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Trigonometry is one of the well-known math disciplines. It explores the ratio between the triangle’s sides, as well as angles. It is impossible to connect the arbitrary triangle’s angles to its sides just by applying algebraic relations. It follows from this that trigonometry also introduces and considers trigonometric quantities such as tangent, cotangent, sine, and cosine.

All these quantities may already be connected with the triangle’s sides using ordinary algebraic relations. Furthermore, using the quantity, you can easily define the angle and contrariwise. Although such computations need tiresome and long-lasting calculations, they have already been done and permanently recorded in special information tables.

The basic meaning of trigonometric quantities may vary with the modification of the corresponding angle. Consequently, the trigonometric quantity is usually considered as the angle`s function. Hence the name trigonometric functions.

It would seem that trigonometry can be considered only a part of geometry, but trigonometric functions represent a special object of study in math analysis, and trigonometric equations are studied by methods of algebra.

Importance of Learning Trigonometry and Fast Solution of Learning Problems

Although trigonometry is a branch of elementary mathematics, it is widely used in astronomy, physics, geodesy, topography, architecture, medicine, and biology. It is safe to say that trigonometry does not depend on other sciences but other sciences depend on trigonometry.

Taking into account the widespread use of trigonometry in the modern world, many students study the discipline at an educational establishment. However, this is not an easy discipline, as it might seem at first glance. Its mastering requires a lot of effort and time from young people, so sometimes difficulties arise during the study. Fortunately, they can be easily overcome by visiting the website It provides quality, reliable, and safe support to students from around the world, ensuring high-quality trigonometry homework doer execution.

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