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Here is everything you need to know about Alberta University of the Arts, its scholarships, tuition fees, rankings, admission requirements and application process. We’ve also shared insights on why you may want to choose this school over others.

About Alberta University of the Arts

Alberta University of the Arts, also formerly known as Alberta College of art and design is an educational institution established in 1926 in Alberta, Canada. It is a public degree-granting Art and design Canadian university.

AUArts is the only prestigious craft and design institution in the whole of Alberta.

Alberta University of the Arts Ranking

Though not ranked among the first 15 best art schools in the world, Alberta University of the Arts is one of the respected art schools in the world today and among the very best in Canada. It is ranked as the number 1 art university in Canada offering scholarships to international and domestic students.

Alberta University of the Arts Acceptance Rate

Alberta University of the Arts has an average acceptance rate of about 53%. The school as one of the leading Arts schools in Canada is quite known for its top standard and diversities in the Arts profession and the deep wealth of knowledge it offers to the privileged students who get lucky to be admitted into the school yearly.

Alberta University of the Arts Admission Requirements

AUArts offers admissions on various categories: full admission, conditional admission, waitlist, or decline.

Prospective applicants to Alberta University of the Arts are required to possess certain qualifications for their application to be considered valid.

However, below are categories of applicants and the requirements for each category differs as the case may be. Instances are explained below;

Alberta University of the Arts Domestic Students Admission Requirements

Applicants who are Canadians are expected to have the under-listed qualifications;

  • High school Diploma from an eligible Canadian school
  • 3 courses (minimum of 9 credits) in Fine Arts, Humanities, Math, Science or career and technology studies(CTS)- with a max of 3 credits from CTS, all with a minimum grade of 60%
  • Minimum 60% in English 30-1 or Minimum 65% in English 30-2 or provincial equivalent.
  • Portfolio of visual Artwork -12 pieces
  • Statement of intent – up to 500 words.

Alberta University of the Arts International Students Admission Requirements

  • Transcript in English language forwarded directly from the applicants former institution
  • Prove of English language proficiency
  • Portfolio of visual artwork – 12 pieces
  • Statement of Intent – up to 500 words

You can find out more about international student AUArts application.

Alberta University of the Arts Masters Program Admission Requirements

  • A Bachelors degree in Fine Arts or related discipline or equivalent
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 from a recognized university, or equivalent institution
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Up to 20 examples of artworks (images, video, music) (This should be contained in your portfolio)
  • Statement of intent (750 to 1250 words)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • 2 Letters of recommendation
  • Prove of English Language Proficiency

You can find out more about the Master of Fine Arts Program at AUArts.

Alberta University of the Arts Admissions

First-year studies | Deadline | February 1

Priority application deadlines are offered to high school applicants, and this includes those with advance credit, mature applicants and international applicants.

First-year Studies are expected to apply online through the university website, taking care to select the option Apply Alberta and hence following the prompt.

Art Stream Certificate Program | Deadline | July 1

Art stream enables the students to earn university credit by taking select AUArts First-year study courses in combination with other courses designed to support an art and design education.

The completion of the Art stream program entails that students earn eighteen credits or six 100 level courses of first-year studies advance credit. Art stream program applicants apply through the university website and thereby choosing the Art stream Certificate program as the program choice.

The Art stream program supports students who demonstrate artistic achievement, but have not met the academic or English language Proficiency requirements for first-year studies.

Transfer Applicants

This set of students including applicants from Block Transfer partner institutions are expected to apply through the school website on Apply Alberta.

Transfer applicants who have earned 30 credits or more at a post-secondary institution are free to apply directly to the Major of their choice while those who have less than 30 credits at a post-secondary institution should apply to First Year studies and then submit a digital Transfer Credit Evaluation Form from the Admissions Office once the application is received.

Non-degree Applicants| Deadline | August 1

This is for students who are not seeking to complete a degree and as well wish to enroll in one or more undergraduate courses at AUArts.

These students are expected to meet the minimum requirements for admission to the Bachelor’s degree program of choice.

Other categories of students can further make inquiries on

Alberta University of the Arts Tuition Fees

Tuition at AUArts is determined by the board of governors is quite likely to change during different academic seasons without notice. The tuition at AUArts is quite affordable, it is one of the top affordable good Arts schools around the world. The school requires tuition on a per-credit basis.

Now, for Canadian Citizen and permanent resident students per credit, the fee is $149.33, and international students pay $497.83 per credit.

You can always get recent information as regards Alberta University of art fees here.

Alberta University of the Arts jobs

Being the home of designers, artists and the likes, Alberta University of the Arts is a creative catalyst that helps her students fulfill their dreams and land their dream jobs.

The school is also a great ‘opportunity employer’ and offers wonderful opportunities to both their graduates and others to join the team but only the best are fit for the job and hence it is sometimes very challenging to get a job at AUArts.

Diversity is welcome in the choice of application because there’s no particular set of candidates who are allowed to apply: persons with disabilities, members of visible minorities, persons with orientations of gender identities.

