Top 13 Free Online Russian Language Courses

Learning the Russian language is not easy but we make it better. We have provided a list of free online Russian language courses to make studying convenient for you. By the end of this article, you will have over a dozen of courses to get you started.

Learning a new language generally isn’t easy. It requires tons of commitment and practice. It’s not something that you learn in a couple of weeks and get perfect with. But with online courses, resources, and tools, learning can be a lot more fun, enjoyable, and take lesser time.

Another factor that can make learning foreign languages a little bit challenging is the exorbitant prices you are required to pay for each course. These are nice but I believe everyone’s pocket is not the same size.

While some people can comfortably afford to buy as many courses as they want to, others may struggle to purchase even one. And to someone who is really interested in learning a new language, this can be super demotivating.

On that note, we have written this article on free online Russian Language courses to make the journey a lot easier for anyone looking to learn the Russian language. It will surprise you how many free resources there are online, especially the ones that can comfortably teach you any language of your dream.

You don’t necessarily need to go back and forth in search of financial aid when you can start with free online courses until you see the need to advance. Don’t take it the wrong way, paying for courses is not the wrong thing to do. But in the case where the student cannot afford to, why beat themselves up when there are more free language learning resources online than even the paid ones?

We have written articles in other languages such as Italian and Japanese. Feel free to check them out if this is something you or someone you know would like to learn.

The Russian language is one of the most sought-after languages in the world. Being able to speak and write Russia as a non-native speaker is a huge accomplishment that could set you apart in your career.

Whether you want to be able to converse fluently or just name the basic human body parts in Russian, there are free online Russian language courses to help you meet your goals. You’ll learn essential skills such as pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar rules.

If you are looking for more free online language courses to add to your radar, we have written about courses on the German Language, French language, and Spanish.

Top 13 Free Online Russian Language Courses

As promised earlier, here are some free online Russian language courses you should enroll in to start your language learning journey. It is advised that you find some tools to practice your learning. This will be a great way to master the language faster. By the end of this article, you will find some recommended apps and websites with wonderful learning resources for you, all for free!

1. Russian For Beginners From zero to fluency

The first on the list is this course by Mind luster, an online learning platform that provides a wide range of quality video courses in many tracks, all for free.

Mind Luster has some free online Russian language courses available on the website for the absolute beginner. This course covers the Russian alphabet, word pronunciation, parts of speech, and a lot more.

The most exciting thing about Mind Luster is that after taking any course on their website, you earn a free certificate of completion. Yes, you heard right! A free certificate for any course of your choice.

If you are looking for a course that offers both quality, flexibility, and of course, a certificate, then you should definitely be on your way to the Mind Luster website to register for this course and start learning.

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2. Russian for Free

Take free online Russian language courses from basic level to advanced with texts, audio, grammar, activities, and much more, on the Russian for Free website. There are different categories and formats you can choose from. And learning is super fun and flexible.

Russian for Free is one of the websites that have your learning needs all in one place. They have carefully put together, a list of resources and tools that you can practice with at every step of your learning.

If you want to learn the Russian language and have fun while doing it, then you should definitely visit the Russian for Free website and leverage their courses and resources!

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3. Learn Russian Language – Russian For Beginners

Another course on free online Russian language courses is Russian for Beginners, a course on Udemy. This course is right for anyone who wants to learn Russian phonetics, letters, sounds, and sounds special cases pronunciation in words.

This course will be useful for Russian language beginners and interesting for those who want to learn more about Russian phonetics specifics.

This one-hour video course is made up of 10 lectures and 4 quizzes. There are also several downloadable files with reference materials such as phonetics rules and vocabulary with more than 300 words and phrases in Russian.

It may be a short course, but when taken over and over, the lessons will never be forgotten. Grab this opportunity by adding this course to your radar.

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4. Russian Language Lessons

Russian Lessons offers a host of free online Russian language courses on their website. The audio and video recordings were done by native Russian speakers, who are undoubtedly the best people to learn from.

Whatever may be your reason for wanting to learn the Russian language, this site is a really helpful resource. There are different t lessons available where you can learn the Russian alphabet, basic phrases in the Russian language, and numbers.

By the end of lesson four, you will be able to count, say hello and goodbye, and order yourself a drink in a Russian bar or cafe.

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5. LingoHut – Free Russian Lessons

Teach yourself Russian with 125 free lessons on Lingo Hut. These lessons will teach you Russian words and how to pronounce them correctly. There is a voice recording feature that allows you to listen to your pronunciation, providing instant feedback to help you improve your Russian.

Lessons on Lingo Hut are designed the way you learn best. There are activities and games that make learning most effective, more personal, and more fun. Additionally, their drip-feed approach dramatically increases your ability to retain the Russian language. Thus, preparing you with the Russian you need for a trip or getting a job.

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6. Russian Language Lessons

The Real Russian Club website has some free online Russian Language courses for beginners taught by Daria, a certified Russian language teacher, and historian. Her videos are quite explanatory and are supported by written texts for an optimum learning experience.

Real Russian Club has other useful resources on the website such as workbooks, blog articles, Youtube videos, slow podcasts, and TPRS Russian podcasts for those who want to speak Russian with the storytelling method. Sounds fun right?

Additionally, there are other free packages like free email courses which you will get as a little gift for subscribing to her mailing list. You can access every other thing on the website without the requirement to register or subscribe.

