16 Best Paying Jobs in Electric Utilities Central

There are lots of best paying jobs in electric utilities central, you just need to know them and decide which area to focus on. And, the industry will continue to improve even in years to come.

You and I are seeing massive change and improvement in technology, homes and companies are now becoming more technically advanced, and even automobiles are not left out here. Annually, things that were done manually, are quickly advancing, and Electric Utilities central has a very big role to play in all of them.

Additionally, there are lots of jobs that complement this demand, whether you want to prepare for electrical engineering, or you just want to focus on some of the happiest jobs in America. Also, some of these professions don’t require much work to start your career, some degrees are easy to get your job.

Without further ado, let’s go ahead to list these top paying jobs in electric utilities central.

best paying jobs in electric utilities central

Best Paying Jobs in Electric Utilities Central

We couldn’t have compiled this list without the help of bls.gov, ZipRecruiter, Zippia, and CareerExplorer, so here is the list of them;

Best Paying Jobs in Electric Utilities CentralAnnual Average Salary
1. Nuclear Engineering$120,380
2. Senior Application Analyst$116,684
3. Senior Electrical Engineer$112,315
4. Substation Engineer$109,357
5. Software Engineer$109,020
6. Radiation Engineer$104,520
7. Electrical and Electronics Engineering$101,780
8. Pipeline Controller$95,042
9. Transmission Engineer$91,215
10. Power Distribution Engineer$89,724
11. Electrical Project Manager$87,000
12. Utilities Manager$86,929
13. Power System Dispatcher$83,000
14. Hydrogeologist$83,680
15. Hydroelectric Plant Operator$80,850
16. Electrical Lineman$77,257
best paying jobs in electric utilities central 

16. Electrical Lineman

Annual Average Salary (Zippia): $77,257

Electrical Lineman or Journeyman Lineman is responsible for building and installing electrical cables for utility operations. With your Bachelor’s Degree, you can start your career as an Electrical Lineman.

15. Hydroelectric Plant Operator

Average Annual Salary (CareerExplorer): $80,850

This is one of the best paying jobs in electric utilities central that specializes in creating electricity for hydroelectric power plants. They are responsible for making turbines, and generators, and ensuring much other equipment in power plants works well.

14. Hydrogeologist

Median Annual Salary (bls.gov): $83,680

Number of Jobs, 2021: 24,900

A Hydrogeologist is someone that specializes in the method the groundwater moves around the soil and rock. So your job is to manage the groundwater resources, monitor what happens beneath the water, make laws regarding the underground water, etc.

13. Power System Dispatcher

Annual Average Salary (ZipRecruiter): $83,000

Hourly Wage: $40

The Power System Dispatcher is responsible for the direction, controls, and monitoring of electric distribution from transmission lines to consumers.

12. Utilities Manager

Annual Average Salary (ZipRecruiter): $86,929

Hourly Wage: $42

An Utilities Manager supervises, manages, and coordinates utility services provided to residents in different locations.

11. Electrical Project Manager

Average Annual Salary (zippia): $87,000

An Electrical Project Manager supervises the installation of electrical systems and so many other electrical projects. So they are in charge of assigning tasks to other engineers and creating calculative budgets for projects.

Their responsibilities go beyond the normal electrical work, and that’s one of the reasons they are one of the best paying jobs in electric utilities central.

10. Power Distribution Engineer

Average Annual Salary (ZipRecruiter): $89,724

Hourly Wage: $43

This is one of the top paying jobs in electric utilities that involves researching, testing, designing, and maintaining electrical distribution systems. So they will be responsible for making sure all wiring systems are properly connected, and all electrical components function well.

9. Transmission Engineer

Average Annual Salary (Zippia): $91,215

Hourly Wage: $43.85

Transmission Engineers almost do similar works like Electrical Engineers, but their major focus is on the broadcast that is being transmitted. They can work in different sectors such as the power generation industry, the television industry, etc.

8. Pipeline Controller

Annual Average Salary (ZipRecruiter): $95,042

Hourly Wage: $45.69

As a Pipeline Controller, you’re responsible for all pipeline activities, whether it’s to avoid pipeline leaks, make sure the flow of oil is stable, or even plan for emergencies in case of any issue.

7. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Median Annual Wage (bls.gov): $101,780 

Hourly Wage: $48.93

Number of Jobs 2021: 303,800

Just like their name, they specialize in designing, testing, developing, and supervising electrical systems. Since their work is needed in so many areas they can work in aerospace, telecommunication, automotive, construction, oil and gas, IT, etc.

6. Radiation Engineer

Annual Median Salary (ZipRecruiter): $104,520

Hourly Wage: $50

A Radiation Engineer analyses the performance of equipment before and after they are exposed to radiation. They also go further to perform tests and come out with theoretical analysis.

Their work also involves supervising other engineers or staff members under them.

5. Software Engineer

Annual Average Salary (bls.gov): $109,020

Hourly Wage: $52.41

Number of Jobs: 1,622,200

A Software Developer is responsible for the designing and creation of computer systems and applications for solving real-world problems. You can see that this career is not just one of the best paying jobs in electric utilities central, it is also one of the fastest growing careers. 

4. Substation Engineer

Annual Average Salary (ZipRecruiter): $109,357

Hourly Wage: $53

As a substation Engineer, you’re responsible for designing and creating plans for power stations. They also have to work with other teams, to generate design drawings, calculate the proper size of cables, and even improve work with the help of application software.

3. Senior Electrical Engineer

Average Annual Salary (ZipRecruiter): $112,315

Hourly Wage: $54

The Senior Electrical Engineer’s role goes beyond designing, developing, and upgrading electrical components. They also have to manage and supervise other engineering staff members and make proper budgets necessary for projects.

2. Senior Application Analyst

Average Annual Salary (Glassdoor): $116,684

As a Senior Application Analyst, you oversee the intricacies of Information Technology. That means, you have to manage issues with software development, whether it’s testing them, or training staff members to properly use them. 

1. Nuclear Engineering

Median Annual Wage: $120,380 (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Number of Jobs: 13,900

Nuclear Engineering is one of the best paying jobs in electric utilities central, you can start your career even with a bachelor’s degree. A nuclear engineer is responsible for the production, researching, designing, and safe running of nuclear power or material.

For Instance, a nuclear engineer will be responsible for the designing of Nuclear Batteries, Fast Breeder Reactors, Gas-cooled Reactors, and Reactor Cores, and monitoring Nuclear Facilities.

So, as a nuclear engineer, there is a very high demand for your profession in so many fields whether it’s in the military, utility power generation, or even the medical field.


As you can see, there are lots of top paying jobs in electric utilities central, you just need to go through them to see which one to specialize on. And the good part is, you don’t even need a Master’s Degree in some of them, but having one has a lot of advantages.

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