5 Best Engineering Schools in Texas With Scholarships

Texas is home to some of the best engineering schools in the world, this article provides complete details on the 5 best engineering schools in Texas along with the scholarships each of the school provides.

Engineering is one the leading foundation of man’s successes thanks to this branch of science a lot of have been achieved, a lot of positive contributions have been made and plenty of answers have been found.

Given how important this discipline is, it has become a major field of study in almost every university and colleges and a lot of students are aspiring to be full-fledged engineers so that they too can contribute in any way they can.

What is Engineering?

Engineering is the use of scientific principles to design and build machines, structures and many other items which includes but is not limited to tunnels, roads, vehicles and buildings. Engineering sees that natural resources are converted to means useful for humankind.

Engineers follow a sequence in solving problems, such sequence can include planning, developing, testing, installing and maintaining various machines produced by their dint of hard work and principles.

There is a general myth that all engineers are mathematicians which account for their ability to imagine a machine in their minds and bring it to fruition.

What are the most Popular cities with Engineering Schools in Texas?

Engineering schools in Texas are quite numerous and suffice it to say that when considering the university to apply for, it is best to make critical research as to the ones with quite the features and capabilities needed to qualify one as a professional in the field of Engineering. A lot of these colleges are experts in research and grand innovations.

The most popular cities with engineering schools include San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Austin and El Paso.

Popular Engineering Courses

This day, there are a lot of engineering aspects from which one can major. Some engineering degrees pay higher than others because of their lucrativeness and popular demand.

A good number of them include computer engineering, petroleum engineering, marine engineering, aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and so many other engineering majors.

There are some universities that are best at some engineering disciplines like the computer and mechanical and electrical engineering, good thing we have fully updated materials that can help you know the best schools that offer these engineering disciplines;

Top Ten Engineering Schools in Texas.

  • Rice University
  • The University of Texas at Austin
  • Texas A&M university
  • The University of Texas at Dallas
  • Southern Methodist College
  • Baylor University
  • LeTourneau University
  • Texas Tech University
  • University of Houston
  • University of North Texas

The ten schools listed above make a comprehensive list of top ten engineering schools in Texas but for the sake of directness, we decided to summarize this article to the top five schools; they are listed below.

Top 5 Engineering Schools in Texas with Scholarship

  • Rice University

  • The University of Texas at Austin

  • Texas A&M College Station

  • Southern Methodist University

  • The University of Texas at Dallas

Details on the 5 Best Engineering Schools In Texas with Scholarships

Rice University

This is a medium-sized private university in Texas. It sits right at Houston city centre on a 300-acres tree-lined campus quite close to Texas Medical centre and Houston Museum District. It is a four-year engineering college located in Houston, Texas.

The school has an acceptance rate of about 11%. Tuition for students is about $23,202 but students who are quite unable to cope and who qualify for a scholarship can attend.  The application fee is $75 and always ends on January 1 yearly.

Prospective students are advised to apply early enough for a better opportunity to get admitted into the school.  The acceptance rate is 11%. The school accepts common application yearly and 69% of students receive financial aid/grant/scholarship yearly. The average total aid awarded every year totals $39,956 and 93% of students agree that professors put maximum effort into teaching their students effectively.

To get admitted into any engineering major in Rice University, the basic Sat required score is within the range of 1450-1560. 100% of freshmen live on Campus. What distinguishes this school from the rest of the engineering schools in Texas is their very unique pattern of lectures and learning.

Classes push students and challenge any lackadaisical attitude any student might likely have. Students and professors collaborate alike and come up with innovations useful for human advancement. The graduation rate is 95% and 92% of students get employment within two years of graduation.

Rice University Scholarship Details;

Rice University eliminates educational financial constraints by providing a wide range of annual scholarships for students to apply and achieve their careers at Rice without having to worry about the finance as the scholarship will take care of all funding.

The scholarships are open to international and domestic students in any field of study on all levels of study even freshman students who can get scholarships based on their excellent academic performance, it is also known as a merit-based scholarship.

The University of Texas at Austin

This is one of the 25 best engineering universities in America, it makes it to the second-best in Texas. It is sited at Austin Texas. The university provides practically every resource needed for the progress of the school, the comfort and maximum use for the students.

It is quite a large school with about 38,097 undergraduate enrollments. Admissions into the school are fairly competitive as the school has an acceptance rate of 39%. Graduating alumni of the University go on afterwards to earn a starting salary of about $46,000 after their studies.

The University of Texas at Austin is also reputably known for having a very conducive student life, it is also number eight out of 668 of public universities in America. The application fee is $75 and the deadline for application every year is December 1.

