7 Culinary Schools in Rhode Island | Fees & Details

Anyone can cook, but it takes someone who has decided to go to culinary schools in Rhode Island to become a great cook. Because Rhodes Island is one of the few states in the United States that offer lots of savory selection of cuisine.

There are other states in the United States that are exceptional when it comes to culinary schools, some states like; New Jersey, Alabama, Colorado, and Pennsylvania.

A culinary degree can open lots of career benefits for you, including being hired as a chef or even starting your own business. 

Culinary schools in Vermont go beyond teaching you how to cook, you will also be able to learn Customer Service skills; when you work in their restaurants and attend to customers, and teamwork; when you’re given a task to work with your fellow students. Leadership skill; when you are appointed to lead a cooking competition in the class.

Companies are always on the lookout for chefs, and one thing that happens with those that apply for a cooking role in a company is both those that didn’t get a degree (but can cook) and those that got a culinary degree, apply for the same role.

The employer will consider those that have a degree first before others because the degree holder will bring lots of expertise to the table, he has already worked with some professional chefs, and is ready to cook for a long time. Rather than someone that knows how to cook (which is fine) but can decide to quit the job in pursuit of another career.

Culinary schools in Rhode Island can take you from just being an at-home cook to becoming a professional cook. In fact, the professional chefs you would be working with are likely to connect you to lots of job opportunities, especially if you’re a brilliant and good student.

I would advise you if you want to get a degree in culinary, try your best to work in a kitchen for a while because this will help you to decide if a degree in cooking is the right choice for you. Or you can take a culinary short class, which can help make you a better cook and also help you decide if a degree is a right step.

The beauty of this article is that we combined both a degree and short culinary schools in Rhode Island. Most importantly, the short classes have also helped some students grow to become professional chefs, and teachers, and even open their own businesses.

Also, you can enroll your kids in a culinary short class, it will help broaden their desire in the kitchen, improve their teamwork, and boost their confidence. Now, let’s go deep to see culinary schools in Rhode Island.

culinary schools in Rhode Island

Culinary Schools in Rhode Island


1. Johnsons and Wales

JWU is one of the culinary schools in Rhode Island that was established in 1914. Most importantly, more than 90% of their students receive institutional scholarships and/or grants from the University.

JWU Works on your passion to build your cooking career, their great professionals truly care about your cooking passion and are ready to teach and work with you till it becomes a strong career. Their amazing culture helps to push students to go beyond their limits.

This push has made them produce lots of great cooks in the United States and the world at large. This is one of the culinary schools in Rhode Island where the program gives you opportunities to engage with other students and you get to eat your food and others which makes it a lot of fun.

With your degree from JWU, you can readily be accepted in so many culinary industries, whether it’s becoming a chef for a sports team, working in a restaurant, or becoming a research and development chef for an international food company. Or you can even start your own bakery or food business.

Your choices are limitless with a degree at Johnsons and Wales University. In fact, JWU has had a 96.8% career outcome rate. That is, most of their students are either employed or started their own businesses.

With the help of expert chef-instructors, you’ll be able to learn the craft of culinary arts by working in their top-notch labs, which will make you one of the best cooks. JWU is one of the culinary schools in Rhode Island that their bachelor’s degree will start by teaching you the fundamentals of food preparation.

Then from there, they would enter deeper into mastery of a specific culinary industry such as pastry and bakeshops, Garde manger, wine and beverage labs. Further, the school will teach you the business side of cooking, which is rarely done in other schools.

They will teach you the financial part of growing your business, how to master human resources, and become a good leader. Their courses are structured to make you a great, competent chef when you’ve graduated.


Their tuition and fees vary between US residents and international students. Also, as I said earlier, JWU is one of the culinary schools in Rhode Island where 90% of their students are under scholarships or/and grants.

Program Requirements

  • It takes 2 years to complete the culinary program at J&W.
  • Students must pass a national exam that is recognized by the conference for food protection as a graduation requirement.
  • For international students intending to attend culinary school in J&W, you should visit here for more inquiry.

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2. TasteBuds Kitchen

TasteBuds have no age bracket for those they will teach to cook. There are cooking classes for kids, families, and adults. In fact, if your kid is 2 years old, he/she is welcome to be trained by this great culinary school.

Or, if you have a grandparent that is up to 99 and still wants to learn how to cook from professionals, please the door is open for them in TasteBuds Kitchen.

TasteBuds Kitchen is one of the culinary schools in Rhode Island that offers kids cooking camps which will be perfect to help your kid to become a confident cook at a young age. Just like every other camp, this one will help them to make new friends and improve their teamwork.

