete 60 credit hours to get this degree.

The program emphasizes educating students to work in safe, creative, and effective kitchens. Baking Skills, International Cuisine, and Human Resources in the Hospitality Industry are just a few of the required courses. As part of the program, students will participate in an internship.

With the high level of student discipline and high grades, the Prince George community college is ranked on high standards by many people when considering culinary schools in Maryland.



The hotel-motel-restaurant management programs at Wor-Wic are designed to equip students with entry-level skills and on-the-job training for careers in the hospitality sector. Culinary arts and hotel-motel-restaurant management associate degree and certificate programs are available.

Culinary arts programs prepare students for entry-level positions in the culinary industry or to advance their careers. Students prepare delicacies available in local eateries in a sophisticated teaching kitchen equipped with professional equipment which is considered the norm amongst the culinary schools in Maryland.

The Accrediting Commission of the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation has recognized the culinary arts programs in hotel, motel, and restaurant management.



Anne Arundel Community College is a top-rated culinary school that emphasizes practical training. Specialty credentials in areas including restaurant cooking skills, event planning, catering, and culinary arts are available to students.

Students can gain certifications and continue to the AAS degree program, which is more advanced. Students might do an internship in one of the numerous beautiful resorts along the Amalfi coast in Italy.

Students work in the kitchen five to six days a week and have the option to participate in field trips and immersion programs. The American Culinary Federation has approved the Hotel/Restaurant Management AAS in Culinary Arts Operations. This degree program is the only one among the entire culinary schools in Maryland to be designated as excellent.


5.      Howard Community College

Culinary degree and certificate programs are available at Howard Community College in Columbia to satisfy the needs of culinary professionals. International Breads, Plated Desserts, A la Carte Production, and Hospitality Purchasing and Cost Control are just a few of the courses available at Howard Community College, which is part of the culinary schools in Maryland.

The AAS degree programs include an internship requirement. Certificate programs are three semesters long and include courses particular to the field of study. To finish the certificate program, you must additionally do an internship.

The Certificate program prepares students for entry-level careers in the baking and culinary industries. Graduates of associate degree programs have the knowledge and skills to further their careers.



The Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) has designated the ACM Culinary Arts program as a Statewide Designated Program. The Culinary Arts degree prepares you for several roles, including sous chef, cook, and wholesale food representative, from food purchase to baking.

You’ll learn via hands-on experiences while you pursue your Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts, such as the opportunity to operate and manage a college-owned restaurant in downtown Cumberland in conjunction with our Hospitality Management program.

There are fewer culinary schools in Maryland that grant students such an ample opportunity to practice their profession in the easiest of ways, why don’t you-


7.      Stratford University

Stratford University in Baltimore is leading among culinary schools in Maryland with its flexible curriculum (some courses are even available online!), a cutting-edge kitchen laboratory, and small class sizes.

Students can earn their degree or certificate in as little as 18 months by taking five-to-ten-week courses. Pastry arts, food science, dining room service, and hospitality supervision are all required courses for the Culinary Arts AAS Degree program. Plated desserts, confectionery manufacture, artisan bread, and specialty cakes are all basic criteria in the pastry arts.

All programs require students to participate in an externship to get professional job experience.


8.      L’Academie de Cuisine

L’Academie de Cuisine is amongst the top-rated culinary schools in Maryland that offers both a Culinary Arts Professional Program and a Pastry Arts Professional Program.

Culinary Arts students do classroom work as well as a paid 26-week apprenticeship under the supervision of a professional chef. Students can take classes during the day or in the evening, and they can generally finish in a year. Pastry Arts students also participate in a paid 26-week apprenticeship at a professional restaurant, hotel, or bakery.

Students will receive customized attention and assistance throughout the program due to the small class size.


9.      Lincoln Culinary Institute

Culinary instruction with an international flair is available at the Lincoln Culinary Institute in Columbia. This is part of the prestigious set of culinary schools in Maryland that specializes in French, Asian, and Mediterranean food.

Students spend time in a state-of-the-art cooking laboratory with all of the newest gear and gadgets found in a professional kitchen honing their culinary abilities.

Students learn the newest culinary techniques, including sous vide and thermal immersion, as well as the science underlying flavor, texture, and scent. The American Culinary Federation has accredited this curriculum.


10.   Allegany College of Maryland

Allegany College of Cumberland is regarded as one of the top culinary schools in Maryland offering an AAS in Culinary Arts that may be completed in two years of full-time study.

Coursework includes cooking, baking, purchasing, cost control, food merchandising, and food administration, and students master a range of skills. Students enrolled in the culinary arts degree can work in a student-run restaurant, preparing and serving meals to the general public.

The American Culinary Federation has accredited Allegany, and the Maryland Higher Education Commission has recognized the Culinary Arts program.


Culinary Schools in Maryland — FAQs

What is the age requirement for culinary schools in Maryland?

There isn’t any age requirement as long as the students are graduates of High school.