An SAT score ranging from 1230-1480 is required for admissions into the prestigious school, while the Act range is 27-33.

The University board understands that a good number of students are not able to afford the tuition and other fees effectively, so a good number of students of about 65% live on scholarship and financial aid. The university is number one in public universities in Texas.

The University of Texas, Austin Scholarships Details;

To allow students from every background enjoy world-class education at the University of Texas, a series of scholarship grants are provided annually to undergraduate students either you are domestic or international you can apply for these scholarships.

The scholarship will go a long way to fund all or half of your tuition fees.

Texas A&M University

This is a highly rated public university in College Station Texas, quite a very large University, with more than 47,399 enrollments. It is basically one of the best schools in Texas and the world around it.

It is quite a competitive school with an acceptance rate of about 68% and has currently appeared number two as top public universities in Texas. The application is always December 1 and the application fee is $75, it is quite advisable for prospective students to send in the application early enough so that they can stand a chance.

One of the basic requirements of getting an admission into the school is an SAT score ranging from 1170-1380 and ACT score of preferably 25-31.

76% of students receive financial aid from the university and annually about $9,597 is spent in grants, scholarship and financial aid. Texas A&M stands out among other schools in Texas in the percentage of students who are granted aid in order able to receive the quality education they desire but are somewhat constrained. Students are granted the opportunity to research intensively and bring their ideas to reality.

Texas A&M Scholarships Details;

This school has a special department that handles all students scholarships and financial funding. There are various scholarships that domestic and international students can apply for but these scholarships are based on the student’s academic performances, which should be excellent, and for students with financial issues.

Some of the scholarships are partially and fully-funded but whichever one you are given will help in your educational funding and they are provided annually.

Southern Methodist University

This is a Christian University. It is on the third list of best Christian Universities in America.  It is a highly rated university located in the University Park in the Dallas Fort Worth Area.

It could be referred to as a mid-sized university with about 6,273. Admissions into the school is a bit competitive as they receive a lot of applications. Southern Methodist alumni go a starting salary of $54,300. The yearly application deadline is January 15 with an application fee of $60.

The required SAT ranges from 1280-1460 and ACT score of about 29-33. 77% of students receive financial aid every year and the average total financial aid given every year is about or in some cases more than $7,535. The student-faculty ratio is 11:1 and the school runs evening degree programs too.

According to a recent poll, 89% of students concur to the idea that professors put in a lot of efforts in teaching their classes. Another good percentage of students agree that it is easy to get the classes they want and that it is quite easy to manage the workload.

The good things about this university being that the University system is so good, they are one of the best engineering schools in Texas with scholarship despite being privately owned. Their attitude towards hard work and resilience is so outstanding and even aside from the quality education, the students are shaped in character and are treated specially, each person on his/her ability.

Southern Methodist University Scholarships Details;

SMU provides excellent education and wants everyone who dreams of going there to be a part of it which is why the school provides various types of scholarships for domestic and international students, on all levels of study, to apply, get funded and receive the world-class education they deserve.

The scholarships are awarded annually to students with outstanding academic performance and other qualifying factors set up by the school.

The University of Texas at Dallas

This is third on the list of top public universities in America. It is highly rated in the whole of America and beyond and located I Richardson, Texas in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.

It is quite a large institution with about 16,691 undergraduate student population. Admissions is competitive; they have an admission rate of 69% and their alumni students are said to go on a starting salary of $44,000. Out of 132 colleges, it is 63rd of best big colleges in America.

It has an application deadline of December with an application fee of $50. The ACT score range is 25-32 while the SAT score range is 1220-1440 and for a transfer, high school CGPA is required. A total percentage of people receiving financial aid is about 77% of the students with an average total aid of $14,566.

More than 75% of students agree that Professors put in their best in teaching their classes thereby enabling them to carry their workload safely. The school is quite an outstanding school, they prepare students for a challenge and help them to face life squarely both in their academics and secular world. It is fifth on the list of 5 best engineering schools in Texas with scholarship.

The University of Texas, Dallas Scholarships Details;

UT Dallas provides annual scholarship fundings to students who aim to study there, the scholarship may be fully-funded or partially-funded but they are to help cater for students education. This means you will study at UT Dallas without having to worry about your financial issues.

The scholarships are available for application to both international and domestic students who wish to study there.

There you have the full details on the 5 best engineering schools in Texas with their scholarships information.

Begin your engineering career with any of these 15 best undergraduate engineering universities in the world these schools are globally recognized and are sure to shape your potentials to successful engineering careers.


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