9 Aviation Schools In Kenya: Fees & Application

Kenya is home to some of the best aviation schools on the continent, they are cheap and provide quality flight training education. This blog post provides a curated list of these schools and their details to help aspiring pilots find an aviation school in Kenya that suits them best.

Airplanes are fascinating, especially to kids which is why most kids dream to become pilots when they get older, and I’m sure you had such a dream too which is why you are currently reading this post. You want to follow up on your dream and want to see how it can be achieved.

I’m glad to tell you that by reading this post, your dream is already halfway achieved. In this article, I have discussed the requirements to enter a flight training school or aviation school in Kenya, the school fees, how you can become a pilot, and then some of the aviation schools where you will be trained to actualize your dream.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Kenyan citizen or are halfway across the world, you can still find an aviation school in Kenya that accept foreign students in this article. There are also other options that you want to consider like the flight schools in the Philippines and the aviation schools in Germany. You can also start preparing yourself for the field by taking free online courses in aviation and/or free online courses in aerospace engineering.

Flying an airplane is not rocket science, you too will learn the art and the mechanics behind it through rigorous training with expert instructors and be able to fly one on your own. You can even go on to kick start an awesome career as a pilot or just learn it for fun depending on the license you want to go for.

Different pilot licenses are depending on what your aim is, these licenses will be further discussed as we proceed.

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Without any further ado, let’s continue with the topic…

What Is An Aviation School In Kenya?

An aviation school is also known as a flight training school. It is a school where you are taught how to fly planes and also taught about the operations involved in air transport. The teachings or rather instructions are done by an expert flight instructor. Students also gain important theoretical knowledge regarding airplanes and the aviation industry as a whole.

Is Kenya A Good Place To Study Aviation

Kenya has good weather for flight training lessons and universities that offer aviation courses just in case you want to earn a degree in aviation as a pilot.

Average Cost of Aviation Schools in Kenya

To become a pilot in Kenya, the cost is between Ksh 8,500 to Ksh 3,500,000 depending on your preferred flight school and the license you want to acquire.

Requirements For Aviation Schools In Kenya

Meet the following entry requirements and you can go ahead to join any flight school in Kenya:

  1. You must be at least 16 years old
  2. KCSE C+ and C+ in math, English, geography, and any one science
  3. Copies of academic papers, ID or birth certificate, or passport
  4. Medical fitness certificate from an approved aviation medical examiner
  5. English language proficiency
  6. Pass three internal written evaluations in English, math, and psychometric testing.
  7. Take at least five lessons of flight assessment.
  8. A certificate of good conduct

How To Become A Pilot In Kenya

The guide here will see me through becoming a pilot in Kenya, read carefully:

·       Look For Aviation Schools in Kenya to Pick

The statement above also encompasses aviation colleges. To kick start your journey into the aviation industry as a pilot, you will need to find a suitable flight school or aviation college if you want a degree. An easy way to go about this is to put together a list of these schools, there are so many in Kenya but you can just curate a list of about 9 schools and proceed from there to select a school.

You can then begin by comparing the schools with each other and take into account factors such as location, tuition, instructors, recognition whether it is approved, admission process and entry requirements, the employment success rate of past graduates, and flight instructor-to-student ratio. When you use these metrics to judge the schools, at the end of the day, you will be left with about 2 or 3 suitable flight schools to make a final choice.

Searching on the internet for aviation schools in Kenya and their details can be exhausting. I have curated a list of 9 flight schools from Kenya further below. You can use their details to compare them until you land a suitable one.

·       Choose A Flight Training Option

There are different flight training programs, which are:

  • Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
  • Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)
  • Instrument Rating (IR)
  • Multi-engine Rating

While choosing a flight school in Kenya to attend, you will also need to pick a flight training program from the list above whose license you want to earn.

Note that each of these licenses comes with different requirements that you must satisfy to be accepted into the respective program and graduate.

·       Meet Flight School Requirements

I mentioned earlier that there are different flight schools with different requirements and procedures. These requirements are used to evaluate students and accept or reject them. I have already provided a list of the basic requirements but I’d advise you to contact your preferred flight school or aviation college in Kenya to learn about specific entry requirements.

·       Satisfy License Requirements

You see the pilot licenses I mentioned above have different flight hours, tests, exams, and other requirements that you must complete obtaining the specific license. So, if for example, you want to get the CPL, you must complete its flight training hours and other requirements specific to the license.

When you complete your training and earn your license, you are now a professional pilot and can begin flying airplanes.

aviation schools in Kenya

9 Aviation Schools in Kenya

The following are 9 flight training schools in Kenya that you can choose from to kick-start your journey into the aviation industry.

