5 Best Free Online High School Courses in Ontario

This post provides a wealth of information on the free online high school courses in Ontario. Middle school students can try out the courses to see what high school is like and current high school students can also take the courses to improve their knowledge of a particular subject.

Ontario is a province in Canada and is home to Ottawa, the capital of Canada. The province has many attractions including Parliament Hill’s Victorian architecture and the National Gallery which attracts tourists from different parts of the world.

Do you know what else attracts people to Ontario? The universities and colleges there. A host of universities in Ontario accepts international students, this, therefore, attracts students from different parts of the world to pursue an academic degree at one of its prestigious higher institutions.

Just like any other province or state, Ontario has its share of high schools, as well as universities and colleges. Some of these high schools have joined the trend of online learning and are now offering some or all of their courses online. I’m sure the Ontario high schools took the whole online learning practice seriously due to the pandemic but they haven’t stopped it since then and most of these courses are still available online.

Online learning, after all, has more advantages over traditional learning so, I do not blame these schools for stopping it. When you learn online, there is a higher amount of concentration compared to when you learn in class since there will be a lesser amount of distraction.

Also, when you are learning online, you can combine it with other activities, you can learn from anywhere that is convenient for you and I mean, literally anywhere, and you will always have access to the course content or material just in case there’s a topic or subject that you keep forgetting, you can easily go back the material and refresh your memory.

Furthermore, online learning is self-paced, meaning you can start whenever you like and finish at your own time and they are faster to complete. It is also in online education that you can find free courses which aren’t possible in a traditional school where you need to pay tuition fees. These and more are the benefits of online learning.

The free online high courses in Ontario can be taken by anyone, they’re always there for you to access whenever you want. If you are in Canada or Ontario precisely and want to transition into high school, you can take the free online high school courses in Ontario. If you’re already in high school and want to learn more on a topic and build your understanding, I hope you will find it in one of the free online courses in Ontario listed here.

For adults or others preparing for the GED test, you can combine free online GED classes with these free online courses in Ontario so that you can have more materials to practice with and increase your chances of passing the test once. In preparation for the GED test, you may want to check our post on free online math courses for adults with certificates.

What is a High School in Ontario?

A high school in Ontario can also be called senior high school or secondary high school, which runs from Grade 9 to 12 marking the end of compulsory education in Canada. Typically, high schools prepare students for life after school whether students want to continue to higher institutions, vocational training, or take up a job.

The oldest age for a high school student is 18 years old and if you’ve passed this age and are not able to get a high school diploma you can take the GED or you can check our post on free high school diploma online at no cost for adults and see how you can still get a high school diploma even after dropping out of high school.

Can I Get Diploma Credit from Online Courses in Ontario?

Yes, you can get a diploma credit from online courses in Ontario but the platform that offers the diploma has to be an accredited one, like the Virtual High School (VHS).

Requirements for Ontario Secondary School Diploma Credits

The following are requirements to earn a high school diploma credit in Ontario:

  1. Earn a total of 30 credits, that is, 18 compulsory credits and 12 optional credits
  2. Pass the literacy requirement
  3. Earn a minimum of two online learning credits
  4. Complete, at least, 40 hours of community involvement activities.

Free Online High School Courses in Ontario

The free online high school courses in Ontario are:

  • Preparing for Grade 9 Math
  • Developing Effective Learning Skills
  • Fostering Digital Literacy
  • Supporting Mental Health
  • University Writing Prep

1.     Preparing for Grade 9 Math

On our first list of free online high school courses in Ontario is the course, Preparing for Grade 9 Math. It is offered by the Ontario Virtual School, a fully accredited online high school. This course is offered completely online, allows you to start anytime, and is also free. Aside from your zeal to learn, there is no prerequisite to joining the course.

Now, if you are in Grade 8 transitioning to Grade 9 and do not want any surprises specifically in math, taking this course will help you prepare for what is ahead, clear out any surprises, and help you quickly and easily understand Grade 9 math when you’re finally a Grade 9 student. By taking this course, you will develop your understanding of math topics such as algebra, analytic geometry, measurement, and geometry.

