Top 10 Colleges With No Application Fee in Texas | Apply Now

In as much as most colleges charge certain amount of money for admission application, you should be aware that there are still colleges with no application fee in texas with pretty good and affordable tuition fees and open to scholarship opportunities.

Texas is one of the states that make up the united states of America and it is open and welcoming to international students.

If you know very well about applying for admission abroad, you will agree with me that tuition fees is one major obstacle that you always have to face.

In some schools, the tuition fees are as high as $200 and above and one funny thing about these fees is that they are never refunded.

Once you make any payment in the name of application fees, forget it. Whether you are admitted or not, the money will never be refunded. This is the sole reason why international applicants are sometimes scared of paying application fees.

Anyway, here at Study Abraod Nations, our major aim is doing all the research necessary to help our readers achieve their dream of studying abroad whether on self sponsorship, education grant or scholarship.

On this note, we have reaserched in details about the top 10 universities you can find in texas that do not charge application fees.

This list is not exhaustible as it picks just 10 of these colleges. There are also some universities and colleges in texas that do not charge application fees which are not featured on this list.

You also have to not that though some of these universities do not charge any fee for application, they may require that you ddposit a certain sum after you must have been given admission to secure your spot.

Top 10 Colleges With No Application Fee in Texas | Apply Now

  • Trinity University
  • Southwestern University
  • LeTourneau University
  • Austin College
  • St Mary’s University
  • University of St Thomas
  • Northwest Vista College
  • Texas A&M International University
  • McLennan Community College
  • The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Trinity University is one of the few colleges with no application fee in texas. The school have a full range of academic merit scholarships which are only open to applicants.

Though the university charges no initial fee for admission application, they however demand that admitted students deposit a certain amount of money (always $500) to secure their admission slot before a certain given date.

Southwestern University charge exactly $0.00 for admission application and also have a full range of internal scholarship opportunities for fresh and deserving students.

The school offers both merit scholarships and need-based financial aids to its students. These scholarships and aids are given without regard to sex, race, color, religion, age, disability, national or ethnic origin, or any other impermissible factor.

LeTourneau University in Texas also charges no application fees and its is open to application from international students from over 30 countries of the world.

Austin College is affiliated with the Prebyterian Church and just like other colleges on this list, it doesn’t demand any fee for application.

The college also have internal scholarships and aids for both domestic and international students.

St Mary’s University is one of the colleges in Texas with no application fees. As the name may sound, the university isn’t a ‘roman catholic only’ university but is open for admission to all interested applicants from different races and different countries of the world.

University of St Thomas despite not charging any fees for application also have scholarship programs and student aids just like others 0n this list.

Northwest Vista College -Admission application is also free here.

Texas A&M International University is a state-supported university located in Laredo Texas.

The school is open to fresh application from fresh men and also to transfers from other schools within the US. International students are also welcomed to apply.

McLennan Community College is a public community college Texas.

The college charges no application fees and also provides financial aids to its students.

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