  • Kenya School of Flying
  • The East African School of Aviation (EASA)
  • Ninety-Nines (99)
  • Alpha Aviation
  • Aviation College of Kenya
  • Kenya Aeronautical College
  • Capital Connect Aviation
  • West Rift Aviation
  • Flite Star Academy

1.     Kenya School of Flying

If you are looking to become a pilot by profession and get recognized anywhere in the nation for your skill, then Kenya School of Flying is the best for you. It is a professional pilot training school with campuses in Wilson Airport in Nairobi, which is the main campus, and other campuses in Malindi, Orly Airpark, and Ukunda airstrip. Personalized training is offered and every student has total access to simulators and aircraft for practicals.

There are 21 training aircraft at your disposal. The programs here include Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilot License (CPL), Initial Multi Engine/Instrument Rating, and PPL Holiday Programme. The requirements are the same as those listed above (in the requirements for flight schools in Kenya). The fee for PPL is $13,390 while the fee for CPL is $35,955.

2.     The East African School of Aviation (EASA)

EASA is a state-of-the-art aviation training institution that doesn’t just train people to fly airplanes but also offers other multiple programs in the aviation industry. The school is organized into various departments like Aviation Business Management, Curriculum Development Unit & Research, Air Navigation Services & Aircraft Maintenance, and Aviation Safety & Security.

If you have a specific role in the aviation industry you want to enter, EASA probably offers training and education for that role. The school also offers some of its courses online.

3.     Ninety-Nines (99)

If you are looking for a flight school in Kenya that has been offering flight training programs for a long time, Ninety-Nine is the school you are looking for. They began flight training operations in 1975 and are still operating to date. Its long years of research have made the institution become an expert in the flight training business.

The courses offered at Ninety-Nine are Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (MIR), Airline Transport Pilots License (ATPL), Private Pilot License (PPL), and Qualified Flying Instructors (QFI). Furthermore, the school trains individuals from all backgrounds and any part of the world.

4.     Alpha Aviation

Alpha Aviation is the best for students to achieve their dream of flying an airplane professionally. So, if you had always dreamt of flying for a prestigious airline then you should look more into Alpha Aviation, it just might be the place for you. This school doesn’t train pilots alone, they also train people who want to become cabin crew and flight operations and dispatch.

The courses offered at Alpha Aviation are PPL, Cabin Crew Training, Mechanical Engineering, Flight Instructor Training, Flight Operation and Dispatch, and CPL.

5.     Aviation College of Kenya

The Aviation College of Kenya aims to teach the science, practice, and business of aviation and aerospace, preparing students for successful careers and leadership roles in the industry. With a mission like this, you shouldn’t even give second thoughts about whether you should join this college or not, it is like a total package.

The college is split into different Schools which offer different courses leading to diplomas and certification. There are over 50 courses in total including aviation and flight training programs.

6.     Kenya Aeronautical College

The Kenya Aeronautical College is another aviation college in Kenya offering a wide range of programs leading to degrees, certificates, and diplomas. Professional courses are also offered. You can decide to earn these qualifications in Airline Marketing, Ground Operations Manager, Aircraft Maintenance, Flight Data Analysis, Air Cargo Management, and lots more.

If you also want to train as a cabin crew, this is the college for you. It is more exciting that not only pilot training is offered, but with so many versatile program offerings you get to meet as many people as possible and create a broad network of connections.

7.     Capital Connect Aviation

Capital Connect Aviation has over 10 years of experience in training and preparing individuals for careers in the aviation industry. Not only aspiring pilots can apply to this school but basically, anyone who wants to kick starts a career in aviation.

Courses offered are PPL, CPL, Flight Dispatch, Aeronautical Engineering, and Cabin Crew. Capital Connect Aviation is located in Wilson Airport, Nairobi where students can gain firsthand experience of flight operations.

8.     West Rift Aviation

West Rift Aviation boasts of its premium course offerings in PPL, CPL, Flight Instructor, Instrument Rating, Flight Dispatch, and ATPL designed to offer you top-notch flight training education and experience that will catch the eye of major airlines. It is an Approved Training Organization (OTA) and was established in 2013.

9.     Flite Star Academy

Flite Star Academy is a fully accredited flight academy in Kenya that promises to offer students the best of the best in the flight training experience. According to Flite Star, training programs are tailored to bring the school closer to you making learning more effective and time-conscious. Students are equipped with airline standard training which gives them an edge in the airline industry.

The academy has 8 instructors, offers 4 courses, and enrolls around 30 students. Courses offered are PPL, CPL, Multi-Engine/Instrument Rating, and Flight Operations. The school’s location is Precision Hangar, Wilson Airport, Nairobi.

These are 9 flight schools in Kenya and with their provided details you can easily compare the schools to find a more reputable or suitable one for you. Contact your preferred school to learn about fees.

Aviation Schools in Kenya – FAQs

Can foreigners attend aviation schools in Kenya?

Most aviation school in Kenya is open to international students.

What is the salary of pilots in Kenya?

The salary of pilots in Kenya ranges between 132 KES to 420,000 KES per month.

How long does it take to become a pilot in Kenya?

The duration of becoming a pilot in Kenya greatly depends on the license you are going for. A commercial pilot license in pilot takes 1-3 years to earn while a private pilot license takes 3 to 6 months.