10 Best Art Schools in Philadelphia

The art schools in Philadelphia are known to bring forth the best artistic skills in their students; they are highly regarded as the best breeding grounds for budding artists.

Art schools in Philadelphia are respected as they take the rich art history of the state and present same in their teachings to the next generation of budding artists; this is in the same light as the London art schools which transcribe the rich artistic spirit that surrounds London into the minds of the young artist through their teachings.

Arts is a way of life for those who have been blessed with the creative gifts associated with the field, but these skills—as with every other thing in life on earth—require nurturing and tutelage for them to blossom and be fully appreciated by the world; for this reason, the world of arts recognizes the German art schools—which are known to focus a lot on the growth and development of fledglings.

Some might argue that there are other forms of art and not just the generic form of art—paper and pencil form—and I agree, that art comes in various forms and each form requires those blessed with its gifts to have a place to nurture and grow them a prime place for anyone interested to start is with the world’s finest music schools.

Dancing is also a form of the artistic display having a myriad of forms with one of the most popular forms introduced to those interested in learning the fine skills at the world’s finest dancing schools; also for those within proximity, Lagos boasts some of the best dancing schools that teach students some of the contemporary and more modern dance styles which have imbibed in them the creative Nigerian dance spirit.

Average Cost of Art Schools in Philadelphia

On average, the cost of tuition for any of the art schools in Philadelphia ranges from $41,281 – $42,000 for public institutions. For Private art schools in Philadelphia, it is a different case entirely as they can cost upwards of $70,000.

Requirements to Enter Into any of the Art Schools in Philadelphia

The typical GPA at the Art Schools in Philadelphia is 3.15. GPA is required by the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Philadelphia’s Art Institute is currently selective. Be warned, though, that colleges in this GPA range frequently tighten their admissions standards to gain more “prestige.”

The Art Institute of Philadelphia application reviewers probably wish to raise the average GPA from 3.15 to 3.31 this year; because we can’t read their minds, we advise aiming for the 3.31 GPA to be safe.

Art Schools in Philadelphia

10 Best Art Schools in Philadelphia

1.      University of Pennsylvania

First on the list of best art schools in Philadelphia is the University of Pennsylvania, which is an elite university situated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

With 9,960 undergraduate students enrolled, it is a mid-sized university. Since only 8% of applicants are accepted to Penn, admissions are incredibly difficult. Finance, Economics, Management Sciences, and Information Systems are common majors. Alumni from Penn graduate in 96 percent of cases, and their beginning pay is $71,600.


2.      Swarthmore College

Located in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, Swarthmore is one of the more prestigious private art schools in Philadelphia. It is a modest university with 1,437 undergraduate students enrolled. Since only 9% of applicants are accepted to Swarthmore, admissions are incredibly tough.

Economics, information science, and biology are popular majors. Swarthmore graduates go on to earn a starting income of $38,300. 97 percent of them graduate.


3.      Moore College of Art & Design

Moore University has situated within its walls one of the finest private art schools in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 354 undergraduate students are enrolled, making it a tiny school. Considering that Moore’s acceptance rate is only 47%, admissions are quite competitive.

Illustration, graphic design, and fashion and apparel design are popular majors. Alumni of Moore University graduate at a rate of 55%, and their starting wage is $27,200.


4.      Haverford College

One of the best art schools in Philadelphia is Haverford College. Its 1,373 students benefit greatly from being part of a multicultural community that includes kids from almost every state as well as more than 40 foreign nations.

Of these students, 45% identify as persons of color, and more than 25% speak a language other than English at home. Haverford offers a demanding and personally individualized liberal arts education motivated by academic rigor, teamwork, and dedication to moral leadership. There is no other school where students are more respected, have more freedom to choose their path, or have a greater influence on the experience of the community as a whole.

Eight miles away from Haverford, Philadelphia offers a plethora of historical, cultural, and social opportunities, including top-notch museums, acclaimed dining establishments, professional sports teams, and art venues. Opportunities for education, volunteerism, employment, and internships abound in metropolitan settings.


5.      Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

From all around the nation and the world, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) draws some of the most talented art students.

They provide specializations in illustration, animation, printing, sculpting, painting, drawing, and our esteemed faculty of practicing artists. Our Philadelphia facility provides state-of-the-art art studio and classroom space, individual studios for students, a historical cast collection, and the chance to exhibit in a top-tier museum. Being both America’s first art school and museum, PAFA occupies a special position.


6.      Bryn Mawr College

The prestigious women’s college Bryn Mawr, which enrolls 1,380 students, is well known for its commitment to global involvement, diversity, and academic success.

On a storied campus just outside of Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr students discover rigorous coursework and research, close relationships with teachers, other students, and alumni, creative initiatives that link learning with action, and elite alliances that broaden their opportunities.

Alumni of Bryn Mawr are change-makers in every field via their critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork. They are also steadfast members of a community built on respect for others.


7.      University of the Arts

UArts is one of the more prestigious private art schools in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is a modest university with 1,342 undergraduate students enrolled. With a 74 percent acceptance rate, UArts admissions are difficult. Dance, music management, and illustration are popular majors. Alumni from UArts graduate in 57 percent of cases, and their beginning pay is $23,700.


8.      Temple University

Some of the most varied, ambitious, and motivated individuals from all over the country and the world are drawn to Temple University. In Philadelphia, Temple University offers more than 150 undergraduate majors from 17 schools and colleges, empowering students to explore, discover, and put their curiosity into action.

More than 37,000 students call Temple their home, which combines the benefits of a big research university with the individualized care of a small college. With the assistance of a distinguished faculty, academic advisers, and a diverse curriculum of more than 600 academic programs, students are immersed in a vibrant and supportive learning environment. Numerous student clubs and NCAA Division I sporting teams compete at Temple.


9.      University of Delaware

The Philadelphia Metropolitan Area’s Newark, Delaware is home to one of the most highly regarded public art schools in Philadelphia by the name University of Delaware. With 17,912 undergraduates enrolled, it is a sizable university.

The UD acceptance rate is 71%, making admissions a little tricky. Liberal arts and humanities, finance, and marketing are all well-liked degrees. A starting wage of $46,700 is earned by UD alumni, who graduate 82 percent of their peers.


10. Thomas Jefferson University

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Jefferson University is a reputable private institution. It is a modest university with 3,216 undergraduate students enrolled. Jefferson’s 66 percent acceptance rate makes admissions a little bit tough.

Nursing, family practice and pediatric nursing, and health service preparation studies are popular degrees. Alumni from Jefferson go on to earn a starting income of $42,100, with 70% of students graduating.


Art Schools in Philadelphia—FAQs

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