10 Best Art Schools In Japan

Are you an art lover, interested in studying arts in one of the best art schools in Japan? Then this article is for you. You will be provided with information on the best schools in japan that offers art courses favorable for both international and domestic students.

Art is diverse, it’s an expression of our thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires. It can be used sometimes for the purpose of communicating our ideas, self-expression on how we experience our world can be used as a form of therapy or even a means to find beauty in life.

Just like art schools in new jersey, Japanese art schools also educate its student on creativity, confidence, problem-solving skills, and arts that explores Japanese culture.

The Japanese art style is called NIHONGA. It is a Japanese painting that is not widely known or recognized. But the most popular type of art in Japan is CALIGRAPHY and it is admired by most artists.

What Is The Average Cost Of Art School In Japan

The average cost of art schools in Japan ranges from Y1,430,6660 to Y1,515,660 yearly. The Japanese culture is spectacular when it comes to art and students looking out to pursue higher education in art should consider studying in Japan.

There are lots of art schools in Japan and they are comparatively cheap compared to the US tuition fee. There are also scholarship programs for both international/domestic students.

Requirements For Art Schools In Japan For International & Domestic Students

Below are some of the requirements or eligibility criteria to be considered while sending in your application to art schools in japan

⦁ A valid passport
⦁ A complete 12 years of formal education in your home country
⦁ Accredited high school diploma
⦁ Documents to prove an ability to afford the cost of living, studying, and health insurance during the time of the study.
⦁ Recommendation letters from past teachers and professors
⦁ Health certificate
⦁ A letter of good standing from the minister of internal affairs from your home country.
⦁ Pass the university entrance exams
⦁ Pass a TOEFL exam

Do Art Schools In Japan Accept International Students

Yes, art schools in Japan accept international students. In fact, there are lots of international students in Japan, all they need to do to gain acceptance is ensure they have certificates that tell they already have a basic knowledge of formal education and check out the requirements for art students.

Japan is considered a safe country for international students, it is also a popular study abroad guide that offers wholesome adventure courses for international students engaging them with fun Japanese culture.

The educational system in Japan is amazing, the country is ranked among one of the best in performing literacy/reading. It is also the world’s third-largest economy, what this means is that international students studying here are opportune to gain employment.

After a period of time, students studying in art school in japan tend to foster a self-discovery/adventurous spirit. As an international student, sharing your experience with your fellow students help you develop a long-term friendship with them and a stronger connection.

art schools in japan

10 Best Art School In Japan

1.Tsukuba International University

This is an art school in Japan with an acceptance rate of 32% and offers degrees in associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degree,s and doctoral degrees in all art-related programs.

The institution has an enrollment of 15,525 students, offers 4,750 full employment opportunities to graduates of the school, and admission requirements to gain acceptance include the following, a certificate showing you have graduated from high school, and a nonrefundable registration fee form of 282,000 JPY, and a pass from the school entrance examination.

The cost of tuition fee for both international and domestic students is 535,800 JPY per annum


2. Musashino Art University

This is an art school in Japan that comprise the college of arts and design carried out in 10 departments. Students are taught creative thinking which the college believes will be of great help to their careers.

There are art-related courses on the following; painting, sculpture, visual communication, industrial/interior craft design, architecture, the science of design, and many more.

Admission Requirements:
⦁ Applicants must pass entrance exams
⦁ Submit recommendation letters from past tutors
⦁ Submit personal documents with a passport photograph
⦁ Documents to prove that you could afford the tuition fees, cost of living, and other dues
The cost of studying in this art school is quite expensive, a year of bachelor’s studies will cost at least 20,000 USD while the master’s degree cost 20,000 USD

The academic makeup of the school includes 699 teachers, academic staff, and students participating in the university’s international exchange programs


3. Tama Art University

This art school in Japan offers courses on balancing work/ceramics activities, painting, metal modeling, character designing, fashion designers, award-winning animation, incorporation of carbon fiber, sculpturing, and many more.