Your kids can join their lovely cooking class, and/or you can join too. They have beautiful classes for you, and you can come with your friends to make it more fun.


    • Kids cooking camps
      • $60 per day
      • 3 hours
      • Ages 4-teen participants
    • Kids cooking classes
      • $30-$45 per class
      • 1-2 hours
      • Ages 2-teen participants
  • Cooking for School Groups
      • $20-$30 per student
      • 1-2 hours duration
      • Ages 3-teen participants
      • Up to 36 group size
  • Adult Cooking Classes
      • $65 per person
      • 2 hours
      • Ages 18+ participants
  • Private Events
      • $54 to $69 per person
      • 2+ hours
      • Up to 30 group size
  • Corporate Cooking Events
      • $69 Per Person
      • 2 & 2.5 hours
      • Up to 30 group size
  • Private Cooking Lessons
    • $125 Per Person
    • 2 hours
    • 2+ participants

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3. Professor Chef

Professor Chef is one of the culinary schools in Rhode Island that has won the longest continually operating cooking school. Professor Chef made their teaching kitchen void of no professional kitchen equipment.

This is to make it possible for you to easily replicate the same lesson you learned in the class, at home. Your instructor, Chef Phil will give you the option to sit down and watch him cook, or you can choose to assist with the cooking.

Your instructors are very friendly and they are ready to attend to you in case of any difficulty or question. This is one of the culinary schools in Rhode Island where your instructors go beyond the recipe class, they will show you how to make your meal preparation easy and fun.

They will also give you some tips on how to shop for the right ingredients and maintain fresh food. Your instructor, Chef Phil has 3 degrees from JWU and has been an instructor in the school, so you know you’re learning from an expert.

In this class, you’ll be having one-on-one cooking personal training with him and his wife, you can bring your friends along.


  • $180 for 2 students
  • $240 for 4 students
  • $300 for 6 students

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4. Food and Truth

This is one of the culinary schools in Rhode Island that offer cooking summer camps for kids and teens. 

Their fit2cook4kids is an extraordinary cooking camp that is a week long. Where your kids can join in the adventure of combining food, fitness, communication, and leadership skill to build confidence and self-esteem.

Due to its competence, CNBC featured their camp in their Health Check Kids. They said that the camp is one that preaches a lot about healthy cooking and does it as well.

You’ll see in the video how kids are very busy cooking together in this 1-week summer camp. You’ll hear kids speaking of how fun and educative it is to learn from the instructors and their fellow students as well. 

Their Registration fee is around 20$

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5. Chef Walters Cooking School

This is one of the culinary schools in Rhode Island that offers evening classes from 6 pm, and workshops by 10 am and it lasts for 2.5 to 3hours. The timing might still change according to events and requests.

In the classes, they will supply all the ingredients, cooking equipment, and recipes, but you have to bring your own apron or even purchase their $20 Chef Walters Cooking Apron. You can also go for a private class, where you can come with your friend(s) and learn or invite your instructor to your house to teach you.

You can choose to specifically learn how to cook for couples or learn Italian cookery. Their ingredients are fresh which makes your meal more delicious and healthy.

There are 4 types of classes offered by Chef Walters Cooking School, they are;

  • Recreational Cooking Classes
  • Culinary Workshop
  • In Your Home Class
  • Corporate Team Building

 It’s located at 162 Mayfield Avenue, Cranston RI 02903.

The prices differ according to the class and number of students.

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6. Newport Cooks

This is one of the culinary schools in Rhode Island that is for kids and adults. They are in the vision of teaching everyone to cook one good cook at a time.

And they do that by teaching you how to prepare a meal during your birthday that you and your friends can enjoy. You can also learn to prepare a new meal for that big party or even cook a fine delicacy for your business team.

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Built out of inspiration from your instructor’s 8-year-old son. Her kids love cooking and have always been helping out with cooking in the kitchen.

So when her old kid wanted to attend a cooking school, there was non that was close to her, then she decided to open one for her community. Which is located at 691 Main Street. Warren, RI 02885

She has a bachelor’s degree in restaurant management from Southern New Hampshire University and has cooked for years till she had to settle for family life. Made By Me is meant to be a fun cooking school for children.

The class is a 4-week session offered for kids from 5 years and above. This class will teach children how to correctly handle knives, how to cook and delicious recipes, and each class runs for 1.5 hours.

It is allowed for parents to stay and watch their kids prepare their delicious meals, or they could drop them off and come back later to pick them up.

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