8 Best Art Schools in Texas | Fees & Details

This post provides a wealth of information on the art schools in Texas for domestic and international students looking to earn an art degree in the United States. Keep reading to see how you can get into one of these art schools in Texas.

Texas is a state in the US with an abundance of prestigious universities and colleges comprising both private and public higher institutions. There are over 268 colleges and universities in the state of Texas offering an abundance of degree programs in a wide range of areas including medicine, business, and arts.

From culinary schools in Texas to veterinary schools Texas the state has a lot to offer, in terms of education, to its residents, other US citizens, and students from other parts of the world. The universities in Texas are also known for admitting the highest number of international students in the US and offering online programs to meet the academic and professional needs of students anywhere in the world.

You can find online MBA programs in Texas, more than 10 online nursing programs in Texas that are all accredited, and about 8 online high schools in Texas for students K-12. Some innovative programs you can find in Texas include the accelerated nursing program and aerospace engineering programs. And they all accept students from different backgrounds.

A Study Abroad Nations, we have published many articles concerning Texas to help as many students as possible find their dream schools. Today, I shall be adding this post on art schools in Texas to that list to help even more art students find an art program in Texas that will develop their artistic potential to the fullest and prepare them for successful careers in the field.

Art covers a wide range of disciplines such as fine arts, theater arts, graphics design, visual arts, music, film production, and many more, this allows graduates to explore as many job opportunities as possible. Of course, you have to select a particular art discipline as your major but you will also have foundational ideas of the other disciplines to further your studies into master’s and doctorate to touch as many disciplines as possible.

Before we continue, I’d like to point you to other art-related blog posts like the best art schools in the world to help broaden your option of art schools to choose from. And if you are all about studying art in Canada, our post on art schools in Canada with scholarships will help you find, not just a good art school, but also one with scholarship offerings to make your education affordable. And finally, you don’t want to miss the recently published post on the best art schools in the UK.

Average Cost of Art Schools in Texas

The average cost of art schools in Texas is $5,000 per semester and this fee does not include school supplies, accommodation, and other living expenses. Also, note that this is just an average and could be more or less depending on varieties of common factors like the residence of the student – students from Texas are likely to pay less compared to students from other parts of the US and other parts of the world who pay even more.

Another factor that makes tuition fees vary is the degree program type and the institution offering the program. Public art schools charge lesser compared to private art schools. An easy way to get the specific tuition for art schools in Texas is to keep reading this post.

How To Get Into Art Schools in Texas

To get into one of the art schools in Texas, you will have to go through the typical admission application process. There isn’t any different process as applying for a typical university program. You want to start by checking out the admissions requirement for your preferred art program. Every program has different requirements especially academically.

Typical requirements include possessing foundational knowledge or art subjects, so, if you are coming from high school, you must have taken a couple of art-related subjects. If you have completed high school without taking art subjects then you should attend a prep school to take art courses and get your art diploma.

You also need to have a portfolio of your work. With these, you can then go on to fill out an application for admittance into the art school of your choice. The application usually includes your personal information, test scores, personal statement, transcripts, GPA, application fee, and your program of choice.

Tip: Start your application as early as one year before the proposed entrance date.

An affordable way to get a foundational knowledge of art courses is to enroll in a community college in Texas and you can transfer the credits to a four-year bachelor’s degree and complete your program faster.

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Best Art Schools in Texas and their Fees

And now, to the moment you have been waiting for where I extensively discuss the best art schools in Texas. In this section, you will see what makes each of the schools stand out, how they aim to develop your artistic potential and the cost of each of the schools. Have a great read…

1.     The University of Texas at Austin College of Fine Arts

The University of Texas at Austin is a prestigious public research university in Texas, US. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings placed the university at No.5 among public universities, No.17 in the US, and No.50 in the world for education in the arts and humanities. Its College of Fine Arts holds an international recognition.

This college houses other departments that offer degree programs in music, performing arts, fine arts, theater, and dance, as well as, research centers housing cutting-edge facilities for students to engage in hands-on practice. These programs are offered at undergraduate and graduate study levels. Student to faculty ratio is 10:1 which is relatively low but it also means that admission is highly competitive and the acceptance rate is low.