The cost of studying in this school is expensive, at the time of registration students are expected to pay a sum of 270,000 USD, a tuition fee of 593,500 USD, a facility fee of 175,000 USD, and a maintenance fee of 25,000 USD, and project fee of 16,000 USD.


4. Tohoku University Of Art & Design

This is an art school in Japan where over 10,000 graduates are active in various places in society. Art courses offered in this school include the following Cultural Conservative Restoration, Historical Heritage, Literary Arts, Japanese painting courses, fine arts and sculpture, Art department print courses, fine arts, fine art textiles, and comprehensive art courses.

For more inquiries, information on entrance exams, admission policy, undergraduate recruitment requirements, acceptance points for entrance exams, application guidelines, and cost of study, check out the link below.


5. Kyoto City University Of Arts

This is an art school in Japan that specializes in Art courses like Fine Arts and Music. The School contributes greatly to the creativity of its students in the fields of art, designs, and crafts. They reinforce cross-education that is highly professional for their students.

Fine arts departments are further divided into painting, sculpturing, printmaking, concept & media planning, visual designs, environmental designs, product designs, ceramics, dyeing and weaving, the general science of arts, and many more.

Kyoto city university of arts is one of the art schools in Japan that offers admission to both international and domestic students, programs/degrees made available for international students around the world include, undergraduate programs, non- undergraduate programs, graduate school masters programs, graduate school doctoral program and exchange programs.

Important application requirements for graduate school of arts include the following: aspiring students must pass the Japanese language proficiency test 2 and provide documents of a Japanese language proficiency test certificate of results and test scores.

The cost of enrollment in KCUA ranges from 84,600 yen – 482,000 yen while the yearly cost of tuition fee is 535,800 yen.


6. Osaka University Of Arts

This art school in Japan offers art courses for various degrees. The college ensures that its students are given the absolute best education and best campus experience

They engage their students in competition, campus vocal contests, and advanced media communication courses. They provide job opportunities for their students for life after school.
For further information on admission requirements and tuition fees, check out the link below.


7. Okinawa Prefectural University Of Arts

This is an art school in Japan that runs undergraduate and graduate programs on art-related courses, the school helps students to actualize their dreams, meet new people and learn about the Japanese culture.

The school is a student-centered school, it works with the students to help them actualize their dreams, and it emphasizes fieldwork providing students with opportunities to go out and learn practically in their field of interest.

International students are allowed to study at this university with an exchange agreement with many educational institutions, there are also employment opportunities provided for students after graduation.

Also, specialized staffs provide generous guidance for students from the first year to the fourth year.  Admission requirements have multiple processes but the most important is that applicants must submit their previous academic performance before they are issued admission and the cost of tuition fees can be found in the link below.


8. Waseda University

This art school in japan has an acceptance rate of 17%, student enrollment of 50, 221 and gives out full-time employment to 1,750 graduates from the school. They offer degrees on associate degrees, bachelor’s, and masters in art courses like design, painting, language, business, politics, and many more.

You will find other information that concerns admission requirements/ cost of the tuition fees in the link below.


9. Nagoya University

This art school in Japan has an acceptance rate of 41% and an enrollment of 16,376 students. The highest degree in this school is the master’s degree. In other to gain acceptance into this school, applicants must submit certificates to show they have graduated from high school and they must earn a pass in the school entrance examination.

The cost of tuition fees yearly is 267,900 JPY.


10. Ritsumeikan University

This art school in Japan with an acceptance rate of 36%  and the highest degree in this school is the bachelor’s degree offered in all art-related programs.

Most times students in this school are engaged in fun activities, and it’s a form of them showing off their skills and craft in art and it’s usually in schools on Ritsumeikan University Day.

To gain acceptance into the school applicants are excepted to submit their high school graduation certificate and they are to gain a pass in the school’s entrance examination.



Art School In Japan-FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Is Japan a good place for artists?” answer-0=”Yes, Japan is a good place for artists. Japan is one of the world’s premier destinations for art lovers due to its rich traditional culture and contemporary arts and architecture.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”What is the cheapest art schools In Japan?” answer-1=”The cheapest art in Japan is the Musashino art university, with a tuition fee as low as Y 1,185,000.” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]