8 Free Online High Schools in Texas

This post provides a wealth of information on the free online high schools in Texas and you’ll also find out who is eligible to enroll. These online high schools in Texas are accredited by the same educational organization that accredits traditional schools.

Free online high schools in Texas are not a hoax, there actually are high schools that enroll students without tuition fees and they get to learn from the comfort of their homes. At first, I did doubt the existence of free online high schools in Texas, but with a bit of research I found out that there is actually a handful of them.

They aren’t many, yes, but the few ones that exist will meet the demands of both students and parents. And how do I know this? From reviews left by students and parents who have graduated from these free online high schools in Texas.

These free online high schools in Texas offer innovative curriculums that aren’t found in traditional high schools. Don’t get me wrong, these online high schools also make use of traditional curriculums but add other innovative program offerings to meet the standard of online education thereby equipping students with a handful of digital skills to meet the demands of the ever-evolving digital space.

Enrolling in one of the free online high schools in Texas is an innovative learning method that will help students quickly become familiar with online learning tools and how to use them effectively to promote their learning. In no time, they will become masters at e-learning and start earning certifications, as well as, degrees online.

Let me quickly mention that Texas isn’t the only state where online high schools are free. Ontario, a province in Canada, for example, offers varieties of free online high school courses and it is open to high school students in other locations. And if you are seeking summer programs to enroll your child, you can check out our post on free online high summer programs for high school students, and just like the other one, students from any part of the world can join.

When your child is enrolled in one of these free online high schools in Texas, the benefits they will enjoy are unmatched. Aside from being familiar with e-learning at an early age they will enjoy the flexibility of online education and learn at their own pace.

And what about the convenience that comes with it? Shouldn’t be left out as it is one of the major perks of online learning. Students get to learn in a place they find the most convenient for learning which will help enhance their concentration and there is also the fun and excitement that comes with online learning.

Read on to learn more about the requirements to join these free online high schools in Texas and if you can join irrespective of your location.

Is It Possible to go to High School for Free in Texas?

Yes, it is possible to attend high school for free in Texas and not just the online ones alone but in traditional schools. But there are certain eligibility requirements you need to meet. The major requirement is that you are a citizen or permanent resident of Texas.

Requirements for High School in Texas

The requirements for high schools in Texas vary from school to school. So, what you should do is pick a suitable high school in Texas and enquire about their requirements. The requirements are usually very easy to meet.

Free Online High Schools in Texas

The free online high schools in Texas are:

  • Texas Connections Academy
  • iSchool Virtual Academy
  • iUniversity Prep
  • Texas Virtual Academy at Hallsville (TVAH)
  • Texas Online Preparatory School
  • eSchool Prep
  • Texas Virtual Tech Academy (TVTA)
  • Lone Star Virtual Academy

1.     Texas Connections Academy

On our first list of free online high schools in Texas is Texas Connections Academy, an online high school that strives to be the best in the country. The academy was established in 2009 and has since been offering an innovative online education at no cost to students in grades 3-12 and a safe, engaging environment where they can learn in a way that suits them most.

The innovative curriculum equips students with the knowledge and confidence they need to pass the STARR test, develops them socially and emotionally, and equips them with real-life skills to prepare them for life challenges. The teachers are state certified and specially trained in online learning and guiding their pupils every step of the way.

Texas Connections Academy is accredited by the Houston Independent School District (HISD) and NCAA.

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2.     iSchool Virtual Academy

iSchool Virtual Academy is one of the free online high schools in Texas with an aim to offer students from grades 9 – 12 educational, technological, and socialization opportunities and support as they prepare for the future. The programs offered by this academy are flexible, that is, designed to fit every student’s learning preference.

If you prefer studying in the morning or evenings, there are classes set at these hours for you to join. Teachers are state-certified and trained to offer experiential online learning to pupils and support students every step of the way to meet their respective goals.

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3.     iUniversity Prep

iUniversity Prep is one of the free online high schools in Texas and one of the highest performing virtual schools in Texas. The enrollment requirements for iUniversity Prep include student grades, audition, interview, and portfolio are critically assessed by the admissions office before students are admitted. The academy only serves Texas students in grades 5-12.

Rigorous academics, innovative teachers, and a collaborative community are some of the perks of iUniversity Prep. Students are provided with resources and support to enable them to create a complete academic experience.

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4.     Texas Virtual Academy at Hallsville (TVAH)

Texas Virtual Academy is a full-time free online school in Hallsville serving Texas students in grades 3-12. It is one of the free online high schools in Texas dedicated to inspiring and empowering students through an educational experience tailored to each child’s needs.

The online programs at TVAH are flexible, allowing pupils to learn anywhere they are comfortable enough to learn. When you enroll, you will receive free textbooks and other learning materials delivered to your doorstep. The teachers are state-certified and will guide your child every step of the way to ensure they meet their educational goals.

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5.     Texas Online Preparatory School

Texas Online Preparatory School is one of the free online high schools in Texas to serve students in grades 3-12. This online academy utilizes a personalized program of engaging courses, caring teachers, and an active, supportive school community to challenge students to achieve their potential.

One of the perks of this academy is that students can start earning college credits while still in high school, this is an advantage for students who want to go on to college. There is a mandatory physical meeting between parents and staff.

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6.     eSchool Prep

eSchool Prep is one of the free online high schools in Texas serving Texas students in grades 5-12. The school creates a convenient virtual learning community geared toward connection, collaboration, and college and career development. The rigorous curriculum is designed for high-performing students to meet student needs and help them become the best version of themselves.

To apply, there are certain requirements that students need to meet. These requirements are:

  1. Proof of academic success demonstrated on the final report of transcript
  2. On grade level
  3. Passed previous STARR exams
  4. Students must be in good standing and discipline
  5. Provide all necessary documents for enrollment
  6. Be an active participant in the enrollment conference
  7. Possess online learning tools and materials
  8. Applicants must be residents of the state of Texas

Whenever you want to apply and find out it is closed, you can contact the school to enquire about the next enrollment date.

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7.     Texas Virtual Tech Academy (TVTA)

This is one of the free online high schools in Texas serving Texas students in grades 3-12. Features of the academy are an engaging curriculum designed to meet the demands of all students, Texas certified teachers with experience in online teaching and a vibrant online learning environment with all the support your need to excel in your academic endeavors.

Students’ eligibility requirements are determined by Texas state laws, the Texas Education Agency, and the Texas Virtual Schools. Applicants must reside within the state of Texas.

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8.     Lone Star Virtual Academy

On our final list of free online high schools in Texas is Lone Star Virtual Academy. The academy is a full-time online public school serving students in grades 3-12 living in Texas. The curriculum is customized to all student’s unique learning styles and paces.

Lone Star Virtual Academy prepares students for the next phase of their life, whether it is college or entering the workforce.

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This wraps up the post on free online high schools in Texas. If at the time you are reading this post and are interested to enroll in one of these schools but you couldn’t at that moment because it is closed for enrollment, you can contact the admission office to enquire about the next enrollment date.

Free Online High Schools in Texas – FAQs

How can I homeschool in Texas for free?

Parents can homeschool their children which would be free but if you need a tutor, then you will need to pay whatever the tutor charges.

Is high school free in Texas?

There are both free and paid high schools in Texas. The public high schools are free and every child in Texas is eligible to apply.

Is online high school legal in Texas?

Yes, online high schools are legal in Texas.