Top 17 Free Online Beauty Courses with Certificates

This post is a compiled list of free online beauty courses with certificates and their details. The courses are designed to brush up your skill as a makeup artist or equip you with the skill if you are new to the makeup field.

Looking good has always been a huge deal for every living person, I mean, everyone surely wants to look beautiful, attractive, and comfortable in their own skin.

Over the years, humans keep developing and designing things to make them look even more beautiful than they appear, and these technologies and other things they have designed are, of course, working well.

Makeup is a worldwide trend and is a process that involves using cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face for enhancing or altering the appearance.

It can be a daunting process and requires a lot of skill to do it properly. You will have to learn it and perfect it because a single mistake can ruin the whole thing.

From the movies, we watch to the adverts and music videos we see a lot of makeup are used on these actors, actresses, and artists to make them look even more beautiful or alter their appearances for a specific role.

With a professional makeup skill in your portfolio, you can get the following high paying jobs:

  • Beauty writer/editor
  • Costume makeup artist
  • Print makeup artist
  • Film and television makeup artist
  • Makeup artist product developer
  • Freelance makeup artist
  • Special FX makeup artist
  • Red carpet and celebrity makeup artist
  • Theatrical/performance makeup artist
  • Spa/salon makeup artist
  • Cosmetics and marketing manager

Makeup artistry is one of the most diverse career choices available today with a wide range of job opportunities.

You may be interested in learning the art of makeup artistry but do not know how to go about it or busy with other responsibilities like work or school and do not have the time to learn it.

Good news! You can learn the skill online without having to stress yourself going back and forth for the classes at a designated venue.

So, even if you are working, schooling, or choked up with other responsibilities you can quickly and easily gain makeup skills online, wherever you are and at your own time.

Below is the table of contents for this post, browse through it to get to the free online beauty courses with certificates.

Are there free online beauty courses out there?

Wondering if there truly are free online beauty courses? The answer is Yes!

Online learning provides a variety of online learning courses offered by universities, colleges, and organizations from around the world. Beauty courses are also one of the many courses you can learn online for free.

Can I get a certificate from online beauty courses?

You can get free online beauty courses with certificates online, the courses and where you can study them are listed in this post.

Learning this course online will require your passion, time, attention, and money but we at Study Abroad Nations have provided you with free online makeup courses with certificates.

The courses that we have compiled here are free to study but you may have to pay a little for the certificate.

Free Online Beauty Courses with Certificates

The free online beauty courses with certificates we are able to compile are:

  • Diploma in Makeup Artistry
  • Beauty Therapy Training Course
  • Nail Art for Beginners
  • Nail Art – Advanced Techniques
  • Swedish Body Massage Training
  • Brow Lamination, Shaping & Tinting Course
  • Brow Shaping, Lash & Brow Tinting Training
  • Acrylic Nail Extensions Training Course

Diploma in Makeup Artistry

This is one of the free online beauty courses with certificates from Alison – a top online learning platform – and equips you with professional skills on how to apply makeup for all kinds of looks such as daytime, nighttime, film, and photoshoots.

You will also gain other makeup techniques to make you become a fully-fledged professional makeup artist. You can take this course if you newly want to learn the skill or already in the field and want to brush up on your skills.

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Beauty Therapy Training Course

This is one of the free online beauty courses with certificates offered by Shaw Academy – another online learning platform – and teaches you about makeup, skincare, nails, body treatments, and hair removal.

In four weeks, which is the course duration, you will gain in-depth theoretical knowledge and skills and a certificate to show your professional makeup skills to potential clients.

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Nail Art for Beginners

This is a free online beauty course held via zoom to teach you how you can add nail art to your makeup skills, become a professional at it and offer the services efficiently to potential clients. You can take up this course if you have no knowledge on how to fix nails or want to brush up on your existing skills.

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Nail Art – Advanced Techniques

Once you’ve crossed the beginner phase, it’s now time to become advanced. Upgrade your nail art skills by jumping on this course and gain advanced techniques in nail arts. You will learn how to create the perfect ombre, work effectively with decals, and creating stunning 3d flowers.

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Swedish Body Massage Training

Body massage is a technique that has been used long ago by humans to get rid of wrinkles, stiffness and, most of all, maintain their beauty. It has been passed down through generations with modifications being made here and there in the technique and, as usual, integrating it with technology.

The Swedish Body Massage Training is an online course that equips you with special Swedish body massage techniques. Learning a series of body massage movements and how to put them together to perform a therapeutic, relaxing full body massage routine are also some of the knowledge and skills you’ll gain by enrolling in this course.

With this skill and knowledge, you can efficiently perform different types of massage movements on your friends, family, or clients.

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Brow Lamination, Shaping & Tinting Course

You won’t be an efficient nor recommended beautician or makeup artist if you don’t know how to draw the perfect brow when making up a client or friend’s face. This has to be the most basic knowledge that everyone in the beauty industry should possess, and if you don’t know how to, seize this opportunity and enroll in this course.

The Brow Lamination, Shaping & Tinting Course is one of the free online beauty courses offered by The Beauty Academy. You will gain skills and knowledge of the most popular beauty treatment currently provided within the industry.

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Brow Shaping, Lash & Brow Tinting Training

Yes! We are still talking about brow this should show you much of the importance of being efficient at making the perfect eyebrow is. After learning the brow lamination, shaping, and tinting training you should go on to study this course and polish your makeup skill and be at the advanced level.

The course,  Brow Shaping, Lash & Brow Tinting Training, is one of the free online beauty courses offered by The Beauty Academy and is designed to teach you how to safely and successfully perform eyebrow shaping treatments and lash & brow tinting.

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Acrylic Nail Extensions Training Course

Acrylic nails are artificial or fake nails placed on fingernails as fashion accessories. You didn’t miss the word “placed” did you? “Placed” may sound easy but it really isn’t, there are techniques used in fixing these fake nails on top of your nails making it look like it’s a part of your body.

Acrylic nail extensions have a lot of uses especially in the theatrical/performance field and you can make a lot of money from it if you grab this opportunity and learn the skill now. In this training course, you will be equipped with skills to efficiently “place” nails and make them look extra nice and befitting for any specific purpose.

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These free online beauty courses with certificates are free but some of the platforms may require you to pay an application fee or pay for the certificates you receive after completing your course.

These are beauty courses therefore you need to have your makeup kit ready before you take any of the courses here. With your makeup kit, you can be able to practice the things you learned online and gradually pave your way to becoming a professional. One of the best makeup kits you can buy is from The Face Shop, which provides natural ingredients for skincare and makeup products.

You can apply for all of these courses or just the specific ones you want to polish your skills at or that catch your interest. Completing any of the courses will automatically upgrade your already existing beauty skills and become efficient at carrying out professional tasks.


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