7 Best Online Welding Courses | Free & Paid

This blog post focuses on the best online welding courses that can be found on the internet, it provides a wealth of knowledge to those students who are on the hunt for online welding courses that are both free and paid.

Here we will focus on what welding entails if individuals can learn to weld online, the benefits of the free welding courses, and some other information that will improve our understanding of the best online welding courses both those that are free and are paid.

The internet is a well-pool of resources that can instantaneously develop the mind of anyone focused and diligent enough to search through its waters, and then there is us, people like us who research for you presenting you with mind-blowing resources such where on the internet you can get the best courses on marketing that gets you certified, there are those who have a knack for filming and our knack of getting things done for you makes me present the best courses for filmmakers found online for students.

Some students want to further their education and are wondering what is the next step, well I got you covered as I present to you the FAFSA accepting online colleges that are the best. And finally, I have the free application learning platforms that are the best online.

Therefore, whatever your tastes are, you have something to satisfy your quest for knowledge, and this site, in particular, has something to succor your thirst as we present what is needed by you at the click of a button.

With that being said, we now answer the question;

What is Welding?

The fusion of two different metal parts through the use of heat applied to their surfaces to the point of melting using a blowpipe, electric arc, or any other means, and uniting them by the application of pressure or subjecting them to a series of hammer blows, etc.

Welding is a manufacturing method that involves fusing two or more pieces using heat, pressure, or both to produce a join while the parts cool. Welding is most commonly associated with metals and thermoplastics, but it may also be used on wood. A weldment is a term for the fully welded junction.

Can I learn Welding Online?

Yes, it is possible to learn practically everything online these days, as the internet continues to expand as the reservoir of human knowledge and expertise, and welding isn’t any different as there are online welding courses that are available from any position on earth as long as you can connect to the internet with the right device.

Benefits of Learning Welding Online

  • For starters, the internet is a 24/7 resource powerhouse that never sleeps and the benefits are enormous as the online welding courses can be gotten to and studied at any time of the day.
  • There is also the added advantage of having worldwide coverage; online welding courses can be accessed from any point on earth on the merit that you have devices and access points to the internet.
  • Also, the online welding courses can be revisited and relearned to improve or make sure that all points are covered and you do not miss anything in your learning process.

It is advisable that those who do not have the time to venture out to learn it firsthand from the technical school or workshop, use the easier alternative which is the gigantic resource powerhouse that is known as the internet by visiting any of the online welding courses and dully study and learn as the knowledge is being passed down.

To this end, it is time for us to now have a look at the online welding courses that I have cooked for us today. The 8 best online welding courses are as the name is the best online welding courses that can be found on the internet in 2022, this tells us what the courses entail and what can be expected from them.

Online Welding Courses

8 Best Online Welding Courses | Free & Paid

Alright, so we have come to this section where we are focusing on the 8 best online welding courses, my hope is we present to you courses that appeal to you enough for you to apply for at least one of them.

Without wasting any more of your time, here is the;

1.      Hobart Institute of Welding Technology (Paid)

With a low cost, a short educational track, and comprehensive programs for construction, fabrication, and other entry-level employment, Hobart Institute of Welding Technology has a long history of assisting students in becoming qualified welders.

The Hobart Institute of Welding Technology provides a 24-week welding curriculum that teaches students all they need to know to get started in the profession. The school solely teaches welding, allowing them to focus on offering top-level experts with instruction from seasoned industry leaders.

Hobart’s welding certification classes cost $11,700, which is in the middle to lower price range for this sort of training. The classes are held in Troy, Ohio, and include hands-on instruction and training for industry-certified experts.

Students can choose between a structural welding curriculum and a structural and pipe welding program. Welding technology, blueprint reading, shielded metal arc welding, and flux-cored arc welding are only a few of the topics covered.

Another significant benefit of this program is the after-course help. Students can get help finding jobs in their community. According to the school, over 100,000 students have finished its courses, with many of them working for Fortune 500 businesses.


2.      Davis Technical College (Paid)

Davis Technical College provides the most economical welding certificate program while still providing competitive curriculum alternatives, financial aid assistance, and job placement tools.

The welding technology curriculum at Davis Technical College lasts 11 months and prepares students for a variety of jobs, including flux core arc welding, plasma cutting, and spray arc welding. It’s also the cheapest program, at $5,052.

Davis Technical College prepares students for American Welding Society certifications by using cutting-edge welding equipment and hands-on instruction. Students must complete 1000 hours of in-person program instruction. Monday through Friday, with classes accessible during the day and some in the evenings, the training is completed.

Students at Davis Technical College are not required to satisfy any requirements. Instead, the program is open to high school students and individuals who have completed a high school diploma or equivalent. Students who finish the program have an 87 percent placement rate, according to the institution.