The tuition varies from program to program and is set by each department, you will have to begin your application to find out the tuition cost or contact the admissions office.

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2.     The Art Institute of Dallas

The Art Institute of Dallas is one of the best art schools in Dallas and has been ranked top in various categories by different educational ranking platforms. It is one of the best film schools in Texas, among the best culinary arts programs in Texas, 4th in the best graphic design colleges in Dallas, and also one of the best fashion schools in Texas.

The institute is a private college owned and operated by Miami International University of Art & Design. Here, you will find associate’s and bachelor’s degree and certificate programs for media arts & animation, graphic design, fashion design, game art & design, digital photography, fashion retailing, culinary arts, and interior design.

To see specific tuition and also get financial aid, click here.

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3.     Katherine G. McGovern College of the Arts

The Katherine G. McGovern College of the Arts is the art school of the University of Houston. The college houses 5 departments and 2 centers; Moores School of Music, School of Art, School of Theatre & Dance, M.A. in Arts Leadership, Community Arts Academy, Blaffer Art Museum, and Cynthia Woods Center for the Arts. Through these departments, more than 30 undergraduate and graduate programs are offered.

The college aims to provide a space in which to aster craft, value collaboration, and act on the belief that the arts have the power to positively shape our world. Tuition and fees vary depending on your department, your residence status, and the courses you are taking. See a breakdown of the fees here.

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4.     Rice University

Rice University houses a School of Humanities which also houses the Department of Visual and Dramatic Arts which offers three concentrations in the studio, theater, and film and photography. The department also offers specialized and interdisciplinary courses that treat subjects as varied as exhibition design, drawing for sculpture, comics, and monstrosity.

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5.     UNT College of Visual Arts and Design

The University of North Texas – UNT – College of Visual Arts and Design is the art school of UNT and one of the best art schools in Texas. The US News & World Report ranks CVAD at No.21 in all public universities in the US offering fine arts programs.

The college offers 16 undergraduate and 13 graduate degree programs, a graduate certificate program, and concentrations in areas such as Art History, Communication Design, and Photography. CVAD is also the only college in Texas that offers a Ph.D. in art education.

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6.     Baylor University

Baylor University is well known for its multiple offerings of online programs. It houses a Department of Art and Art History that offers a number of prestigious art degree programs that put the university among the list of best art schools in Texas. The areas of study include photography, sculpture, graphic design, painting, fabric design, ceramics, printmaking, and art history.

Some of the graduates from this department have gone to work with Disney and other top studios in the countries or established their businesses.

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7.     Texas State College of Fine Arts and Communication

This is the art school of Texas State College comprising six other academic units which are the School of Art and Design, Department of Communication Studies, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, School of Music, the Department of Theatre of Dance, and Division of Dance.

These academic units offer programs at undergraduate and graduate study levels. This college offers prestigious art programs that will set you up among the professionals and elites in your field. Also, you will work closely with professionals in facilities and the classroom to gain theoretical and practical skills that will ensure you have a successful career.

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8.     UT Dallas School of Arts and Humanities

The University of Texas at Dallas is a large public research university in Richardson, Texas. Its School of Arts and Humanities is an academic division in the university responsible for offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in study areas such as history, philosophy, literature, visual and performing arts, music, creative writing, dance, and digital arts.

Several certifications and minors are also offered. Admission into the UT Dallas School of Arts and Humanities is competitive and kept low, so, to be accepted, you may want to maintain academic excellence while in high school. This is an art school that will shape you to become a critical thinker and an imaginative creator who will become innovative problem-solvers.

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This wraps up the list of best art schools in Texas, the respective links should give you more details you may need concerning each of the schools and you can also apply from there. Remember to begin your admission process early to be considered for admission. Good luck with your applications.

Art Schools in Texas – FAQs

[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h3″ img=”” question=”How many art schools are in Texas?” img_alt=”” css_class=””] There are more than 20 art schools in Texas. They are universities offering art programs. [/sc_fs_faq]