Career Paths for TEFL-Certified Teachers

 If you’re thinking of working towards obtaining an ESL teacher certificate, you’re probably planning for a long-term career. A TEFL qualification is one of the best in-person or online certifications you can get that will earn you an attractive salary. But is classroom teaching your only option if you follow this course of study?

Evidence shows that TEFL certification is an excellent springboard for numerous career opportunities. With this in mind, here are just a few possible career paths TEFL-certified professionals can follow once they complete their training.

Becoming An ESL Teacher

Whether in a school, at a college, or even in a university, with a TEFL certification, you’ll have all of the skills and qualifications that you’ll need to teach English as a foreign language to students anywhere. These days, there are more opportunities for TEFL professionals than ever before, so you’re sure to find a job teaching ESL anywhere around the globe.

A wide variety of educational institutions are always on the lookout for skilled teachers of English to help their students develop and hone their language skills. That means you can head to Asia, South America, Africa, or Europe – wherever takes your fancy – to experience a whole new way of life while earning a living.

Becoming A TEFL Trainer

Once you’ve gained knowledge and skills from your TEFL course, you can then choose to go down the career path of becoming a trainer for other teaching professionals. Many schools and other educational establishments these days have an increasing number of pupils who speak English as an additional language, but their teachers lack the expertise to communicate most effectively with those students.

As a TEFL trainer for education professionals, you can educate them on how to speak to learners in a manner that helps them gain a better understanding. Voice training and soft skills are just two areas that you can support teachers with as they advance their abilities.

Teaching TEFL Online

Thanks to advancements in technology, classroom teaching is no longer the only option open to educators, and this goes double for TEFL professionals. More teaching than ever before is taking place over the internet, and this opens up a raft of opportunities for TEFL-certified teachers who want to be able to pursue their teaching career from the comfort of their own homes.

You can work for many different online organisations offering English lessons to students from overseas via a virtual classroom. You can deliver your lessons from any location you like, making this the ideal career path if you value flexibility. You can either work from home or teach while you travel the world, and this makes this option an especially attractive one.

Working As A Freelance TEFL Professional

The standard 9-5 working day simply doesn’t appeal to some TEFL professionals, however, a freelance teaching lifestyle could be the ideal solution. There are many different freelancing opportunities open to TEFL-certified teachers that will give you the freedom to choose when and where you deliver lessons, and to which kind of students.

One of the best things about teaching English as a foreign language is that your students can be located anywhere worldwide. That means there’s always going to be someone online and ready to learn at a time that you’re available. This career path is extremely flexible and will fit in around your life in the most convenient way.

Working In A Summer Camp

While most schools, colleges, and universities close down for several weeks or even months during the summer, many TEFL professionals still need to make a living. Working in a summer camp is one of the best ways to continue making good use of your skills, knowledge and experience while also earning a valuable income.

Summer camps are especially popular in the USA, but they are becoming more widespread in the UK and Europe too. TEFL professionals are a great choice when sourcing staff for these camps since many of the children and young people attending will have primary languages other than English. You can have fun all summer long while also putting your qualification into practice.

Enjoying A Rewarding Career With A TEFL Qualification

These are just some of the possible career paths that you could follow once you have your TEFL qualification. With so many opportunities open to you, it’s easy to see why so many people are now opting to obtain this qualification so that they can pursue their dream job anywhere in the world.