10 Art Schools in Florida

If you are looking to establish yourself as an artist, 10 art schools in Florida have been carefully curated in this article.  Learning arts could be a challenging way to encourage you to be fearless.

Florida is popularly known as the Sunshine State for its balmy climate and natural beauty. By now you should know the importance of beauty when it comes to art.

Florida is a state located in the Southeastern region of the United States. Most artists always find a home in Florida. Its natural beauty could serve as a setting for artistic inspiration.

Florida is not just a home to artists. Some of the prominent art schools in the world are in Florida. Amongst other things, Florida is known for its artistic nature.

Not just this, they also have some online colleges in Florida that are acknowledged as being top-notch in the United States.

Don’t get discouraged yet, there are art schools in other parts of the United States such as art schools in California and art schools in Texas with several variations enough for you to choose, regardless of any constraints. There are some art schools outside the United States, like the art schools in the UK and the art colleges in Italy that make a good name, too.

Average Cost of Art Schools in Florida

The average cost of art schools in Florida ranges from $110 to $400 per annum, including the resident and non-resident difference. If finance is a challenge, these art schools in Canada offer scholarships to students.

Requirements for Art Schools in Florida

This list covers requirements for both international and domestic students. Most art schools in Florida require applicants to provide the following:

  1. High school transcripts and grade-point averages,
  2. To submit SAT or ACT scores.
  3. An average GPA of around 3.34
  4. A portfolio and a recommendation from a high school art teacher.

Remember, this list applies to both international and domestic students. Sometimes requirements vary by school. Every requirement you will ever need will be found on the school’s website.

art schools in Florida

10 Art Schools in Florida

One special fact about art schools in Florida is that they each have a peculiarity that makes them sought-after.

  1. University of South Florida School of Art

Amongst other art schools in Florida, the University of South Florida, USF, is America’s fastest-rising university. The school ranks as one of the country’s top universities according to U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges rankings.

All USF students, regardless of their location, and circumstances, succeed at the same rate. The college of Arts and culture at USF thrives with art performances, exhibitions, talks, conferences, masterclasses, workshops, and festivals.

These functions are all open to students. The school has a contemporary Art Museum that presents significant exhibitions of contemporary art from around the world and maintains the university’s art collection.

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  1. Miami International University of Art & Design

Miami is located in the southeastern part of Florida at the mouth of the Miami River. Beautiful sight! MIU is one of the prominent art schools in Florida that primarily focuses on just Art and design

Their academic programs include: Visual Design, Interior Design, Marketing, Animation & Effects, Film Production, and Fashion

The school’s financial aid is readily available to those who qualify, as they readily help you understand everything you need to know to help fund your creative education.

The school offer Grants that give you the chance to earn a tuition grant of up to $17,340 for bachelor’s degree programs (an average of up to 18%) and up to $5,845, (up to 13%), for associate’s degree programs.

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  1. University of West Florida (Pensacola, FL)

Of all art schools in Florida, this very school carries the greatest strength because of the diversity of the program types you can find in the school. This factor gives her students the best college artistic experience

University of West Florida (UWF) has several program types like certificate Master’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Minor, Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s, Graduate Degree, College Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities.

The students are allowed to work collaboratively with engaging faculty in small class settings to hone their critical thinking, oral and written communication, project management, and professional development.

The lecturers and professors make sure the students spend time thinking and writing, reading and discussing, observing and performing. These qualities set them apart from other students.

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  1. Barry University

Barry University is renowned for its Performing and Visual Art Center, among all art schools in Florida. Barry University is a top-ranked Catholic university located in sunny South Florida.

They have the College of Arts and sciences, even though they are active in research, scholarship, and creative/performance activities. The school is known to always focus on the student’s learning first.

The lecturers and professors will guide you to put what you learn in the classroom into practice through a wide variety of learning activities.

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  1. Eckerd College

Like other art schools in Florida, it offers programs in Visual and performing arts.

Through their interdisciplinary arts major, students have the opportunity to combine coursework relevant to visual arts, creative writing, theatre, music, and film studies to curate their path of study to best match their artistic aspirations.

At any given time, students have access to fifteen different art studios, which are open round the clock. The school also has a financial aid program that benefits about 96% of the students.

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  1. University of Central Florida School of Visual Arts and Design

This school is the largest university in the country. Other art schools in Florida are quite large but not as large as this University.

The University of Central Florida offers the following Programs: animation, art history, drawing and illustrations, painting, graphic design, printmaking and book arts, photography, sculpture and ceramics, visual arts, and management.

Whatever you aspire to be, the school offers more than twenty programs and specializations in visual arts to help you get there. Also, they conduct exhibitions at the university art gallery.

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University of Florida School of Art + Art History

This art school provides education in a full range of art-related fields, including art education, art history, museum studies, and graphic design.

They offer programs in Art Education,  Art History, Graphic Design/Design, Virtual Communication, Museum Studies,  Studio Arts, Visiting artists and scholars, exhibition centers, creative photography, and printing.

They offer all the possible art programs you could think of. This is why, of every other art school in Florida, this one is different.

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  1. University of Miami

The University of Miami has more art degree programs than just about any art school in the United States.

This university is home to the Lowe Art Museum, the first and most prominent art museum in South Florida.

They partner and host art classes in over 20 countries, and its faculty and students come from all over the world. This might be a cue for international students who are looking to apply.

The museum features everything one can imagine an art museum might offer—professional development courses for artists, multiple lecture series, and groundbreaking art.

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  1. Florida State University

This is the most accessible art school among other art schools in Florida. Today, art students at Florida State University have the opportunity to study at the Ringling Museum of Art, one of the highest-quality art museums in the country.

Their classes hold fewer than 20 students. This allows the instructors and students to get to know one another and interact with each other. It plays a huge difference in student engagement and interaction, making learning fun.

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  1. Ringling College of Art and Design

Ringling College of Art and Design helps her students learn the conceptual aspects of their artistic medium and the culture surrounding their artistic side.

The history of the discipline and the core values needed to make the biggest impact with one’s art go way back, which has helped the school in its name.

Many artists, and especially animators of all kinds, leave this art school as stars and impressive careers in their fields.

Ringling College offers programs in Business of Art and Design, Computer Animation, Creative Writing, Entertainment Design, Film, Fine Arts, Game Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Design, Photography and Imaging, Virtual Reality Development, Visual Studies, and Minors.

Start your creative career.

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Art Schools in Florida – FAQS

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Which is the Cheapest Art School in Florida?” answer-0=”Art schools in Florida are shockingly cheap. But Florida University, Tallahassee, is known to be the cheapest and most affordable.” image-0=”” count=”1″ html=”true” css_class=””]

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Do Art Schools in Florida Accept International Students?” answer-0=”Yes, most of the art schools in Florida, if not all, very much accept international students.” image-0=”” count=”1″ html=”true” css_class=””]

Art schools in Florida have made names for themselves in the world, not just in the United States. Below are more recommendations for you.