Is Electric Utilities Central A Good Career Path?

Is electric utilities central a good career path? This is a typical question among individuals who want to enter the energy industry and if you are one of them, this blog post will offer you clear and direct answers. And if you are also looking for a field to get into, this is your chance to learn about careers in electric utilities central and consider getting into one. Let’s get started.

The energy sector is one of the largest, most diverse, and most important sectors in the world. You know, one of the biggest, or should I even say the biggest, invention made by man is electricity. And since its advent, man has come to rely so much on it. This is a sector – energy – that powers the entire world and without it, nothing much can be done.

The importance of energy in our daily life cannot be stressed enough and due to this, there is a constant demand for more people to get into the industry. There is a wide range of jobs in the energy sector including electric utilities central which we will be looking at in this blog post.

Now, with these few points I have made, you must have already concluded that a career in electric utilities central must be a good one since it is in the energy sector and you are not wrong. It is indeed a good one. And if you are considering a career in the energy industry, a career in electrical utilities is a great way to get in.

Electric utilities central is an electric power company that is in charge of generating, servicing, and distributing electricity throughout the country, so, you can imagine just how many opportunities would be in this field.

Electrical utilities central keep the world powered up and there’s no doubt that you would find an interesting career here to pursue. However, if you are looking for a hotshot position, then consider getting a master’s degree in renewable energy or getting an MBA degree to take up a leadership position and manage the business aspect of the field with the people involved.

What Is Electric Utilities?

An electric utility is a company that generates and distributes electricity for sale generally in a regulated market. Within these specific companies, there are so many job opportunities that you can take up, however, we will only be looking at the ones with the highest pay.

is electric utilities a good career path

Highest Paying Electric Utilities Central Jobs

The following are the highest paying electric utility central jobs you may want to get into.

  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electrical Project Manager
  • Power Plant Operations Manager
  • Regulatory Compliance Officer
  • Senior Applications Analyst
  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Power Line Lineman
  • Substation Engineer
  • Utility Manager

1.     Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers earn an average salary of $84,000 per year and it is a very important role in electric utility companies. They are in charge of designing and maintaining utility infrastructure and other complex electrical systems. Electrical engineers are at the core of this industry.

To get this role, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or a master’s degree in electrical engineering from an electrical engineering college.

Electrical project managers also a critical role in an electric utility company and are at the core of management and design just like electrical engineers. To get into this field, you must have a solid background in electrical engineering and some knowledge of project management.

You can get a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and then a master’s in project management or take an online project management course with a certificate. The average annual salary of an electrical project manager is $87,000.

3.     Power Plant Operations Manager

This is also a high-paying role in the electric utility field commanding an average annual salary of $109, 000. The duties of a power plant manager are critical to the company because they manage and oversee the daily operations of a power generation plant.

Power plant operations managers also work with various departments in an organization and ensure that all regulations are met.

4.     Regulatory Compliance Officer

For every industry, there are internal and external rules set by the state and federal governments that companies under that industry must abide by. The regulatory compliance officer ensures that these set of rules are followed by the electrical utility company and they are also held accountable for handling questions concerning government oversight.

A regulatory compliance officer has to be well-versed in these rules and has strong communication skills as well. The average salary of a regulatory compliance officer is $68,000 per year.

5.     Senior Applications Analyst

This is one of the highest paying roles in electrical utilities central, commanding an average pay of $97,000 per year. Senior applications analysts are I.T experts that handle issues relating to software development and implementation. They handle testing processes, train staff, delegate responsibilities, and address any problems.

6.     Nuclear Engineer

Nuclear engineering is another high-paying job in the electrical utility field. They are experts who design, monitor and assess nuclear processes. Their responsibility is very critical to the company and is always there at all times to handle any issues that may arise. The average salary of a nuclear engineer is $87,000 per year.

7.     Software Engineer

This might come as shock to you but software engineers are critical personnel in every electrical utility center. They do their regular job of developing, maintaining, and updating software used in the company. They also fix bugs from time to time to enable the smooth running of the systems. The average salary of a software engineer is $95,000 per annum.

8.     Power Line Lineman

The job of a powerline lineman is incredibly risky and maybe that is why it is one of the highest paying job roles in the electrical utility field. These people install, repair, and maintain high-powered electrical lines. The average salary is $74,000 per year.

9.     Substation Engineer

This is one of the high-paying jobs in the electrical utility field commanding an annual salary ranging between $86,000 to $115,000 per year. A substation engineer design and constructs power substations, calculate the adequate size and type of cables and conduits for each substation, facilitate activities using engineering application software, and work with the project team and stakeholders.

10. Utility Manager

Last but not least is one of the most important roles in an electrical utility center, a utility manager. Every one of these companies has such personnel and they are in charge of overseeing the company, supervising their facility and how the electricity is generated and distributed, and ensuring that all machines and software are up to date. The salary of a utility manager is between $77,000 to $120,000 per year.

These are the highest paying roles within the electrical utility field, from this list, you can easily find a job role that meets your qualification and strengths.

Top Electric Utilities Companies

The top electric utility companies are:

  • NextEra Energy
  • Xcel Energy
  • Southern Company
  • Georgia Power
  • Ameren
  • FirstEnergy
  • DTE Energy
  • PPL
  • Southern California Edison
  • Northeast Utilities
  • Entergy
  • National Grid Transco
  • CenterPoint Energy
  • Dominion Energy
  • Florida Power & Light
  • Pacific Gas & Electric Company