3.      Ashland Community Technical College (Paid)

Because it provides degree and certificate programs in a wide range of disciplines, Ashland Community and Technical College’s welding certifications are suitable for students seeking continuing education.

Students interested in welding can pursue a variety of certifications at Ashland Community and Technical College, including welder helper, gas welder, and arc cutter.

Advanced certifications, such as pipeline welder and production line welder, are also available. Students can also continue their studies and obtain a full associate degree, which takes two years to accomplish.

Although the curriculum costs $24,625, students can qualify for free tuition through the Work Ready Scholarship Program, which provides financial assistance to qualified students.

While the program is only offered in person, students have the option of learning throughout the day or evening, allowing them to continue working while receiving their credentials.

Graduates can work in a variety of industries, according to Ashland Community and Technical College, including entry-level careers in manufacturing, ironworking, pipe-fitting, and boiler-making. Students seeking job placement aid might also get help from the institution.


4.      Tulsa Welding School (Paid)

Students can study at Tulsa Welding School in one of three locations: Tulsa, Oklahoma, Jacksonville, Florida, or Houston, Texas. Courses are offered during the day, at night, and on weekends, allowing for greater learning flexibility. The curriculum is completed in approximately seven months, allowing students to enter the workplace rapidly.

Tulsa Welding School’s certification program uses current methodologies and hands-on learning to teach students structural welding, pipe welding, and flux core welding. After graduation, students will be ready to work in the military, industry, aerospace, aviation, or shipbuilding. The training costs $20,465 for the curriculum.

Tulsa Welding School does not provide job placement services across the board, but it does aid students with job interviews and weld exams to help them fulfill their welding certifications. Students collaborate with teachers to ensure that they are prepared for the tests.


5.      Elite Welding (Paid)

Elite Welding Academy’s welding certification curriculum is career-focused, with seasoned teachers and fully equipped welding booths. Instructors and financial aid programs provide continual assistance to students.

Elite Welding Academy also provides financial aid to help most candidates get into the program, albeit the cost is one of the highest we’ve seen at $29,768.

The curriculum lasts around seven months and completely qualifies students for certification and employment in the industry. Job interviewing skills and assistance in identifying open employment in the region are among the career services available.

The fact that it is only accessible as an in-person program is a major disadvantage.

Students will complete 1,000 credit hours of instruction utilizing industry-standard and current equipment and training under the recommendations of the American Welding Society and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

The school also follows the National Council of Construction Education and Research’s welding criteria for construction-related programs.


6.      Advanced Welding Institute (Paid)

Students who complete Advanced Welding Institute’s welding certification program have easy access to job placement services, hands-on training, and on-demand instruction.

The Advanced Welding Institute provides a 15-week structural welding curriculum designed to teach students how to weld plates in a variety of industrial applications. Students gain skills in fabrication, manufacturing, and construction for entry-level careers. Shielded metal, gas metal, and gas tungsten arc welding are among the courses available.

Following graduation, the institution offers job placement services, with an 87 percent job placement rate. Advanced Welding Institute helps students prepare for their careers by providing resume writing and interviewing skills.

The school also claims to have a low student-to-teacher ratio, which it claims will help pupils prepare for real-life situations. Students are enrolled full-time and spend up to eight hours a day in the welding shop honing their skills.

The curriculum costs $21,300, however, there may be financial assistance options available. Although the program is only accessible in person in Vermont and Wisconsin, it provides some of the most in-demand training, making it well worth considering.


7.      American Welding Society (Paid)

One of the field schools that offer any form of welding certificate program online is the American Welding Society. Although the curriculum is restricted, it provides a cost-effective and advanced career alternative.

Because extensive hands-on skills are required, most welding courses are conducted in person. For people having a basic welding certification who want to become Certified Welding Inspectors, the American Welding Society provides an 8-week class. This is a low-cost curriculum that includes both a virtual seminar and a seminar with an exam bundle for only $2,840.

This program is ideal for people who are already employed as welders and wish to further their careers while still working. Students will learn how to do visual inspections as well as industrial practice skills, and they will have access to an interactive application with instructions that will be delivered over many weeks in two-hour sessions each day.

The course offered by the American Welding Society is not for beginners. Instead, it provides students with the opportunity to broaden their professional options.


8. Basics of Welding & Joining Technologies – Alison (Free)

This free online course explains welding physics and demonstrates how to use welding and joining technologies.

This course will teach you the fundamentals of welding and joining. We look at how different joints are classified, as well as welding techniques and procedures. The mechanics of welding and brazing are then discussed. Soldering, adhesive bonding, and metal transfer in welding are also covered in the course.



Several online welding training courses are currently available for students and professionals alike, while some are the norm, others stand out from the rest such as the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology which offers a cost-effective program that lets students get into the field quickly.

Welding is an art as much as a professional skill and those interested in being the best in this field must learn from the masters, such as those who have been identified. Do not let this pass by without making a firm decision in improving yourself and securing your future.