Are the high volume slots symbols always relevant to the game theme?

There are so many slot games available that it can be hard to choose the right one to play. No one wants to spend all their allocated gaming time searching for the best slot for them only to find they have run out of time and can’t play at all.

This is why themes are important. If you know what kind of theme you want to play at Bezy, either vaguely or specifically, you can save a lot of time and get straight down to playing. 

Yet even if you do choose a theme that you love, does that mean you are going to win from it? Of course not – the theme doesn’t actually have anything to do with how lucky you are going to be or how much you might win.

It’s just part of the fun, and in reality, it won’t matter what theme you choose because the result will be the same – you will more than likely lose but the slim chance of winning is what keeps people playing. 

As much as themes are fun, it’s really the game’s volatility you want to look out for. Read on to find out what we mean, and you’ll see that the slots symbols really have no bearing on anything at all. 

What’s Volatility In Slot Machines?

The volatility of a slot machines means how frequently they pay out. The RTP (return to player) is measured against the number of times players win on a game on a certain number of spins.

Some games are high volatility and some are low, and knowing which is which and what these things mean will allow you to determine what games you are going to play. 

High Volatility and Low Volatility Slots

The theme is more than likely going to be the thing you think of first when it comes to slots. This is what is most prevalent and what you will notice first, so it’s sure to be a thing to consider.

After that, you will move onto thinking about the chances of winning on that particular slot. All slots are random, so playing those with a higher RTP is something that can help you.

Then there’s the volatility. Games that are more volatile don’t pay out as often, but when they do, the prizes tend to be bigger ones. The slots with low volatility are those that pay out more frequently, but with smaller prizes.

So, it’s your choice as to what you prefer. If you like the idea of having more chances of winning and you don’t mind a smaller jackpot, low volatility slots (in any theme and therefore with any symbols) are what you should be playing.

If you prefer to hold out for the big prizes, high volatility slots are best, although you must play with a budget in mind because otherwise you might find you’re chasing a win with money you can’t afford to lose. Again, the theme and symbols aren’t going to make any difference here. 

Ways To Determine Volatility

To understand the volatility of a game, you should first check out the pay table. This should list the information – some games actually have their volatility written down for you to see.

Other games might not be so obvious with their information, but you can still work out which ones are going to be right for you, whether you want high or low volatility. The jackpot itself is going to be a big clue here; if it’s a huge jackpot, the game is probably a highly volatile one.