Aside from the jobs available for students and professionals at AUArts, owning a degree from AUArts is a big boost to the chances of getting a steady job within the country and beyond, because of the good reputation and recognition associated with the old, top school of Art.

You can find out more about how you can apply to work at AUArts.

Notable Alumni of Alberta University of the Arts

Alberta University of the Arts Alumni is a great breed. While some are award-winning superstars and career artists, some are designers who are quietly living their life.

However, some very notable AUArts alumni include;

  • Joni Mitchell – a Canadian singer & songwriter whose songs reflect social and environmental ideas as well as her feelings on confusion, disillusionment, joy and romance.
    Joni has received so many accolades including nine Grammy awards and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997.
  • John Byrne – a British-born American writer and artist of superhero comics. Byrne has worked on many major superheroes with noted work on Marvel Comics’ X-men and fantastic four.
    Basically Byrne is a Writer, Penciller, Inker, Letterer. Who has won several awards including the Eagle Awards, Favorite comic book artist, 1978,1979 Inkpot Award, 1980 Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame (2015)
  • Alex Janvier – a First Nation artist in Canada. Janvier is a member of the commonly referred to Indian Group of Seven as well as a pioneer of contemporary Canadian Aboriginal art in Canada. He is also widely recognized for painting.
  • Brittney Bear Hat – a half Blackfoot, half Cree artist. As a means to explore how memory and personal identity construct her native identity, Brittney works in such media as photography, installation and videos.
  • Elaine Cameron-Weir – a Canadian visual artist who is widely known for her sculptures. She has exhibited internationally including institutions such as the New Museum in New York (2017), the Dortmunder Kunstverein in Dortmund, Germany (2018) and the Storm King Center in Mountainville, New York (2018). Her most recent solo exhibition “strings that show the wind” was presented in 2019 at JTT in New York.
  • Faye HeavyShield – a Kainai-Blood sculptor and installation artist known for her repetitive use of objects and writing to create large scale, often minimalist, site-specific installations. HeavyShield’s work are site-specific such as the body of land which was first created in 2002.
  • Katie Ohe – known for kinetic sculptures. She is a Canadian sculptor living in Calgary, Alberta. She is known as one of the first artists to make abstract sculptures in Alberta and has been influential as a teacher at the Alberta College of Art and Design.
  • Other notable alumni include Richelle Bear Hat, Fiona Hat, Bee Kingdom, Leah Kudel, Carissa Baktay, Larissa Blokhuis.

How to apply for admission at Alberta University of the Arts

If you’ve made the decision to apply for admission at Alberta University of the Arts, then you’ve taken a bold step. However, you need to follow appropriate processes in filling out your application.

Complete and Submit Application Form

Submit your application form and pay your non-refundable $110 application fee via the Apply Alberta Post-secondary Application System.

Submission of Portfolio & other Supporting Documents

Submit your portfolio and other supporting documents. This is because the admissions committee reviewing applicants does not have the opportunity to meet you during the whole admission process so the portfolio serves as a personal introduction to them.

Official Submission of Transcripts

All final transcripts need to be forwarded directly from the candidate’s educational institution to the University’s admissions office not later than August 1.

You can learn more about admission application at Alberta University of Arts.

Alberta University of the Arts Scholarships

Entrance Funding for International Students

Every academic session, Alberta University of Arts provides entrance funding for international students. The=is scheme is meant to provide financial support to those students undertaking an undergraduate degree program at Alberta University of the Arts.

The total value of this grant is usually around $7,000 and only overseas students who are taking part in an undergraduate degree program at the university are eligible to apply.

Applicants are expected to submit the following documents: pre-qualification degree, copies of academic transcripts, certificates of English language proficiency, a statement and a copy of passport.

There are different other categories of scholarships awards available at AUArts and they include;

Automatic Scholarships and Awards

This category doesn’t require an application form. All the student needs to do excellently in the previous academic year in order to be automatically entered for the award. So basically, this award is based on merit.

Competitive Scholarships and Awards

This one requires applications and are based on stated criteria and selected by faculty or award committees.

Bursary Awards

This is awarded based primarily on the financial need of the student. Students who express strong, proven financial needs are considered for this.

Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship award is valued between $11,000 – $15,000 USD and can be applied for by both Canadian and international students.

MFA Entrance scholarships

This scholarship is not be applied for, it is awarded automatically on merit to newly admitted MFA  students.

There are several other graduate scholarships available at AUArts and you can find details of these opportunities here.

Alberta University of the Arts External Scholarships

There are several external scholarships you can apply for as a student of AUArts and you can always find out the available opportunities here.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Alberta University has the biggest and certainly best art facilities in the whole of Canada with about just 16 students per class making learning efficient and interesting.

It would amaze you to know that all students, including international students, also receive government health care, medical prescription coverage, and dental benefits at Alberta university of arts and the school also offers academic support, writing assistance, and professional counseling services to all students at no cost.

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