If you are still in middle school and still struggling with math, we have two helpful resources that improve your math skills. First is the post on free online math courses for middle school and the other, which anyone can make use of, is the post on online web tools that are helpful in solving math.

You can also take the course if you are already a Grade 9 student and haven’t fully understood the mathematical concepts above. If you’re preparing for the GED test, you can also take this course as Grade 9 math is sure to pop out in the questions.

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2.     Developing Effective Learning Skills

True, this isn’t a school course but from the description, you should already know that taking this class will help you improve on all other learning aspects which also includes the courses you take either in the classroom or online and even in life. That is just how far you can apply the skills you get from this course. This way, geometry, calculus, basic science, essay writing, etc. will become easier for you to grasp and pass tests, assignments, and projects without fuss.

The course explores five different note-taking methods so that you can choose your own style, and also review various writing strategies. Doing this will equip you with effective reading and test-taking skills, note-taking, study skills, and e-learning skills and increase your confidence level concerning school. This is one of the best free online high school courses in Ontario that you should put at the top of your list.

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3.     Fostering Digital Literacy

This is also one of the free online high school courses in Ontario offered by Ontario Virtual School. In this course, you will be learning about the virtual world and digital tools and how you can use them to improve your academic life. These days, kids in high school already own a smartphone, a computer, and super-fast internet at their disposal, which wasn’t available during my time in the 90’s.

These tools – smartphones, computers, and the internet – make learning really easy and when utilized properly can boost your school life. You will learn how to make effective research, explore the concept of netiquette, learn to communicate properly through email, and be educated on the dangers of plagiarism through this free online course.

This may not be a school-taught course but partaking in it will give you skills that will make school courses easy for you to grasp. With the knowledge you gain here, school work like assignments and projects will be easy for you to complete because you now know the right tools for World Wide Web research that will be effective for that school work.

Finally, this course will help you develop online learning skills that will allow you to be a confident and active online learning student in the future.

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4.     Supporting Mental Health

Supporting Mental Health is one of the free online high school courses in Ontario offered by Ontario Virtual School. This free online course explores the importance of practicing good mental health and keeping a healthy mind during school and exam stress. High school students are known to go through a lot of stress and pressure both at home, at school, and online.

The course will also teach students how to protect themselves online, create a digital identity, learn how to use social platforms for professional purposes and manage associated risks, help students recognize their own behaviors, develop self-management skills to cope with stress, and explore what you should do if you are in a crisis situation or experiencing cyberbullying.

By developing a positive mental health, there is no way you won’t be able to maintain an outstanding academic performance.

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5.     University Writing Prep

I mentioned earlier that high school prepares students for higher institutions and in this course, you will experience it. This course is one of the free online high school courses in Ontario offered by Ontario Virtual School and will help you develop a writing skill that will take you into higher institutions.

One of the major requirements for gaining admission into a university or college is an essay or personal statement. Whichever it is, you need to write engaging content that will make the admissions officer approve of you and offer you admission into your preferred program.

Enrolling in this course will develop your skills in essay writing, writing a research paper, university assignments, and workplace writing. This course will serve you before entering university, while in the university, and while working after school. If you are looking to refine and improve your writing skills, then this course is for you.

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This wraps up the free online high school courses in Ontario, unfortunately, there aren’t many of them that are free. However, you can visit TVO ILC and browse through the list of cheap online high school courses. The price of these courses ranges from $40 to $100.

Free Online High School Courses in Ontario – FAQs

Are all free online high school courses in Ontario non-credit?

The free online high school courses in Ontario are non-credit.

What is the benefit of non-credit online high school courses?

The benefit of non-credit classes is that they offer personal development and intellectual growth opportunities allowing students to expand their minds and learn new information about areas of interest. Students get to examine, analyze, and research topics for fun.