21 Short Term Courses with Job Guarantee in UK

Through this article, the short-term courses with job guarantee in UK, are going to be highlighted and talked about. So seat tight and read through!

There are thousands of courses that students or interested candidates take every day, so as to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge about them. Some of these courses take a few years to complete, while some take months before completion. Some others take a few days or a few hours before they are completed.

In the United Kingdom, these courses exist, whether long-term or short-term courses. Now, one of the most important things in learning a particular course is the ability of that course to earn you some money when the knowledge is applied where needed. There are job-oriented courses that one can take, after the 12th grade.

 Some of these courses may take time before you can complete the learning process and start earning, while some take short periods. This article is coming our way to intimate us about the various short-term courses with job guarantee in UK, particularly that one can learn and start earning cool cash from its application. Without further ado, let’s talk about these courses in the next section!

Short Term Courses with Job Guarantee in UK

 Short Term Courses with Job Guarantee in UK

There are numerous Short term courses in UK with Job Guarantee. I will be listing and talking about them in this section. They are as follows;

  • Fitness Instructor Courses
  • Hairdressing & Barbering Courses
  • Catering Courses
  • Photography Courses
  • Fashion Courses
  • Life Coaching Course
  • Nutrition Courses
  • Language Course
  • Hospitality Courses
  • Health & Safety Courses
  • Administrative Courses
  • Yoga Courses
  • Accounting Courses
  • Digital Marketing Courses
  • Human Resources Courses
  • Teaching Courses
  • Swimming Instructor Courses
  • Business Courses
  • I.T Courses
  • Construction Courses
  • Health & Care Courses

1.       Fitness Instructor Courses

This is the first on our list of short term courses with job guarantee in UK. This course has the potential to earn you a high living wage.  You can start with a level 2 gym instructor course which can be completed in 2 weeks, then you can go further to the level 3 personal training course. You can also take other fitness courses to get certified and as well get a job in UK after their completion

Potential job roles: Gym Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Bootcamp Instructor, Online Personal Trainer.

2.       Hairdressing & Barbering Courses

You can take hairdressing and barbering courses in the UK. The Academy of Hair and Beauty offers 1-day courses in Intermediate Cutting that are ideal for those looking to get a taste of the industry before undertaking their Level 2 & 3 qualifications. The London School of Barbering offers NVQ2 in Barbering that can be completed in 9 weeks for those who are looking for a nationally recognized qualification but are not ready to commit to NVQ3.

Potential job roles: Hairdresser, Barber, Celebrity hairdresser, Extension specialist.

3.       Catering Courses

If you’re a skilled home cook who wants to transfer your talent from your kitchen into a tangible career, a catering course would be the natural next step for you. City & Guilds offers great courses for those who have no formal training under their belt, such as the Level 1 diploma that gives you an introduction to professional cookery. Once you’ve completed this, you can move on to a Level 3 qualification and enter the industry.

Potential job roles: Restaurant Manager, Chef, Head Chef, Catering Manager.

4.       Photography Courses

Amongst the best short training courses to get a job in photography is the RPS Digital Photography Course developed in partnership with the Open University. It is aimed at beginner to intermediate photographers and is perfect for gauging whether this career path suits you. It is only a 10-week course, which means that you can gain an in-depth insight into the industry without committing to a 3-year degree course.

Potential job roles: Photographer, Press Photographer, Videographer, Multimedia Specialist.

5.       Fashion Courses

If you have a strong interest in fashion, one example of a short course provider that can help you to hone your existing skills, find your style of design and step into the industry is the Conde Nast College of Fashion & Design.

They run a variety of courses that cover all areas of the industry, from 1-week to 15-week courses, and even those that can be completed online. They also offer a huge variety of Bachelors and Masters fashion courses that you can view here

Potential job roles: Fashion Designer, Creative Assistant, Fashion Magazine Employee, Fashion Buying, Merchandising.

6.       Life Coaching Course

A life coach is someone who counsels and encourages clients through personal or career challenges. A life coach helps guide clients to reach their ultimate goals There are courses available for people that are interested in becoming a life coach. You can apply for any of them and start earning cool cash.

Potential job roles: Life Coach, Wellness Coach.

