The Benefits of Opting for MBA Consultancy and Starting your Micro Business

Are you thinking of starting your own micro business? If so, you might have heard of the common misconception that MBA is not the field for you. We are here to tell you the opposite.


Well, to put things into perspective, research conducted by Statistics Brain Research Institute revealed that compared to the average benchmark of 66 percent of startups that operate beyond three years, a whopping 84 percent of startups of MBA graduates achieve the same feat!

Another survey of potential MBA students revealed that 30 percent of them wished to attain an MBA to start their businesses later!

So, if you are thinking of kick-starting your entrepreneurial journey, getting a relevant degree should be the first step. And to do so, you will be better off by seeking help from a quality MBA consultancy. Here is why.

They have expertise in the field

Let’s begin with the most obvious benefit of seeking professional help – their expertise. An average MBA consultancy employs a group of experts, each specializing in a given part of the admission process. However, consultancy takes this up a notch.

 Hence, you aren’t leveraging from the knowledge of one expert. Instead, you learn from a group of professionals’ collective experiences, insights, and advice. These experts have worked with various other students, some even with a similar profile as yours.

Hence, they have an amalgamation of insights that friends who study at the same school or professors who have taught there can’t provide.

They help you find the right fit

You would think that once you have decided to pursue an MBA, the other processes will be straightforward. After all, picking a degree is the hard part, right? While it surely is, the rest of the journey is quite long and exhausting too!

For starters, there are over a thousand MBA programs to choose from in the US alone! An MBA admissions consultant can help you filter through different schools and find the right fit.

Remember, doing so is more than merely researching different schools and their rankings. Instead, you must objectively match your student profile, career aspirations, and financial standing with the programs offered in a given school.

Creating the ideal university submission plan ensures that you exert your time and effort into worthwhile places. And an MBA consultancy significantly helps in this process.

They strengthen a candidate’s profile

Even if you have the academic standing and financial resources to pursue a degree in a given university, there are various things you must consider in order to make your application competitive.

Think of it this way. The higher the rank of a given graduate school, the more probability there is of other applicants having a similar or better profile than you.

Here, to ensure that your application stands out, you must find ways to further improve your profile. This can include participating in competitions, running for school elections, or taking part in community service. However, everything you do should be aligned with your long-term vision.

For example, let’s say you wish to gain an MBA to start a non-profit business within the education sector. You can seek internship opportunities at such companies or do community service in underprivileged schools to improve your profile.

Admission consultants can provide you with such guidance. They can advise you on how to improve them. Similarly, they can help you find activities that make your profile competitive.

They offer recommendations on essays

Ask any admissions officer or MBA consultant; everyone would tell you the same thing – your essays are the most important aspect of your application since they have the most potential of making your application stand out.

Whether it be a poor GPA or a narrative about why you are changing fields, there is a lot that you cannot prove otherwise but can easily explain through your personal statements.

Often, you need the guidance and input of others to perfect your personal statements. And this is where MBA consultants come in handy. They help you fine-tune your personal statement and study objectives to meet the requirements of a given college.

You might argue that a friend or a professor could review your essay too. While this might be true but the fact remains that MBA consultants have been trained to review material in light of the admission requirements. Hence, they are able to devise a solid strategy and perfect your flow of thought.

They guide you through the interview process

For those of you who dread interviews, the best way to ace them is to be well-prepared for it. However, you might wonder, just how prepared can you be for a set of unknown questions?

Well, with the right guide, you can at least gain insight into the type of questions that are usually asked. Not to mention that MBA consultants help you in honing your soft skills to ensure that you appear confident during your interview.

After all, there is more to giving an interview than merely answering the question. You need to keep in mind certain etiquettes of formality as well as non-verbal gestures and cues. And such actions can only be perfected with the right coaching and guidance.

Since consultants have coached a plethora of students over the years, they know what aspects are assessed in interviews. Not to mention that being actively prepared for something automatically makes you feel more confident about it.

Ending Remarks

All in all, the first step to starting your own business is to attain an MBA. Once you understand how businesses operate, you will be ready to begin your own. To increase the odds of getting into a quality graduate school, hire an admissions consultant.

Make sure you conduct a thorough research about the consultancy you seek help from. Assess their credentials as well as success rate. Remember, your admission to your dream university may depend on it. So, put in the work!