10 Best Short Courses For Pastors

Are you looking for short courses you can take to learn more about Christianity or how to play your role as a pastor or spiritual leader better? Then, stay glued to this article as it contains vital mini-courses that you can enroll in, and get what you want.

Pastors play significant roles in the lives of individuals or members of the church, and so should from time to time, enroll in training to make them more equipped in carrying out their pastoral roles. This should not be neglected as one little mistake in the church can cause unimaginable things.

We have training like pastoral certificate programs, online bible courses, and many others. One cool thing about these programs is that some of them are offered freely, and can be taken using online platforms.

In this article, I have carefully compiled the best short courses for pastors and spiritual leaders. I urge you to read through with keen attention so as to get a full insight into the courses.

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Short Courses For Pastors

Here are the best short courses meant for pastors to enroll in. They are prepared to broaden or give pastors an in-depth understanding of Christianity.

It is important to note that our data is gotten from deep research about the topic from several websites.

  • EnVision: God’s mission. Our role
  • Course In Biblical Study & Christian Ministry
  • Formation For Priesthood
  • Short Course Program For Lay Preachers- Trinity College Queensland
  • Short Courses- Westminster College
  • Course In Practical Theology
  • One-Year School Of Mission
  • SY201 – Methods Strategy Of Church Planting
  • Women’s Program
  • Theology

1.      EnVision: God’s mission. Our role

This is the first short courses for pastors on our list. It is meant for Christians who want to learn/ know more about missions and how to relate with different cultures. EnVision is a group study resource for churches and Christian organizations that makes use of online materials, personal reflection, video, discussion, etc., to understand more about God’s mission.

The program has 4 sessions which are: what is the mission? What is culture? What is the cross-cultural mission? What are the next steps? It is important to note that these four sessions can be done in weekly meetings or be exhausted in just one meeting, depending on how your group chooses.

To get started, your church or organization will need to contact EnVision team using envision@allnations.ac.uk

2.      Course In Biblical Study & Christian Ministry

 Course in biblical study & Christian ministry is an online self-paced course offered by the International Career Institute. It aims at helping you to have an in-depth understanding of the scriptures and Christian faith and also teaches you better ways of playing the role of a pastor, educator, or spiritual leader.

The course outline cut across; Old Testament studies, New Testament studies, theological studies, the history of the Christian church, major religions of the world, etc. The duration of the program is 40 weeks and can be taken full-time or part-time.

3.      Formation For Priesthood

Formation for Priesthood is also one of the best short courses for pastors to enroll in, offered by the college of resurrection. The course aims at preparing you for ordained ministry in the church of England, the sister church within the Anglican communion, or other churches which have full communion with the Church of England.

The study format is on-campus, and the campus is located in the United Kingdom. The program is offered in the English language. To know the duration and tuition fee, you need to contact the school administrators.

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4.      Short Course Program For Lay Preachers- Trinity College Queensland

Short course program for lay preachers is the next on our list of best short courses for pastors. It is offered by Trinity College Queensland, and divided into four segments; theology, New Testament, Old Testament, and preaching.

These short courses are meant to complete the academic requirements of a lay preacher certificate, and also the additional preaching requirements within the church and local presbytery. They can be taken as a series for five weeks or as a weekend intensive training or online.

At the end of the program, your presbytery will be notified of your graduation from the short course.

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5.      Short Courses- Westminster College

Westminster College also offers short courses of a duration of 3 to 5 days throughout the 2022/2023 academic year. The courses are for those who want to go deeper in the exploration of faith and discipleship, and also for those who are actively engaged in ordained or lay ministries.

The classes are taught by teaching staff at Westminster, with a class size of 5- 25 students. To register, you must submit the booking form that contains the course offerings and dates to the tutorial office, and then pay the course fee.

It is important to know that at the end of the program, you can choose to write a research paper or integrative essay if you wish to.

To get started, use the link provided below

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6.      Course In Practical Theology

Course In Practical Theology is offered by Princeton Theological Seminary. It focuses on helping you develop a theologically informed and skillful future ministry by training you in speech, communication, worship, preaching, and so on.

Generally, the program prepares Christian leaders to serve with integrity in churches or ministries that ranges from congregation to classroom, from spiritual practices to public service.

The mode of study is on-campus, and the campus is located in Princeton, USA. The duration and tuition fees can be gotten from the school administrators.

7. One-Year School Of Mission

One year school of the mission is another short course meant for pastors and spiritual leaders. This program is offered by Calvary Chapel Bible College. It is an intensive two semesters program whose duration is about one year.

The program is taught by instructors with years of experience in church planting, missionary service, and other areas of cross-cultural ministry. One year school of mission aims at providing students with opportunities to gain first-hand experience as well as a deeper understanding of the foundational principles of missions.

To get the cost of the tuition fee, please contact the school’s administrators.

8.      SY201 – Methods Strategy Of Church Planting

This is also one of the short courses for pastors and church leaders which provides an in-depth knowledge of church growth strategies used in churches today. The course is offered by the Baptist Bible College.

Students through this course are taught sound biblical strategies for pushing church growth in any church setting they find themselves. The mode of study is on-campus, and the campus is located in the United Kingdom.

9.      Women’s Program

The women’s program is a short course designed for women and offered by Bear Valley Bible Institute. In this program, women are taught how to recognize the responsibilities placed upon them by God. They will also understand the need to make out time to study the word, improve their ministry skills, become better wives and parents, and also learn how to evangelize.

The mode of study is on-campus and offered in the English language. Bear Valley Bible Institute is located in Sierra Leone.

10.  Theology

Theology is another short course on our list of short courses for pastors offered by Wyoming Catholic College. The course teaches theology as a true science in a systematic and comprehensive way. The study format is on-campus, and the campus is located in lander, USA.

To get the duration and tuition fee of the program, please contact the school administrators.

Short Courses For Pastors- FAQs

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about short best courses available for pastors. I have highlighted and answered the vital few. Go through them carefully.

What Courses Do You Have To Take To Become A Pastor?

To become a pastor, you need to take courses in world religions, the mystery of God, marriage and the church, old and new testaments, theology, etc.

What Are The Biblical Qualifications For A Pastor?

Pastors according to the bible are expected to be selfless, hospitable, respectful, gentle, and also be able to teach.