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7. Russian Made Easy – Accelerated Learning for Russian

The next course on free online Russian language courses is Russian Made Easy, a 4-hour-course on Udemy. Judging by the number of 5-star reviews on Udemy, you know you are in for a good treat. This might just be the best free Russian language course on Udemy.

Russian Made Easy course teaches beginner’s Russian in a fun, efficient style using modern techniques like contextual learning, construction branching, pattern recognition for grammar, and multiple native speakers. With thirty episodes in all, each episode approximately 20 mins long, the course could be finished in a week, but it’s best to study only one episode per day.

This course is ideal for absolute beginners to Russian, as well as those with some experience but who just haven’t been able to find the right course.

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8. Beginner’s Guide to Learning Russian

This is another course on free online Russian language courses. In this course, you will learn to express yourself in Russian by learning vocabulary and phrases to boost your fluency.

If you have no prior understanding of the Russian language and have always been interested in studying it, the teaching materials supplied in this course will help you every step of the way. You will start identifying keywords, then you will learn about speech patterns and become familiar with language structures.

There are two modules in this course with participatory training sessions, beginning with the foundations of the Russian language, and continuing with practical terminology to use in daily communication. You will be introduced to grammar after learning the letters of the alphabet. Furthermore, you will study pronouns with a series of video mini-lessons to exemplify and connect standard terms and pronunciation with their respective symbols.

Mastering Russian confidently implies an ability to focus on listening and repetition. The tutorials contain directions and practice intervals to help you absorb and speak the dialect fluently. If you want to let a master of Russian semantics develop your conversational skills, Slavic pronunciation, and practical vocabulary, you must enroll in this course today.

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9. Russian Course for Beginners

Russian Course for Beginners is another course on free online Russian language courses, absolutely suitable for beginners. This course, as well as the one discussed after it, are both available on the Study Russian Online website.

This course is designed for those who are just getting started with learning Russian. Here, you can learn Russian words and expressions used in greetings, farewells, requests, talking about yourself, etc. It will help you learn basic vocabulary and grammar, fine-tune your pronunciation, and get essential language skills in Russian.

There is also basic information about different particularities of Russian grammar: gender, number, cases, and verbs conjugation. The course consists of 5 lessons which include vocabulary lists, exercises, and tests.

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10. Everyday Russian Course

The next course on free online Russian language courses is Everyday Russian Course, A 10-lesson course on the Study Russian Online website.

In this course, you will be given an opportunity to experience conversational language and quickly learn Russian vocabulary for introductions, finding your way, shopping, using the telephone, etc.

The 10 online lessons of this course include everything to enable you to start speaking right away: dialogues, vocabulary lists, interactive exercises, and tests. Each lesson is devoted to a definite topic, covering typical situations that a person visiting Russia may get into.

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11. Russian for Beginners Level I

Another course on free online Russian language courses is Russian for Beginners Level I, a crash course on Udemy.  This course is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of the Russian language. It is a come-as-you-are course because you will not need any prior knowledge or experience of Russian before you can understand it.

If you are planning a trip to Russia, and are super worried about communication barriers, this is one of those courses you take in one sitting to get yourself armed with Russian words and phrases for seamless communication and a perfect travel experience.

In one hour, this course will cover 15 topics to get you started with the Russian language.

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12. Live Lingua Free Online Russian Language Courses

If you are not careful enough, you may lose your way inside this website. Where do you want to start from? Live Lingua is a website that is committed to making language learning accessible to everybody. Let’s call it a make-yourself-at-home website.

Live Lingua Russian material contains 23 Russian courses, 146 ebooks, and 498 audio files. Just enough to keep you learning for a while.

You also get the option to choose the dialect you want to learn prior to the start of your learning. There is a pronunciation tool integrated into your learning dashboard, as well as downloadable resources to facilitate the process and give you a wonderful learning experience.

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13. 10 free Russian lessons for beginners

The next course on free online Russian language courses is 10 free Russian Lessons for Beginners, a 1.5-hour introductory course on Udemy.

During this course, you will get a basic understanding of the Russian language, learn to read easy Russian words, watch a few Russian movies in excerpts, and listen to a few Russian songs. The course will touch on basic Russian grammar, helping you increase your ability to memorize new words and sentences.

If you want useful tips on how to learn the Russian language yourself and explain how human memory works when it comes to learning a foreign language, you should definitely enroll in this course.

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Best Language Learning Tools

  • Duolingo
  • FluentU
  • Memrise
  • Anki


Learning a new language requires a lot of commitment and practice. As soon as you have found the courses you want to enroll in, make sure you are also leveraging the tools and resources that come with them. You can practice by taking quizzes, playing games, listening to Russian songs and podcasts, and watching Russian videos.

In no time, you will find yourself picking up the Russian language. A few months of consistency can put you years ahead.

Free Online Russian Language Courses – FAQs

How can I learn Russian by myself?

The best way to learn Russian on your own is to start with beginner-friendly courses. Focus on understanding the Cyrillic alphabet first, and then you can gradually start learning grammar and vocabulary. Give yourself tasks and make sure to complete them. And don’t forget to always track your progress, and reward yourself whenever you hit a milestone. This will help keep you motivated as you learn. Finally, keep practicing.

How can I learn Russian online for free?

There are free online courses everywhere online. Find the one that is best for you and start learning. The courses that have been listed in this article are also good places to start.

What is the best way to learn Russian online?

The best way to learn Russian online is by augmenting your method with other tools and resources. Also, you should try learning with different course formats: audio, videos, and articles.