Universities in Ontario Canada for International Students

Below, you will find a list of universities in Ontario Canada for international students with their basic details and tuition fees coupled with other basic info about studying in Ontario as an international student.

Canada is one of the places in the world where students who seek an affordable yet good education apply to every year. There are endless possibilities in finding study options in Canada and it has become an ideal place for higher education studies.


About Studying in Ontario Canada for International Students

Canada helps you to better embrace a diverse and cosmopolitan environment. Due to the large immigration of international students and workers into Canada yearly, students get to be surrounded by a large multi-cultural environment both in classrooms and outside; there are so many people of different ethnicity at the same time.

We put up this article basically to give you valid information as regards universities in Ontario Canada for international students that you may certainly want to apply to.

Canada is one of the safest countries in the world with a low rate of crime and Ontario is one of the most interesting places in Canada. Global News recently recorded Canada to be the second country in the world with the highest quality of life.

For so many students seeking to study abroad in Canada, Ontario province might be the place you’ve been searching for. The Ontario environs is just serene and such a thrill to behold. There are a good number of top universities in the province which are rated topmost in world university rankings and this is a plus for the degrees, diplomas, or certificates gotten from any university in Ontario.

To add to these, the Canadian study curriculum is currently recognized as one of the best in the world.

So many universities in Ontario always have seats for international students but for an international applicant to stand a chance, he or she has to meet the required standards and the English proficiency requirement before he or she can be considered.

Applying as an international student, you must follow the required procedure in sending in your application which is not always the same for all schools in Ontario. The admission application procedures differ according to schools and so no two universities might have the exact same application process.

Application fees vary according to schools and in most cases must be paid electronically before an application must be submitted. Different schools have different application commencement dates to give the applicants the freedom to choose when to begin their programs.

  • Fall term – August/September
  • Winter term – January
  • Spring term – May

Depending on your country of residence, the process of trying to obtain a study permit may take anywhere between one to nine months, and your passport and other travel documents should have been ready to apply for a study permit.

In cases where it seems difficult to fund your studies as an international student in Ontario, you can work to fund your way through college in situations as:

  • Employed on-campus
  • Employed off-campus (this however requires an off-campus work permit)
  • Employed as part of a course of study, such as a work term during the year, as in cooperative programs.

Universities in Ontario Canada for International Students

There are a lot of universities you might want to check out in Ontario but the top of the list of schools in Ontario that are quite good for international students are listed below.

  • University of Toronto
  • York University
  • Carleton University
  • University of Waterloo
  • University of Windsor

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is the best university in Ontario Canada for international students and it is also believed to be the largest university in the whole of Canada

It was established way back in 1827 and has consistently grown to emerge first in Canada and top in the world statistics now. The school has a great diversity of programs it offers, perhaps even more than any other Canadian university.

Going by available stats, the school is the most preferred choice for international students, maybe because of its reputation in academics and sports. It currently has more than 15,000 international students drawn from over 150 nations of the world.

The cost of schooling at the University of Toronto for both domestic and foreign students is not outrageous considering the high reputation of the school.

Undergraduate tuition fees range from $27,240 – $35,280 while graduate tuition fees range from $19,550 – $28,260. Residential housing cost $12,258 – $15,467. There are lots of places of excitement around, the landscape is quite nice and serene.

York University

York University is one of the popular universities in Ontario Canada for international students. It is the second largest university in Ontario and the third largest in Canada.

The University was founded in 1959 and in so short a time, quite unlike some universities, has already risen to heights unimaginable.

The exciting thing about York University is that for a school with such facilities as York University, the fees are just so low. The number of international students at this university amounts to about 11,000 young individuals from about 178 countries.

It is ranked to be the only university in Canada with Space Engineering and undergraduate global health programs.

The school is also renowned for its famous law school, Osgoode Hall Law School. Fees are relatively low at York University as earlier stated. Undergraduate fees range between $20,012 – $22,976, while graduate tuition range from $13,060 – $14, 042.

There are many good residential houses for students who don’t want to live on campus with a yearly rentage range of between $5,356 and $7,958. Most of these off-campus residences are quite close to the school.

Carleton University

Carleton University is one of the top universities in Ontario Canada for international students located at the heart of Ontario in Ottawa.

The school is quite popular in Canada and it is getting even more popular among international students. Within the past decade, there has been an increase by over 40% of the population of international students in this school.

It is a good choice for those graduating from a private high school in Toronto but still dreading winters. The school offers relief of 5 kilometers of underground tunnels which are linked to the university buildings.

The fees at Carleton are just as good. Undergraduate students pay from $20,012 – $22,976, graduate tuition fees are from $13,060 – $14,042 while residential housing which may even include meals goes from $10,544 – $12,869.

University of Waterloo

When you hear of the University of Waterloo, it probably might be you hearing about its glowing reputation in research and innovation.

As one of the best universities in Ontario Canada for international students, the school has once been ranked as the most innovative university in the whole of Canada.

Science and engineering programs at the University of Waterloo are top-notch, her students are known even across Canada for outstanding performances in research and useful innovation.

The school has a record population of about 5000 international students who are from about a hundred and twenty countries around the world.

Fees at the University of Waterloo are moderately good for the common man. Undergraduate tuition ranges from $20,860 – $22,156 while graduate fees fluctuates between $12,392 – $12,516. Residential housing for students is between $2,214 – $3,701.

University of Windsor

The University of Windsor is one of the best universities in Ontario Canada for international students.

It is quite popular with international students who form a huge percentage of the student body. Its center for engineering renovation was just completed recently and has put the school on a higher pedestal than it was.

The University of Windsor is one with ultramodern facilities essential for adequate and effective learning of the students.

Undergraduate fees are between $17,000 – $19,000, graduate tuition fees are between $19,650 – $19, 695. The residential fees range from $5,788 – $7,500.


For several reasons, Ontario is one of the most popular places in Canada among international students who speak English.

We created this article to throw light on universities in Ontario for international students, relating the basic information about the schools and their average tuition fee range for undergraduate and graduate programs.


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