7.       Nutrition Courses

Nutrition courses are highly sought after as there are people who need guidelines on how to eat healthily and eat right, such as the elderly. You can take nutrition courses and pave the way to earn fully from them as you get clients needing your advice on nutrition issues.

Potential job roles: Nutritionist, Personal Nutritionist, Sports Nutritionist, Nutrition Coach.

8.       Language Course

Companies like Janets offer certified CPD training in a range of language courses that include an extensive module library and an exam. This allows for a pass rate of 60% or over, so you have a clear indication of your skill level in your chosen language.

Potential job roles: Language Teacher, Online Language Tutor, Air Hostess.

9.       Hospitality Courses

A hospitality job involves working in a service-oriented industry, such as tourism, lodging, events, transportation, or food and beverage, and performing tasks that foster a relationship with your company. You can take various levels of hospitality courses to qualify to do e job well and get paid.

Potential job roles: Restaurant Manager, Hotel Manager, Caterer, Front of House.

10.   Health & Safety Courses

Health and safety are very important in every field requiring physical abilities. You can take courses on health and safety to become a professional in a short period.

Potential job roles: Restaurant Worker, Hotel Worker, Construction Worker, Health and Safety Auditor.

11.   Administrative Courses

Administrative Courses are majorly taken by people who are interested in business. These courses help to equip the individual on what to do as an administrator in an organization.

Potential job roles: Administrator, PA Business Assistant, Receptionist, Data Entry Clerk.

12.   Yoga Courses

The purpose of yoga is to build strength, awareness, and harmony in both the mind and body. Yoga courses are short and can be taken to learn the basics of Yoga and also to become a professional.

Potential job roles: Yoga Instructor, Online Yoga Instructor, Yoga Teacher Trainer.

13.   Accounting Courses

If you are good with numbers and finance, then you should consider taking accounting Courses that will boost you up professionally and you earn from the practical application

Potential job roles: Accountant, Assistant Accountant, Freelance Accountant, Public Finance Accountant, Stockbroker, Secretary.

14.   Digital Marketing Courses

This is a well-sought-after skill in the world now. Digital Marketing is a course you can take within a short time and start applying your skills to make money.

Potential job roles: Digital Marketer, Email Marketer, SEO Specialist, PPC Marketer, Online Advertising Manager, and Social Media Manager.

15.   Human Resources Courses.

Human Resources is the department in charge of all employees and employee-related operations.  The human resources department is focused on the recruiting and retention of employees within a company. HR typically finds, hires (and fires), and trains employees. It oversees employee relations. It manages benefit programs. It’s the place an employee goes with questions about their position at the company, to address concerns, and to air grievances. You can take short courses in a short time and become a professional in the field and as well earn.

Potential job roles: HR Manager, Training Manager, Recruitment Officer, HR Assistant, HR Data Specialist.

16.   Teaching Courses

Teaching is a very popular and relevant career. You can take teaching courses online, depending on the level you want to attain within a short time. You can decide to teach in a school or offer private lessons to interested students.

Potential job roles: Teaching Assistant, Teacher.

17.   Swimming Instructor Courses

You can take swimming courses to be equipped with the knowledge and practical swimming skills. With this course, you can work and earn money within a short period

Potential job roles: Swimming Instructor, Assistant Swimming Instructor.

18.   Business Courses

These are short courses taken by people n a business organization or corporation. You can learn and advance in any field you are specialized in and earn money

Potential job roles: Business Manager, Retail Manager, Project Management.

19.   IT Courses

IT courses are highly sought after in this tech age. You can take these courses and become a professional in your field. They are also paid well in the practice of applying their knowledge.

Potential job roles: Admin, Network Support, Call Handler, Office Clerk.

20.   Construction Courses

Construction jobs are physical work and can be learned in a short period. Interested individuals will earn a lot from taking construction courses and applying them in different fields.

Potential job roles: Quantity Surveyor, Plumber, Joiner, Bricklayer, Labourer.

21.   Health & Care Courses

Healthcare courses are very relevant worldwide, as they are needed to ensure the good and healthy well-being of people and society. You can take these courses in a limited time and start earning from them.

Potential job roles: Nurse, Carer, Paramedic, Health Visitor, and Care Worker.


These short courses are readily available online at different websites for you to harness the opportunity to learn them and start earning big. Start now!